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  1. Martin bla bla

    NHL goal nei jeg spør du en kapital ishockey😡😡🤔🤬🏆🏒🇱🇷🤔👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  2. Miguel Ullivarri


  3. Mike Calak

    Acl?He wasn’t able to stand on the one leg ?

  4. anniel morera

    Man i started watching hockey cause of this guy, the Russian rocket 🚀 good times

  5. Trevor

    Why would ya fire the coach after a win like that? Wtf?

  6. Martin bla bla

    Nei det er speider er da mi Two Find the end er nummeret til Bente You guys var gårder nei is bad and You guys Elisabeth og hakket her

  7. Jacob Austin

    *hits blocker with stick below shoulders * CoUlD bE a HiGh StIcK pEnAlTy

  8. betterdays

    Wtf was Campbell not in net???

  9. TrueNorthGaming92

    Ilya mikheyev

  10. Keenan McCarty

    At this point, if one wins without the other it will be heartbreaking in its own way. Still hoping Jumbo can ride the Maple Leaves to a cup this year

  11. Todd Marryatt

    Very sad day. Tears in my eyes. Sad day for Canada!

  12. Ricky Rickardo

    What Wayne said about his Dad mirrored my Dad.

  13. Trevor Petersen

  14. Hoatzin

    Why do the preds refs hate them

  15. Jan Endršt


  16. Habs 16

    Rest In Peace to a legend My condolences to the Gretzky family

  17. Mike Mancuso


  18. Nicholas Wilson

    Damn EA final minute bounces! 😶

  19. Cameron Houston

    what uear was he born

  20. Mike Mancuso


  21. Kasper

    I clicked fast because I didn't believe Erik would do such a thing. I was right!

  22. Cole Betancourt

    everyone was talking about svechnikov on svechnikov but the staal brothers played each other cus marc went to detriot in the offseason

    1. chase fire

      Ya true

  23. K Laplante

    Rest in peace.

  24. stockportlad

    He should get a better cup if he can't handle a little tap like that

  25. Al14stroy Al14stroy

    Детройт дно!! Уже сука смотреть больно на эту защиту! Если нападение соперника ничего не может сделать, а пх, мы сами привезём

  26. Jeffrey Vaughn

    Bergevin has made good moves

  27. bruh

    Gg canucks I was tired of winning

  28. Blair Bailey

    Ok relax they just came off a 3 game series let's seem them get em after a days rest.

  29. Chrislat Lat

    Poor mom, she just wanted to high five her husband turns out she involuntarily nazi saluted him

  30. Al14stroy Al14stroy

    Вау!!! Вот это да!!!

  31. Saul Star

    R.I.P Walter

  32. Aiden Burnham

    Oh no, varlomov did that all the time in Colorado

  33. Robert Amaral

    If you played hockey in southern Ontario, chances are you got to meet Walter. I did when I was 14. Seeing him in person was almost unbelievable. The father of The Great One, just steps away asking what position I play, how many goals I had and of course telling me to work hard in school and in practice. Walter’s passing saddens me, but I’ll forever have that moment where I came this close, and shook hands with Greatness. RIP Walter.

  34. Ryder Reid 97 (STUDENT)

    Where is PK Subban

  35. David Mushinski

    Get rid of the jerseys, I have enough things to complain about the wings

  36. Blaintz

    I'm lucky I got to meet him at a tourney before his passing. Rest in peace Walter

  37. High Brass

    Rest in peace sir

  38. didheisa

    montreal is dogshit another year

  39. breakaway2x

    I guess you can't win em all. It just always seems like the Leafs lose to the lowly Sens, the lowly Flames, and now the lowly Canucks when those teams were all struggling, but then dominate the hottest team in the NHL (Oilers) 13-1 over 3 games lol. I guess Leafs just trying to help all the sucky teams out and giving them free points. We always seem to want to help the last place teams. Buffalo wishes they could play against the Leafs. We'd give them their mojo back.

  40. Cock McBalls

    Jesus that was lazy and stupid.

  41. Александр Ляшенко

    Эта игра очень впечатлила.

  42. Алексей Рзянкин

    Здоровья, Игорь!

