Brett Pesce Delivers Blatant Slew Foot On Robby Fabbri While Heading Off For Change


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    Brett Pesce delivered a blatant slew foot to Robby Fabbri while he was heading off for a change and was penalized for it.

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    1. Dustin Atkins

      Little embellished I would say too

    2. Old friend

      No kicking in hockey.

    3. Adam LeBlanc

      How is that not a major?

    4. Jon Durak

      26 years old, he knows better than to let his emotions cost his team

    5. Johnny Dong

      Clean id say

    6. Tyler Garza

      Icky play

    7. Paul LaGrange

      Fabri started it

    8. The Draco


    9. Northlander

      a marchand move .

    10. Captnkirk

      What an idiot!!!!

    11. Elliott G

      Idk, yes he tried to slewfoot him, but I think Fabri also helped sell it

    12. Jonathan Duplantis


    13. Justin Sullivan

      If this were Marchand everyone would be losing their minds.

      1. Cody Woodell

        Because Marchand has a history, Pesce isn’t a dirty player ever. This is the only dirty play he has ever had

    14. Nathan Goddard

      That is so dangerous it should be a 5 minute penalty. Similar to the chop block in NFL which is a 15 yard penalty.

    15. Roland Kennedy

      That should be an automatic game. Of all the things they give five for this should be at top of list.

    16. I Know EVERYTHING

      Clean play imo. Just fighting for free ice!

      1. KingLofro

        Bro u high?

    17. This Guy

      .. Hockey is so much safer without goons..

      1. Cody Woodell

        Goon? Pesce is one of the farthest things from a goon. This was completely out of character for Pesce

    18. Björn

      I love that push on the back heel/leg, I did it all the time in junior as a winger during the first faceoff when there was only one ref with his back to me 😂

    19. skyguy1230

      Not only was that super obvious but it was on Fabbri of all people. Classy move

    20. Matthew McCallum

      How is that not a suspension? Unreal. They want to protect optics of a guy concussed but that is way more dangerous to a players career.

    21. Minacious


    22. Suzdalina

      Just beat it!

    23. Cubertral

      Dirty and most intentional I've seen, I'll expect 2-5 games, yet Pesce doesn't have a suspension record. But he used his arm to assure Fabbri would hit the ground hard. Dirty

      1. TheRealTGK

        0 game suspension dumbfuck

    24. erin hall

      Oh pesce come on😐

    25. Ian Bell

      take his number , break ankle next shift

      1. Cody Woodell

        Wow talk about player safety. This isn’t the 80s old man

    26. Ian Bell

      only complete assholes slew foot

    27. Thomas Tucker

      At first I read the title and thought it said brilliant😂😂

    28. Anonymous

      Ya know it’s an odd year when the dirty slew foot wasn’t done by Brad Marchand😂😂😂

    29. Cock McBalls

      Jesus that was lazy and stupid.

    30. Pacino Viagra


    31. Connor //

      Fell so hard his stick broke

    32. Kasanova

      Who knew he was related to Joe Pesce

    33. Steve T

      Ugly retaliation

    34. Parth Patel

      Looks like a good hit - George Parros probably

    35. PeteOnFire

      It wasn't against Montreal , he's gonna be suspended lol

    36. Jacob Pratt

      That’s so dirty, as a Bruins fan I would never be okay with slew footing... 🤥

      1. Jacob Pratt

        @Gamer 402 yes, that was the joke

      2. Anonymous

        @Gamer 402 I think he knows

      3. Gamer 402

        Better see you in the comments of the Next Marchand slew foot then

    37. GutPusher

      Good way to put a target on your face

    38. RyverLethe

      I don’t think he could’ve made that more obvious if he tried

    39. Brendon Pinto Films

      Love how this could get a suspension,meanwhile ovi’s spear to the guys nuts nets him $5K loss and he keeps playing...such inconsistency in the DoPS 😒

      1. Coding Crusader

        Right. Bc a slewfoot can cause you to fall back and smack your head and die Getting hit in the nuts hurts. But you’ll live Guessing you’ve never skated before

    40. Brady Babineau

      Such a blatant slew foot on a player with a history of injuries on Robby Fabbri.

    41. Dylandylandylan Dylan

      That stick broke so easily

    42. dapa4

      And the wheel says...

    43. Hoozooh League

      Winnipeg Jets be like : that's legal

    44. Ryan McCarthy

      5 major intent to injury

    45. LacyNick Flowers

      What a scumbag move

    46. kyle patterson

      Honestly, that's what Detroit deserves for those god awful jerseys

    47. Forrest Hines

      Am I the only one who's blown away by how the stick broke? I watched it like 10 times and still can't figure out how that happened.

