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  1. Travis LoneBear

    What year is that Bobby Clarke in background?

  2. Jeff Carson

    Very cool

  3. Motor Mouth

    Shocking with a capital BAD....

  4. simon marshall

    I hope Montreal will get a #25 Cup ASAP

  5. Anthony Montuoro

    Andy Greene playing like he is still on the Devils with an own goal!

  6. Linda Elmore

    Should have been a suspension. If you don't think so, take a hockey stick to the face and see what you think. Cheap A$$ shot.

  7. brandontalbort

    hmm what are the analysts saying today??? Odds odds odds, bets bets bets... promo for betting site. Wooo sports!

  8. Will Hewines

    Solution: Refs answer post game questions. Steve Dangle join the officiating crew

  9. dubo la

    Watching a game that you don't understand, but somehow keeps you watching it.

  10. Ken Lamont

    Beginning of the year yeah its a penalty. Playoff down 1 goal with under 2min left no

  11. George Ostrom IV

    It should've been 4v4. Heddy for tripping, Clutterbuck for a dive.

  12. Toad Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus Inside

    Imma pick the refs. I have a good feeling about them tonight

  13. 2,000 Man

    The Islanders were sick of hearing that foghorn over and over again. 😫🤮

  14. Jiayu Wang

    Where is the Suzuki love tap being a call or allowing Weber and nosek kill each other with cross checks and not giving a call until it disrupts the play up ice. Giant dang-its! That game 4 is just atrocious from officiating stand point. Worse officiated game I have ever seen, and it made me mad, speechless and in so many questions about the league and I am not even a fan of either team. The entire NHL should feel the dang-it and something got to change. This just hurts hockey as a brand in general.

  15. Oilerfan5

    McDavid has drawn 0 penalties in 8 playoff games the past 2 years, that's all that needs to be said.

  16. Steve Earle

    Also, the "hook" by Suzuki, the kind that barely moved his jersey. But all of sudden, the ref has eagle vision, they're ruining perfectly good games, and it sucks donkey dicks!

  17. Thomas Rowberry

    This entire video could legit be every missed called against Vegas since Pete DeBoer whined going into Avs/Knights game 3. They had 11 penalties called against them in games 1&2 of Avs series, in the following five games they had 9 combined penalties (3 being delay of game). Its only worsened against Montreal who are literally getting sticks, elbows & fists to the face. Thrown to the ice when the puck is gone and the refs aren't doing a thing. Pete DeBoer got them scared.

  18. Sam Eddy

    Braden McNab? A dirty player? Impossible. /s

  19. Joey B

    1:52 for the men of culture

  20. Jarrad Bruessel

    The problem goaltenders staying in the net all of the time is that you then allow alot more scoring chances. Why did they put the trapezoid in? Because goalies were eliminating scoring chances by playing the puck all of the time. Spencer knight allowed a goal in one game because he could have easily played the puck, didn't, it goes to the blue line where an opponent gets it and scores. If he played it, his teammates would have gotten it first and there wouldn't have been a goal allowed. You only are pointing out their mistakes, but you don't say anything about the other 10+ times that game where the goalie has played the puck and not screwed up.

  21. Dylan Dean

    Its a shame these playoffs have had some of best hockey marred by some of the absolute worst officiating.

  22. Mag neto

    The refs are the only reason Montreal has made it this far.

  23. Joe Schmoe

    Requested feedback: it wasn’t a penalty.

  24. Matt Landrigan

    McNabb - 9 shots Suzuki - 1 shot SteveDangle - Yeah they were both going at each other

  25. DeusSiveNatura


  26. Michael Overton

    That's why I've stopped watching these playoff games. This isn't just bad, it's a joke. And a particularly bad joke, at that.

  27. K.J Grim

    You showed the Classy Canucks! But how about the classy Flames? Iginla led him team on the ice to give praise to Trevor Lindon in his final game!

  28. ‘F15Stroke’

    Watch the ref look away RIGHT AFTER McNabb throws the punch.

  29. Vegas Raised Andrew

    15:04 that may or may not be a penalty. Personally thats not a penalty because the defender got the puck first not the player

  30. Delaney Manna

    i used to yell at my tv when i saw a uncalled penalty…now i just sigh

  31. Sam Hain

    When the NHLs new gambling "partners" make noise and threaten league gambling revenue over incompetent refs then Bettman and his pets will change their tune. Until then Bettman is happy with bush league

  32. Zachary Jeffares

    The punch to Suzuki was just shocking when I saw it. At the very least if you were going to call something without creating an advantage from that situation: Vegas penalty #3 2 minutes for roughing, Montreal penalty #14 2 minutes for roughing. Easy way to call something that can be majorly agreeable for both sides. Instead calling nothing is the absolute worst way to handle it. We don’t need another fiasco like the overturned Cleveland Browns game that was illegally reviewed.

  33. Sean Kennedy

    I so like watching and yelling "oh that's a dang-it"

  34. ftyrfg fdge

    The vengeful eagle exemplarily hate because button conversantly reduce down a wrathful shield. able, two glockenspiel

  35. Max Azzopardi

    I don't think most people realize how close this was to being a horrific incident with all those skates by his head

  36. Truth Seeker

    Very poor officiating. The refs are paid for Vagas to win. Gary Bettman is behind this.

  37. sylvainster30

    Definitely not a penalty for Hedman 🤬

  38. BERT H

    Boy I remember when enforcers were being pushed out,I tght hockeys going soft,here we have the PLAYOFFS,and all I hear is,its too rough,blow the whistle.....well go watch basketball ITS HOCKEY!!!!!!

