Brandon Hagel Drops Patrik Laine With Huge Right Hand To End Fight


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    Watch as Patrik Laine takes on Brandon Hagel after a big hit along the boards, ending it as Hagel drops Laine with a big right hand swing.

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    1. jimmy banks

      Laine won

    2. Cassie

      Laine steady taking L's

    3. opzz xsin


    4. niduoe stre

      Like to see guys step up for teammates. Nice job Laine

    5. bofooit gojo


    6. 10 000 Tilaajan Haaste

      Turpaan vaan

      1. Cassie

        Im from the same country as Laine

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      1. opzz xsin

        1:40 dog: help my please

    8. krazyFlipy

      And to make it even sadder, the Jets sure as heck did not become more fun to watch, either. The sum total of the NHL's entertainment value took a dive. If Winnipeg knew what they're doing, they would have made him thrive instead. Oh well. Follows the pattern - everything else in the world turning to sh*t, too. :D

      1. bofooit gojo

        Good on Laine for sticking up for his boy

    9. krazyFlipy

      Seriously don't understand what Laine is doing in the Blue Jackets. Their style does not suit him, he does not fit. Total disaster, turns the man from a fantastic, singular star player into a grey, seldom noticeable average extra. Hope his career survives the season. The team will struggle to reach the play-offs. A loss to hockey, the whole deal.

      1. mikin lirou

        Good on Laine for sticking up for his boy

      2. mikin lirou

        Laine steady taking L's

    10. mikin lirou

      Laine was afraid to injury those sniping magic hands

      1. niduoe stre

        Let's go Hagel!! Those two rights were solid!

    11. dueeh nyyu

      Atta boy Laine! Drop em gloves for the teammate!! but coming from a CGY fan I wouldn't want Laine fighting if he was a Flame

    12. Tan Nha


    13. Chemotherapy day Baran


    14. Double J

      Everytime Laine gets hit in the face a kitten is born

      1. mikin lirou

        Gunnar needs an assist for the Gordy Howe hat trick.

    15. sannio komi

      I love this Hagel kid. He plays so damn hard all the time. Really good wheels too.

      1. dueeh nyyu

        laine get your jaw rocked

    16. Chris Gruber

      Hagel plays with spirit and grit on every shift. I love the KO but trust me when I say his play on the ice is even more satisfying. He should be called 'Kid Hustle'.

    17. dick dickson

    18. yaliso gioouy

      Let's go Hagel!! Those two rights were solid!

    19. Mika Kyöstilä

      patrik is best finland player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. sannio komi

        Laine is hype

    20. Rub3fn clapped u

      Im from the same country as Laine

    21. Du Nhu

      1:40 dog: help my please

    22. seeriu ciihy

      Let's go Hagel!! Those two rights were solid!

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Props to Laine for steping up vs a scrub like Hagel.

    23. huttio srreu

      Good on Laine for sticking up for his boy

    24. chding zuure

      Laine steady taking L's

    25. Wice Orc

      Why no-one is talking about elbow tackle brandom made?

    26. foopyu nooui

      Laine really doesn't want tortz to bench him again

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Have there ever been any Finns that can fight 😆

    27. Hannes Heikkilä

      Mm9 8

      1. huttio srreu


    28. vinasu maaj

      Gunnar needs an assist for the Gordy Howe hat trick.

      1. chding zuure

        Ehhhh I appreciate Laine trying to fight to step up for his teammate but he hasn't really got it going on.

    29. Scarface_Capone

      laine get your jaw rocked

    30. Shark o Shak

      Hagel is flipping two inch’s tall lmao

      1. vinasu maaj

        Torts will love Laine doing that

    31. Kepler 442b

      Maybe if he’d ever been in a real fight he wouldn’t be so keen for another

      1. vinasu maaj

        Torts will love Laine doing that

    32. John Snyder

      Laine is hype

      1. vinasu maaj

        It just go's to show you don't f_ck with a Canadian.

