Alex Killorn Tips In Victor Hedman Point Shot With 0.1 Seconds Left In Overtime


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    Alex Killorn tipped Victor Hedman's point shot past Kevin Lankinen with 0.1 seconds left in overtime to give the Tampa Bay Lightning the win.

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    1. Nicholas Wilson

      Damn EA final minute bounces! 😶

    2. nick b

      Patrick Kane you gotta put in at least 10% effort there on defense. 1% just isnt good enough against any team, let alone the NHL All-Stars East I mean Lightning.

    3. Troy Ounce

      1:48 Fake crowd: *Screams in Pre-Recorded*

    4. Hare Brahs

      bam smack, gravy on the mash, what a goal.

    5. Matty Daddy

      How tf does this keep happening. Buzzer beaters in hockey

    6. Anime Freak

      Nothing can literally be any closer than that.

    7. Earthb0und Matt

      As a hawks fan, I’m mad about the loss, but I’m proud of our boys for putting up as good of a fight as we did! Nobody expected us to be keeping up with the big guys this season, but here we are!

      1. Jacob N.

        As a lightning fan, I’m actually pretty surprised at how you guys played tonight. You guys, to me, looked like the better team. Luck goal in ot. I’ll take it though lol gg

      2. Adam Jellani

        I heard u guys are about to give up a kings ransom for Jack Eichel.. U hear anything about this??

    8. Silentbydeadly

      I wonder was that more luck? or more skill?

      1. Scott Becker

        Luck. Sometimes throwing things at the net works. This was one of those times.

    9. vedicardi

      give him another norris

    10. PeteOnFire

      Buzzer beater of the year. Just can't beat that.

      1. Alexander Poste

        @ZyX yep. Even closer than this one!

      2. ZyX

        @Alexander Poste was that 0,1 seconds?

      3. Alexander Poste

        Kadri in the bubble against St Louis.

    11. Andrew Knutson

      I think the NHL should invest in better overhead cameras that get more than 10FPS.

      1. Hockey Acid

        @Hare Brahs There’s only 2 nets. 2 cameras on opposite sides over the net. Not expensive at all considering how much money they generate even when there’s next to no fans buying tickets.

      2. Trickshootz

        Yeah, arent the cameras they have like 240fps also on tv you see a different view than the refs.

      3. Hare Brahs

        @Speakertweaker 1346 depends on what yoy mean by billion

      4. Speakertweaker 1346

        @Hare Brahs what do you think it’s gonna be a billion dollars.

      5. jack jon

        Should get 60 FPS or 100 would be better. Or the super slo mo cameras that baseball is picking up

    12. Christopher Trinh

      Tampa Bay Lightning WON IN OVERTIME BUZZER BEATER!!! 🚨 🥅 🏒 ⛈ 🌩

    13. Pathockey 14


    14. R-Man Elite

      I think I speak for everyone when I say: WHAT A GOAL!!

      1. R-Man Elite

        @Morgan Butterfreeman but the timing was insane

      2. Morgan Butterfreeman

        I mean it wasn't really that impressive, just a flukey redirection in front.

      3. vedicardi

        sorry dumba!

    15. Rick Robitaille

      Gary bettman good job...

      1. Matthew Baran

        No, it was Hedman

    16. Dyosaur_canucksfan !

      Wow impressive

    17. Soviet Union

      Victor HedGOAT

      1. Luke Maheras

        Goat of what? Tampa all time players? Not even close And I’m a hawks fan Remember watching Tampa win in 04 cause I hate Canadian teams no matter what.

    18. Tristan Ethier


    19. Sukhshan Narwal

      Tampa bay is op

      1. Jonathan Miller

        @Luke Maheras actually 4 points above yall and the hawks have played 3 more games than us lol we are missing on of our best defense-man and our best player on offence (nikita kucherov) and i think the hawks are way better then just a team rebuilding and the bolts have been switching lines very frequently due to injuries so what your excuse now

      2. Michael Brown

        They have been for a few years now...

      3. Nate Winters

        @Luke Maheras yeah. It sucks for us not having Cernak in the lineup. And there was somebody I was missing.... oh yeah, freaking KUUUUUCCCCHHHH. Damn I miss him on the ice

      4. Morgan Butterfreeman

        @Scott Becker Strome too

      5. Scott Becker

        @Luke Maheras and third line center in Shaw.

    20. Tom Wilson