      1. Chase Beck

        Ive seen a lot of faulty sticks lately that just break in really odd situations. Maybe theres supplier issues?

      2. Phillip Miller

        I came into the comments looking for this comment. WTH happened. That stick looks like it would have broke from giving a pass. wow.

    48. Austen Reid

      Joe has a tall son?...

      1. Austen Reid

        @Cam D. So weak, but thank you 😂

      2. Cam D.

        I appreciate your effort.

    49. Andre Corbeil WrestlingWithWrestling

      What a Pesce of Schitt

    50. Howdy Doughty

      I don’t see a problem here. Worse happens after whistle every game

    51. mrutherford1106

      So far the official ruling is just a $5k fine... and as a Canes fan I don't understand why he didn't get an immediate suspension

      1. mrutherford1106

        @Alan Van Asch that's a fair point, we'll see if anything else happens to come from this

      2. Alan Van Asch

        Most likely because he's just had no history of anything before. Just a dumb play I hope he learns from

    52. bryacarolina

      Damn, when did Grayson Allen make the switch to hockey?

    53. Brian Schlaf

      Not only a very dirty slewfoot also puck not even close interference as well should be ashamed terrible and stupid play

    54. Polk High #33

      Pretty cowardly pesce.

    55. bbeaup

      what a douchebag move

    56. Evan

      Bunch of jerks

    57. Sus Gold

      I swear nhlers sticks are made out of uncooked pasta

      1. Tyson Seafoot

        There could have been a small crack wearing at the stick for a while you never know

      2. Andrew Persaud

        these sticks don't break like that on average. Just shows you how much grip strength these pros have for it to shatter like that. these sticks are bought and used even in house league and lasts players years before needing to be replaced.

      3. KingLofro

        @Jacob Olson letang?

      4. Jacob Olson

        Seriously especially that guy who broke his stick just receiving a pass

    58. Joe Danger

      5k fine for the most blatant slew foot I’ve seen in years....and before anyone brings it up Marchand’s last one was 2017.

      1. Brotherhood

        @rob nicholson He didn't slew foot anyone last season. Other wise it would be plastered on this very channel...

      2. rob nicholson

        @Joe Danger ok joe whatever.....but i did see it.....sorry i can't pin point the exact time and game but i know what i saw... good luck to your bruins though...

      3. Joe Danger

        @rob nicholson lmao you can't just say you vaguely remember him slew footing someone but you don't know who or what team. My whole point is that if Brad Marchand blatantly slew footed someone clear as day like Pesce did then no one in the hockey world would have shut up about it for weeks on end. Everyone would have seen the clip 50 times on the twitter feed and it would have been it's own segment during an intermission report of every NHL game for the next 2 days. Same as when he licked Ryan Callahan or elbowed Marcus Johansson. If Brad Marchand did what Brett Pesce did, it would be physically impossible for you to forget what team he did it against within a year. If you can't see what I'm saying then you are the one that's pretty silly.

      4. rob nicholson

        @Joe Danger i forget the team it was from last year but i do know there was no call on the play so that makes your comment look pretty silly joe.....

      5. Joe Danger

        @rob nicholson who did he slew foot? What team was it against? And again, why isn’t there a viral video of it? Because he’s the dirtiest player in the league, any time he does anything it’s an automatic 100k views. If he did slewfoot someone last year it wouldn’t be a question in the first place, it’d be common knowledge.

    59. willmcgee45

      “Lapse of judgement”. You mean “POS, scumbag cheap shot”.

    60. d00bZubElEk

      To a guy who just got off injury and plays on the worst team in the league. Tom Wilson move right there. Total trash can on skates.

      1. SchulzEricT

        Tom Wilson isn't dirty (his reputation is overblown because of circular logic), but even his most ardent haters can't ever accuse him of a slew foot.

    61. Mark Abendroth

      Fighting/ enforcement is part of this game. This sjit isn't. This guy should have a seat for a while.

      1. Jacob Fleenor

        He will. Even if he doesn't get suspended I'd be surprised if Brind'Amour doesn't sit him. The canes aren't really that type of team

    62. Bear

      Need to start calling these correctly. Slewfooting is a five minute major penalty

      1. Club Shay Shay

        Slew foot is literally a trip. 5? Nah

      2. Polk High #33

        @Coding Crusader There's a lot of dumb things on the internet and your post is right up there with them.

      3. King Los

        @Anonymous Mouse Nah he just never got enough attention as a child so he has to compensate that by being a troll

      4. Anonymous Mouse

        @T Smidds Were you slew footed as a child and still salty about it?

      5. Boogie Kush

        @T Smidds if you ever stepped foot on the ice you would literally never say that lol you don't play just a fan who doesn't know what they are talking about

    63. Philip Glassrules

      The Capitals got a two minute minor for this

      1. SchulzEricT

        ? The only slewfoot I can remember in a Caps game since, like, the 2019 playoffs was when Crosby slewfooted Dowd earlier this season.

