Boone Jenner Shows Off Quick Hands To Stickhandle Around Stars Before Scoring


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    Boone Jenner showed off quick hands by stickhandling around the Dallas Stars before whipping the puck past Anton Khudobin.

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    1. Gillz Reacts

      Welcome to Toronto!!!!

    2. WhoCamus Gnu

      "cadeverous mistake"....

    3. Andrew Pawlack

      A lot of people are unaware that he was once a 30 goal scorer

    4. dusty2good

      Not Connor McDavid quick, but respectable.

    5. Caleb Armitage

      Jackets suck

      1. Luxembourg Ball Mapper

        You probably don’t even watch hockey LEBRON

      2. Nolan K

        Caleb Armitage You suck

      3. Shawn Banzhof

        You suck

    6. Jo Back


    7. Eric V-C

      I think you might have a play for worst plays of the week with the blue jackets second goal 😂

      1. Eric V-C

        Third too Dallas stars caught in 4k

    8. FrozenShake

      man the stars fell off a cliff, what happened?

      1. Sarah Prince

        @Anonymous They are a great team but losing key players because of injury, the covid crap and now the winter storm has definitely played a hand in them constantly losing and probably losing some spark. They need some spark to get them going. I know we won’t be going to the finals this year(I guarantee it) but it would be nice for me and their other fans to watch their games on t.v and not have them lose every game back to back to back. Just so depressing to see.😭

      2. Anonymous

        @Sarah Prince I think they’re a decent tea but they’ve gotten no puck luck

      3. Sarah Prince

        @Blasto Manto Exactly. I’m so pissed right now. My Stars need to get it together and we need Seguin back asap. It doesn’t help with all this stupid ass covid protocol bullshit(meaning not letting players play just because they were around someone who popped positive and other crap) and with the winter storm we had. I’m pretty sure Benn is furious because they keep losing. They need some inspiration already to get them back in the game.

      4. vedicardi

        theyre missing COREY PERRY obviously !

      5. josh p

        @I am Pete that’s just wrong