    33. Eugene Colacicco

      I sent 2 pictures of that brawl to my new contact who is Marissa Bailey who is the morning news anchor on CBS in CHICAGO!! I am sure she liked that deal!! The Blackhawks are getting better and better with all these new players!! Watch out, NHL WE COMIN FOR YOUS ALL!! 6 STANLEY CUPS 3 SINCE 2010.

    34. Jericho Vera

      Hagel just Cody Garbradnt’d him 😬💯

    35. Classe Backm

      Props to Laine for steping up vs a scrub like Hagel.

    36. Venus Rasvanahka

      opettelis tappelemaan kun mies

    37. Patrik Järvine

      wow actually nice comments for Laine on leafsnet? go figure, nice yall👌

    38. MR Repe pro


    39. Dean Worsley

      Have there ever been any Finns that can fight 😆

      1. Strafe

        ristolainen, Tuomo Ruutu, Sami helenius.. there are some

    40. Master_DaSLeR


    41. ZebraNeighbor

      Ehhhh I appreciate Laine trying to fight to step up for his teammate but he hasn't really got it going on.

    42. Cyrul Flashur

      Mrvellu good point, Domi could teach him to “jump and sucker” non fighters. Max gets tuned up when someone drops the gloves.

    43. Danny

      Atta boy Hagel, dropped him like a sack of potatoes

    44. Firpo Maan

      It just go's to show you don't f_ck with a Canadian.

    45. R 123

      Torts will love Laine doing that

    46. Nick Cicione

      Torts is going to bench him again for losing that fight.

    47. MunchenOnYou

      Hagel is a youngin too! Great fight by both parties and good job to Laine for standing up for his new teammates. Good hockey.

    48. Bruno B

      Torts put Hagel up to it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. Joel Salminen

      Torilla tavataan!

      1. Joel Salminen

        @Mortal7 Patrik 'The Nordic Nightmare' RaskassarjaLaine

      2. Mortal7

        Vittu Laine osaa lyödä

    50. MeditationMind

      Patrik "CTE" Laine

    51. GFK GFK

      He hit him so hard that his hair thinned on impact.

      1. Fabien Bilodeau

        Right? Laine‘ll need to go the way of the cue ball look by this time next year. That or rock the cul-de-sac look à la Dave Babych... 🤟🏼

    52. 80travisbickle

      Ugly loss for pillow puncher Laine

    53. Klaus

      pfff.. idiots.

    54. luis batista

      Dang he NEVER fought in Wpg now i see why🇨🇦

    55. Theresa C

      It's hockey !!! , but Laine thinks that his big size ( 6'4 " Ht. ) would matters , he was down in the end with 5'11 , Hagel , embarrassing , don't under estimate Hagel next time OK!!

    56. Mike D

      Laine got his taint handed to him

    57. David Laffin

      Laine has to get away from Torts. Torts is a career killer!

    58. o k

      no onpa vaikee peli

    59. Віктор Шульженко

      Это же шедевр музыки

    60. S A

      Be in the swede league soon, i blame that terrible blonde mustache, should shave head bald . Lose the stache

    61. Leevi Salminen

      mylllyttäisin molempii vasuril

    62. Tom Wilson

      Liane is twice the size of Hagel 🤣

    63. Alf Slayer


    64. cory sharpe

      i don't wanna see a skilled player get hurt in a fight. but seeing a player dig deep and feel the passion of the sport is whats needed sometimes to improve a career. This guy has the skill to.

    65. ramms mutter69

      If Laine can turn up his physical play it will make him a better player and give him/team more odd man rush attempts. Take a page out of Ovi’s book.

    66. Philip Keeler

      wouldn't have happened if he never got benched. Good on Torts for waking the prima donna up. PL just might become the star he thinks he is.

    67. Sam I am

      First NHL career fight for Hagel as well. TKO loss for Laine but props to him.

    68. Å

      Laine looking more like Hulk Hogan every single day.

      1. Arto

        well, WHATCHA GONNA DO....

    69. artcorvolet

      He thought he could beat up little Hagel!!😂 Laine=Bitch!