    64. Frizzyy

      God i hate Marchand

    65. Tj

      Shakes his head LOL

    66. Juscovs

      Not a bad beat to listen to tho while you're beatin' it in the box

    67. Christian M

      That was just..... bad from Pesce. What was he thinking? Very out of character for a usually clean player

    68. Owen Singh

      Yo wtf Pesce one of my favorite players :(

      1. DaniED14

        Fabbri had been going after his shoulder the whole game up to that point, trying to re-injure it. Pesce had enough and snapped. Not an excuse, but understandable.

      2. Owen Singh

        That's not very Pesce like either. Opposite of his character. Bad decision from a guy who's normally so calm

    69. ry4nx

      What an idiot

    70. ongon68

      I dont understand why people are only mad at Pesce and not Fabbri as well. The entire situation could have been avoided if Fabbri did not take a little cheep shot but Pesce still did slew foot him and that is still mostly likely a small fine and suspension.

    71. Tjay Metal

      Suspension 100% for sure. Dude didn’t even show a little sign of it being an accident. Lmfao it’s show the clip to their faces and that’s an automatic suspension. No hearing needed

      1. Cody Woodell

        @mrutherford1106 because Pesce has never once had any other history of this kind of play

      2. Closet Hockey Fan

        If this is no suspension, it's a clear admission the Department of Player Endangerment has no intention of dissuading anyone from deliberate attempts to injure.

      3. Tjay Metal

        @Hoozooh League don’t cry

      4. Hoozooh League

        If that's a suspension, the Jets have no more defs

      5. mrutherford1106

        Somehow the only official charge is a $5k fine. No idea if there will be a hearing at some point or not

    72. BoxVan Go

      Still waiting for Kerfoot to give someone a 2 foot slew foot.

    73. Orange 22 Fishing

      Looked unintentional to me -department of player safety

      1. Nicholas Ramsey

        Lol I read the first half of ur comment before I saw it and thought “well this is going to be brutal”

      2. Matt C

        **Deletes novel** Had me in the first half.

    74. Naz Idoura

      The most un-Pesce thing to do.

    75. Steve C


      1. Cam D.


    76. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

      He thought he was playing for the Bruins

      1. mshat18

        That’s okay. Marchand is still a champion and probably going to win another at some point.

      2. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

        @mshat18 I’d love to have someone who can play good and who doesn’t cry on national television

      3. Gamer 402

        @mshat18 Actually the Hurricanes organization has been pretty good the last 3 years😂...especially for a team that didn't make the Playoffs for 10 years. I think you spelled Detroit or Ottawa Wrong

      4. ron mac

        @mshat18 go to bed little guy, your mother needs to feed you your milk....

      5. mshat18

        And yet I’m also right. Guarantee you’d want him on your loser team.

    77. Cam

      Pesce having instant regrets for the $5K fine coming. That much actually hurts a lil for a not star NHLer. Another free bottle scotch for Bettman.

      1. This Guy

        League minimum is 500k lol 5k isn't a big deal but suspension and no pay is

      2. Doug Dimmadome

        you know he’s making 4 mil a year? he’s not even gonna bat an eye.

    78. boarder96

      Somehow this is Brad Marchands fault

    79. BR God

      To be fair, Fabbri did push him first and initiate the contact between the two. Not denying what Pesce did shouldn't be in the game. (Point is Fabbri isn't all innocent and this was just some unprovoked attack from Pesce)

    80. Chris Aman

      Yeah but it was pretty gentle too

    81. rita the cat


    82. Don Tonberry

      You love to see it

    83. BloggerMusicMan

      Definitely a slew foot. I think that's possibly even suspendable.

      1. Jay Lucas

        @Taekwondo Time you’re a fucken idiot

      2. Taekwondo Time

        @Gamer 402 It should be 2 minutes for tripping. Tripping someone with your LEG is no different than using your STICK.

      3. Gamer 402

        @Taekwondo Time Nothing penalties? You mean the penalties that should be called because youre taking out someones legs and potentially attempting to end their career?

      4. Taekwondo Time

        @Jay Lucas I'm being sarcastic lol. Everyone keeps overreacting to these nothing penalties. :)

      5. Jacob Fleenor

        Could be a game suspension or maybe even 2. Definitely a lapse in judgement. RBA will probably have something to say about it.

    84. Motorcoach Tech

      Chicken $hit move! Worse move anyone could do on skates!

    85. CrackaCarpinda

      How the hell did his stick break from that?