  43. Colin Conway

    Who else from his town watching this

  44. Leonhard Romkey

    The Leafs were the better team. The first 2 goals the Canucks scored were "fluke" or very lucky. Vancouver had better chances to score and did not score on them. The 3rd Canucks goal was a nice legit goal. Demko was awesome in nets and robbed the Leafs. Leafs were on their 2nd of a back to back. Not much more Toronto could have done here. Take away those two garbage goals and we have a tied game. Vancouver played a good game. I just feel the Leafs were better. Game #1 where Toronto beat Montreal in OT, I thought the Habs were by far the better of the 2 teams. Sometimes the best team does lose. Happens to all teams in the league.

  45. Dixie Normous

    Kassian is a monster! Would love to see Tpuke get knocked out every game.

  46. ImVigi

    it’s amazing how biased these announcers are😂😂

  47. Chris Xavier

    Wow, what a run!

  48. Billme Later

    The Canadian hockey DAD.

  49. Ариан Назаров


  50. mike matheson

    I live around the corner from Walter here in Brantford. Great neighbour and great person. I always loved chatting with him. Going to miss seeing him around the neighbourhood. He was an inspiration to me to be a good father.

  51. Dany Heatley All-Star

    Tom pyatt trade

  52. Jan Zedník

    Velký obdiv a úcta k BIG ZDENDOVI 💪💪💪

  53. Dood B

    Is Jarry the emergency netminder??

  54. Lorne55

    We had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Gretzky (Walter) at the 7th annual Walter Gretzky Tournament in Brantford (2005). My 13 year old daughter was so inspired, she won MVP (& a Pennant) of the Game on an excellent boys-team... Great Memories... Walter had (or made) time to speak with everyone... for the kids, Walter was the Real Star of the Tournament... Great guy... Great family... Blessings...

  55. big fish

    the father of the country canada lost great man not only hockey but for helping people you were canadas dad thank you walter

  56. On the level

    Carey Price shouldve been traded before that massive contract was signed. Jiroslav Halak has always been a better goalie and a better fit in the Montreal organization.

  57. Nahnya Buhizniz

    Maybe don’t cross check the best player in the world on the arm.

  58. The T

    I think thw match penalty is going to be all he gets... Maybe 1 game

  59. Wilgoat

    Dang it

  60. Simon Selling

    demko is going to be the goalie of the year

  61. Vadim Rusnac

    новый Фредерик может не родиться)

  62. Dave May

    Big Zee 💪

  63. Benny Guan

    Nice 👍 Calgary!

  64. Wade Gault

    Fire Coach Trade for players that play with balls and some kind of urgency. Disgraceful and sickening to watch.

  65. Arturs Ruseckis

    why is this video age restricted?!?

  66. 15% Battery

    I can't front the Stars Stink right now... What a difference from last season...💩🚾

  67. D Ned

    Can we bring Him back sometime a LEGEND

  68. GiZ

    Заебали проёбывать аутсайдерам. Сто процентов договорняк очередной.

  69. D Ned

    This was a Shot in the Chest I’m Sad

  70. 7spark6


  71. Glenn Cook

    Coming from Brantford. going to high school with Keith and Glen, I met and saw Walter Gretzky around town many time. Walter Gretzky was/ is truly the nice person I ever met. My condolences to the Gretzky family.

  72. Игорь Линд

    Давай Саша не остонавливайся🥅🥅🥅🏒🏒🏒💪👍

  73. epic gamer


  74. LoudPack Bronny

    Leafs are in trouble if they face some great goaltending in the playoffs

  75. flyinhigh50

    Giroux with an incredible game

  76. Bid Bidnanakowski

    Hawks should have won this one, TB didn't look great. Can't wait for Dach and Toews to return.

  77. paintballgod33

    My dad told me that during the 1981 Canada Cup, one of the games he attended, he accidentally sat in the wrong turned out to be Walter's. Always a cool story... I miss them both...

  78. Levi Palmer


  79. Alienative X

    Это просто пц

  80. Nancy Lynn

    Tears in my deepest condolences to the Gretzy family. Rest in peace my dear man. Truly the 'best of the best'.