    70. Tyler Courtemanche

      Laine looks like a 6'5 Tom Petty.

    71. Nicholas Lovett

      Things are going great for Laine in Columbus.

      1. krazyFlipy

        :D Hahahaha - and for Dubois in the Jets. :D Never seen a star trade where all parties involved, including the league and the sport as a whole, lost out so badly...except, maybe, Roslovic.

    72. Christopher McHale

      I continue to be amazed that guys don't get cut more by skate blades during these fights.

    73. Andrew L

      Laine is just having a bad couple weeks. Take a breather man, do some reflecting.

    74. Ryan Pinto

      Good job for sticking up for your boy

    75. Dunham #19

      Hagel should've flossed on the fortnite pro after downing him.

    76. Guillaume Piché

      Imagine loosing a figth to someone half a foot i you cant throw em dont...

    77. Anja Pihala-Lipponen

      Ilkeämpienkö vastaus 7

    78. Sean

      Laine looks like Bubbles

    79. M Lind

      Laine's comment afterward: "He got Rosie and I wanted to get the team going and myself going. There was a good opportunity to fight and he responded. He clocked me pretty good there" Good to see he still has his humour afterward.

      1. aikamoinen :D

        @artcorvolet He argued with helping coach

      2. Thomas Didymus

        That's actually pretty cool. Hopefully he starts to listen yo his coaches. There is no denying his talents. The kid play the game.

      3. artcorvolet

        Why did he get benched the other night?

    80. Billy the Kid

      Maybe a bit smaller opponent next time when you fight Laine, so you can actually win 😂

      1. M Lind

        @Brandon Buckmaster Clearly you don't know your boxing. As someone who has boxed, I can tell you smaller guys are a nightmare to taller guys. A shorter guy in-fighting is faster on you, has shorter distance with punches, is much more agile, and has better balance. Add skates to this and there is clear disadvantage for the taller guy.

      2. Brandon Buckmaster

        @M Lind and he has size, reach, and weight..try harder to find another excuse. Buddy lost due to getting rocked, that's it. As someone who's fought on skates against bigger opponents, you're wrong and laine had more advantage and still lost.

      3. M Lind

        Taller would be easier. Shorter players have huge balance advantage on skates.

    81. Joe LaF

      Someone tell me, because I don’t watch the jackets, but has Laine’s start been rough? Is he still looking for a way to fit in, hence the fight? Or is this just a great team moment?

      1. Joe LaF

        @Pär Andersson nice! Glad he’s off to a good start and already sticking up for his teammates

      2. Pär Andersson

        Been good. Couple of goals already

    82. Jrs

      Kids ego getting the best of him. Got a reality check

    83. Ken Arthur


    84. Dave

      Laine to Detroit. It's gonna happen.

      1. krazyFlipy

        That would actually be a whole lot more interesting to follow than rather personality-less CBJ. Am all for that. :)

    85. Maestör Rasanen

      And that's how you show you are a team guy.

    86. Ismo Sarkala

      Tesoman nyrkki

    87. cc steamer

      Like the old time nhl, more show and good game. Go Patrik Go...💪💪

    88. Beer League Hero

      He's a pigeon

    89. Bass 'n Kitties

      Punches thrown : Laine - 783 Hagel - 3 Punches landed : Laine - 1 Hagel - 2 Power punches thrown : Laine - 492 Hagel - 3 Power punches landed - Laine - 0 Hagel - 2 Punches directly landed on the opponents jaw : Laine - 0 Hagel - 2 TKO - Hagel Laine should really avoid any future fights and stick with scoring goals. Dude got str8 cactus'd

    90. Jake Stone

      Laine, just play powerplay

    91. Dan Wegg

      What's with a fight after every clean hit? If it's a dirty hit then drop the mits and teach him a lesson. But if it's a clean hit, I cant stand the reaction to just fight. Take the number and hit him back. Also, Laine, your team doesn't need you out for 4-6 weeks on the IR because you dont know how to fight. Get one Jenner out there to do that job.