      1. Jacob Olson

        Idk sticks have been breaking from barely anything at all this season. It reminds me of that episode in Malcolm and the middle where Francis is the equipment manager and places bets on the other teams so he just messed with people’s equipment like sawing into their sticks so they break whenever they try to pass or shoot

    86. Jim Criniti

      Yup....that's a game and a cheque minimum.

    87. Mack Bid

      ahhhh the marchand, classic!

    88. Cui Alexander

      lol the little foot tap

    89. ChachaChapati

      Textbook slewfoot. Definite fine on the horizon.

    90. anonymous

      who the f is fabri? how is this not a multi game suspension + fine?

      1. Staalman12

        I'm not arguing against a suspension, but first of all, there needs to be a hearing before any suspension is considered, and second of all, DoPS is inconsistent. Maybe a few game suspension is good enough, but there have been far worse offenses that have also gotten a few games. Again, I'm not arguing against a suspension. I'm just saying DoPS needs to be more consistent, which will probably never happen.

    91. Austin Schwartz

      Is this a slew foot? I'm gonna say no...

      1. Damien


    92. ron mac

      Doin his best Rat impression i see.

      1. Seegster77

        @mike r I would be embarrassed if I were you.. I can see your about having no life..

      2. mike r

        @Seegster77 you really must have no life lmao.....

      3. ron mac

        @Seegster77 🤡

      4. Seegster77

        @ron mac stop crying 😢

      5. ron mac

        @Seegster77 dude get a life loser....

    93. Jordan Warren

      “lapse of judgment” absolutely best way to put it. Very out of character for Brett Pesce

      1. Jordan Warren

        @Hockey Acid "100% do keep in mind that hockey is a very physical game with many emotional highs. Which is why I can totally understand when an otherwise very responsible play has a "lapse of judgment""

      2. Hockey Acid

        @Jordan Warren Why does track record matter? It was intentional. Track record only matters if it’s not blatant and we’re asking each other if he meant to do it or not. Not only was it intentional but he also didn’t receive the 5 minutes penalty AND thrown out the game, putting both himself and the team at a bigger disadvantage. I wouldn’t mind for him to sit a game instead of (if not both) a fine of $5000 when Pesce nets over a million in profit a year.

      3. Jordan Warren

        @Scott Decker Yes suspend him absolutely, IF he has a track record and he doesn't. if he keeps it up then its time for suspension talk. So with all that said I 100% do keep in mind that hockey is a very physical game with many emotional highs. Which is why I can totally understand when an otherwise very responsible play has a "lapse of judgment".....$5000 fine nothing more IMO

      4. Scott Decker

        Unacceptable. It doesn't matter HOW out of character it was for him. That was TOTALLY uncalled for. You know, a review WILL be made by the department of player safety, and he'll be lucky if he doesn't get suspended for this. Either way, he definitely is going to get a fine however.

    94. Depressed Panthers Fan

      red wings look like they be wearing their practice jerseys

      1. Johnny Dong

        They style of play reminds of practice

      2. Ivan Getsukdov

        We talkin' about practice?

      3. Nate Betts

        @Matteo Giampietro ideally they'd be getting better if it was practice though.

      4. Iiro Valtonen

        Not like they have showed up to games this year

      5. Matteo Giampietro

        Funny, they're playing like it's a practice too

    95. Sgt Hartman

      That might be the most intentional slew foot I've ever seen.

      1. Sgt Hartman


      2. Brotherhood

        @Sgt Hartman 2016-17..5 years ago lol.

      3. Brotherhood

        @Mike Robertson Next time I'll mention the trip by Crosby on Dowd....3-4 weeks ago.

      4. Brotherhood

        @Mike Robertson You can read. Nice. I was worried.

      5. joshw604

        @Mike Robertson LOL this was exactly what I was gonna point out

    96. WhereMyChicken

      Bad choice for sure. Tie game, middle of 2nd.

    97. Andrew Elliott

      I love Brett and he's one of my favorite players, but cmon guy. You're better than this. This has no place on the Carolina Hurricanes or in the National Hockey League That being said, you got any other highlights of Carolina or are you just gonna always post the negative?

      1. Inconvenient Truths

        @Jared Kiser hahhahaha. If this isn’t the most petty, cry baby comment I’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is.... If “the NHL doesn’t like the Canes,” then why did I have to hear about all their little stupid pee-wee celebrations after every win from NHL Twitter and and everything else NHL?

      2. Jared Kiser

        NHL doesn't like the Canes. Look at all the highlight videos, Canes rarely get positive moments in them.

    98. DomsShortsOnYT


    99. Jared Kiser

      Detroit deserved that goal, that was so stupid pesce. Rod better make him practice till he get blisters.

    100. bobcatnation

      Yuck those Red Wings jerseys look like practice jerseys