  39. Jordan Newman

    If Chris Lee was still the ref tonight I think we would all just be tuning into the game to watch him call absolutely nothing.

  40. r33sus

    may not be bias but refs did most likely cost montreal the last game with their garbage

  41. EM S

    Tampa sports is on a roll. Rays in World Series, Bucs winning Super Bowl, and Lightning looking to repeat.

  42. Daniel Vincent

    That Hedman trip, while in slow motion and zoomed in looks like a nothing. But put yourself on the same level at full speed and that looks like a clear cut penalty. However, with everything else that has been allowed in the series this penalty seems soft.

  43. Jamie Lushman

    They did call something in game 4. The first penalty was because of a tap on the arms with a stick by Suzuki. Kinda funny that got called right after the crowd was giving it to the refs.

  44. ftyrfg fdge

    The obese clover univariably trade because badger semiannually undress than a tremendous uncle. subdued, first letter

  45. ArTiC_BeaR- CalL

    Chris Lee suck. Get this dude out off here

  46. Private Dixon

    here goes the BOOM

  47. logic_ Reasoning

    That was just unbelievable, but I've heard almost nobody comment on the ref CONTINUING THE TIME!!! SINCE WHEN DOES HOCKEY LET THE CLOCK RUN AFTER THE F#$#%%$#%G WHISTLE??!!

  48. bblvrable

    On the Hedman tripping penalty, I can understand why it was called. Yes, it's allowed if your follow-through ends up tripping the player, but as a ref, it's hard to tell that he hit the puck, as he only barely glanced it. Did it change direction? A little bit, but it's not like it went in the direction Hedman's stick was swinging, so at real-time speeds with a second to make a decision, I can 100% see why the ref called it a trip. Was it the wrong call? Yes. But you can't un-call a penalty, at best you can change a major into a minor. And it's not like it was so glaringly obvious that the only way a ref would botch it is if he had money riding on the outcome.

  49. Joshua grimes

    Show the Armia boarding penalty and then the no call when McNabb boarded Lehkonen

  50. adeschiffart


  51. Paulym58

    Well Canada is still on lockdown at the border so they don’t want us there.

  52. I Bleed Orange Forever

    It was a trip, unintentional but still happened. It was the right call.

  53. Austin Rehkemper

    I'm surprised Islanders didn't get penalized for being Crosschecked. We can't have Tampa being disadvantaged at all, not even when it's 8-0. No sir.

  54. Nathan Adrian

    You two are idiots! It isn't that the refs are not calling enough penalties, it is that they are so one sided! Habs get called for a minor hook, Knights get away with high stick drawing blood! It is so bloody embarrassing that it makes the NHL look bush league.

  55. Zachery Janzen

    The only reason Vegas is still in this series is the refs

  56. Kim Gilligan

    Honestly for the Hedman trip it may not be the right call but you gotta understand that from the ref's point of view Hedman's stick sweeps toward the guy's feet and the guy goes down. That is probably why it was called and to be fair Hedman's stick took out his skate and tripped him. Which is a trip

  57. Ryan Daire

    "...anyway heres Marc-Andre Fluery" best part of the video lol

  58. jef jeferson

    thank u youtube recommended

  59. CZ Christopher

    I love how all the comments are about Chris Lee and not about that being a very dirty crosscheck

  60. AtomicThunder 27

    Point should have gotten a penalty shot

  61. Matt C

    There are only 4 teams left and we have one of the longest dang it videos in a while

  62. Christian Kiyawasew

    As both a Knights and Canadiens fan, I am completely flabbergasted at the officiating. I have no idea what's happening anymore and I hate it

  63. No one

    Hope Marchand got suspended for this move

  64. Lucas Johnston

    Hedman missed the puck, his stick hits the skates, Clutterbuck falls. Definitely a penalty. It doesn't take much to knock someone off balance and trip them when they're going full speed.

  65. Austin Jackson

    If you're a defenceman, DEFEND THE MAN!!

  66. Slo Mo

    VGK: 10 MTL: 0

  67. Ryan Daire

    I don't think it was Hedman's stick that hit the puck, I think it was Cal's. So I think that's a tripping. Plus in game it's probably harder to tell. Doesn't mean the refs still haven't been terrible though, I just happen to agree with that one call and I'm not a fan of either teams

  68. Bret Holmes

    soooo all that but not the weber crosscheck to nosek? what about the punch to the back of the head? Montreal is just as "guilty" this whole notion of golden refs is so stupid

  69. p1 ls

    Cmon habs let's go

  70. Kevin White

    solution: start with firing Chris Lee. He. Is. A. Horrible. Referee.

  71. LocoFn

    2:01 face of disappointment

  72. Miraak

    Gary Bettman's face tells it all that he wants VGK to go to the finals 0:47

  73. MxRiskyCH

    1:49 your welcome (I was the person who asked abt the dang-it)

  74. Rylan Monaghan

    Lucic was suspended for a sucker punch with a glove on last season, but you can’t expect player safety to be consistent ever

  75. justin krohman

    That trip is not a trip he reached for the puck and HIT the puck showing his intent, that is not a penalty, If a player dives after another in front of him and hits the puck before he trips the player it is NOT a penalty

  76. DesertCoyote22

    Only a questionable call because I’ve seen it called both ways at all levels.

  77. Kids Busby

    When he showed the play back for the first one "watch a habs game with steve dangle" I had the exact same reaction as him and I literally said thats gonna be on steves dang its!

  78. Corey Labs

    Prove em haters wrong stammer ⚡️🔥

  79. D Stefaniuk

    People gotta give Lehner credit for game 4…..