      1. Micro Data

        Every clean hit? That’s exaggerated

    92. sirjon103

      Damn the spiffcoin was worth investment

    93. Rico Sauve

      Hagel dropped Laine, just as fast as the jets did.

    94. Tyson

      Torture Ella , is going to ruin this kid , benching him last game , so now he thinks he’s gotta fight

      1. Philip Keeler

        @Tyson you're quite right it's generational. As for cognitive distortion, do you mean passion? work ethic? commitment? and that all unsavoury accountability? I do find the young people today are lacking in many ways. Bullied? intimidated? victimized? Too many pink shirt days I guess. (as in grow a set). i don't care if its tits or balls, just own one or the other. I'm a sorry old Leaf fan.(we're talking dinosaur, I was alive when the Leafs won their last cup) but it wouldn't surprise me terribly if CBJ wins a cup long before the warm and fuzzy woke clubs (see Van and, sadly for me Tor) that molly coddle (sp?) teenage millionaires. Thanks for your kind wishes. All the best to you and yours. cheers 🍻 ~Philip

      2. Tyson

        @Philip Keeler a little difference of opinion is all we have going on here Phil ...... Torts has an accomplished career at the highest level of coaching in the nhl , I would totally agree with you on this. The problem is that things change as we grow and the very strengths that brought him to here are going to be the exact weakness that help him to fade away. The gen z kids don’t respond to being bullied,intimidated and being victimized by a dude that suffers from cognitive distortions, the good ole days are gone Phil . Torture Ella will be gone after his contract is up ,but he is definitely a legend of the coaching game . I could happily debate you on the present and future....... but I’ll agree with you on the past . Be good,stay safe and let’s check back in over the next 24 months.....🍻

      3. Philip Keeler

        @Tyson I nearly didn't even bother wasting my time responding to such an asinine post. I don't know what you've accomplished in your lay dimestore psychologist world. but this is what a man has accomplished SO FAR in his career. Your blatant childish disrespect perhaps bespeaks of some person disorder of your own. Anybody 62yrs and who would quickly rip the face off of some you tube weasel gets more respect than some ... nevermind, carry on. John Robert Tortorella (born June 24, 1958) is an American professional ice hockey coach and former player. He is the head coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets of the National Hockey League (NHL). Tortorella was previously the head coach of the New York Rangers, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Vancouver Canucks; he led Tampa Bay to the 2004 Stanley Cup championship. He is the first American-born NHL coach to reach 500 wins, and has twice won the Jack Adams Award as the NHL's top coach.

      4. Tyson

        @Philip Keeler the only guy that’s going to get washed out early is Torture Ella.......because he suffers from cognitive distortions. We can return to our comments in the next few years and see if you were correct ,or I ...... Cheers 🍻

      5. Philip Keeler

        Are you kidding? Torts prolly just saved this guy from an early wash out and a trip to the KHL.

    95. Himas?

      back to the bench

    96. Niklas

      Gooni Laine - paras Laine.

    97. John S

      Laine is a smug, attitude problem, me first dude. He also punches like a small cat that is pushing away it's sister.

      1. PwnifiedNoob21

        @Jukka Savolainen lmfao my ass.. get your bs outta here.. he'd have done that last year...

      2. Jukka Savolainen

        Attitude problem my a**, he just went and defended his team mate. Hes not on a fighter role in the team, but that did not stop him from putting him self on the line. there are many others that have much les attitude than that...

    98. Jake Gren

      Torts has his guys out here trying to kill themselves to earn his respect

    99. tespiii

      Fell because he lost his footing at the same time, not purely 'cos of the punch. The punch didn't even seem that hard...

      1. Brandon Buckmaster

        Losing your legs and footing tends to happen when getting your face rocked a couple times.

      2. Guillaume Piché

        Fell because a player half a foot smaller and 40 pounds ligther knocked is ass down!

      3. Pär Andersson

        First one got him. Second one he more or less lost balance. Looked like he(Laine) didnt try to hit hard.

    100. You_want_some_gamer

      Laine got is ass kicked