Connor McDavid Becomes 8th Fastest Player To 500 Points With Assist On Puljujärvi Goal


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    Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid gets point number 500 of his career with an assist on Jesse Puljujärvi's goal to open the scoring against the Winnipeg Jets.

    Julkaistu 16 päivää sitten


    1. Shauka Hodan

      How has McDonalds not made a sandwich for him yet?

    2. Shauka Hodan

      How has McDonalds not made a sandwich for him yet?

    3. alida flus

      What a stud

    4. yuoop noke

      Jesse is coming

    5. mikea hiooi

      No he didn’t “become 8th fastest”. He tied Crosby for 8th fastest.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Этот парень один из лучших в Лиге!!! Сто процентов!!! Кто бы что тут не говорил.

    6. aola wili

      Draisaitl with the big game too

    7. Mike

      Greatest player since Sidney Crosby

      1. alida flus

        0:30 that friendly fist pumb and giving space to the hero of the day. Go Oilers!

    8. rradim Mikina

      Congrats McDavid on 500pts, Next level 2500pts !!!!

      1. yuoop noke

        No he didn’t “become 8th fastest”. He tied Crosby for 8th fastest.


      He really deserves it

      1. mikea hiooi

        0:28 damn you fine

    10. Serah and Steven

      You know, McDavid did technically get his 500th point faster than Crosby because McDavid got his point in the 1st Period and Crosby got his in the 2nd Period against the Islanders

      1. aola wili

        Lol everyone act like Puljujarvi is an all-star, this guy was drafted 4th overall and in he has had 7points so far

    11. S4 Dreamland

      17 thumbs, why cause he's 8th?? Give him a break !

      1. alida flus

        No he didn’t “become 8th fastest”. He tied Crosby for 8th fastest.

    12. coolsidecool

      Very very fine

      1. alida flus

        0:30 that friendly fist pumb and giving space to the hero of the day. Go Oilers!

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    14. ItsHeights YO


    15. Nappo-Ulle

      McDavid and Puljujärvi, short, smart passes and legs just keep on running. A total delight.

      1. Matt Newman

        This could work really really well, might get even better!

    16. carey blake

      Yet he has a year on matthews, 70+ games on matthews and yet matthews still beats him in goals.

      1. Tobias

        @carey blake Kucherov has less awards than Mcdavid (look it up before typing nonsense), and i'm done arguing, Matthews is good,but Mcdavids better.

      2. carey blake

        @Tobias lol, u wanna pull that card? Kucherov has way more awards than mcdavid Including more all star mvp and also funny mcdavid has all those awards and yet still can't get his team to be at least 2nd best in this division, still cant take his team to playoffs more than once in like 10 years. Mathews takes his team to playoffs year after year and gets more points than games at playoffs too, crosby takes his team to playoffs, so does kucherov and mackinnon. But yet old mcdavid just can't cut it. Hes a one way street, ya hes fast and gets his points ONLY because of his speed, allowing him to get break aways non stop. But he can't pick goalies apart like matthews can, or have a release like matthews can, or make those beind the net goals like matthews can, or have almost a goal a game year in only his 5th year like mattews can. Oh and did I mention matthws BREAKS RECORDS ( NHL and oldest NHL team franchise records as well). Mcdavid will always be a centers winger a play maker an assister, a helper, he'll never be that goal dominating scoring centerman that matthews is. 16 goals and 25 points in 17 games. I would rather see any day, then 30 points in 16 games. Teams look for a goal scoring center, not a passing machine center.

      3. Tobias

        @carey blake Mcdavid also has two art Ross trophies, one Hart and two ted Lindsay. While Matthews has only a Calder (that Mcdavid should have won

      4. carey blake

        @Tobias matthews now has 16 goals in 17 games, no player in the league right now has done that. Mcdavid has played what? 70 games more than matthews and has a year on him in nhl experience and matthews still has more goals than him. See if mcdavid didnt have the speed? He would be nothing, matthews is dangerous just standing their in front of the goalie, he dont need to rush a goalie to score, he picks goalies apart with talent. Goalies can never predict where matthews is going and they always say that. Yes mcdavid can put up assists but jeez do can wingers and defenseman, now a goal scoring center is what every team wants. Since matthews came to leafs, they have hit the playoffs every single year. Oilers have the the two top point producers in the league and hit the playoffs once since matthews entered the league.

      5. Tobias

        Matthews has one more goal than him, and Mcdavid has 195 more points. plus he has considerably less offensive support to score goals.

    17. Von Jopetit

      He only shoot and score then the score will come.

    18. montezque

      Bulju > McDavid

    19. Gabriel Guerrero

      Pretty impressive considering how easier it was back then to get goals and assists on goalies

    20. Александр Ларионов

      Этот парень один из лучших в Лиге!!! Сто процентов!!! Кто бы что тут не говорил.

    21. _ANIMATIONS! _ kiNU thESPaCEMouSE!_ q.,.P }S

      0:30 that friendly fist pumb and giving space to the hero of the day. Go Oilers!

    22. Rodgerwilco91

      No he didn’t “become 8th fastest”. He tied Crosby for 8th fastest.

    23. Jussi Hämäläinen

      0:28 damn you fine

    24. M C

      Lol everyone act like Puljujarvi is an all-star, this guy was drafted 4th overall and in he has had 7points so far

      1. _ANIMATIONS! _ kiNU thESPaCEMouSE!_ q.,.P }S

        Well he got to be the one that is with McDavid and his 500 points game, if thats nothing then what is

    25. Roran

      I'm happier for my man BULJU I will gulp down bonaqua in his honor.

      1. Roran

        @skrbl ai hääv not

      2. skrbl

        @Roran hääv you ever traid rainbow persikkä jäätee? its veri good.

      3. Roran

        @Juho Jalonen persikka tyrni

      4. Juho Jalonen

        He has a good shot and a good skate. Which Bonaqua taste you have?

    26. Ted

      Honestly, I love puljujärvi. He brings so much energy and looks great out there. Really glad his career is back on track

      1. J T

        Penguin fan who just watches the oil a lot or what?

    27. Tegos

      That goal horn sounds so horrible it's actually epic

    28. MicBergsma

      Stoked!! Been watching him since his first NHL game.. great memories! Let’s go for next 499 points!

    29. Lowri

      Courtesy of none other than Pulju firing it fast and up

    30. wannabe rocker

      Is it easier to get to 500 in a "No Hit" league?

    31. fcfnfjnfvnfv

      Wait...Jesse P scored?

    32. Cory Ebeling

      Too bad he is on the Oilers. Ruined his career. Think of how much faster he would of got there if he was in a competent organization. It's a tragedy.

      1. Dwayne Neufeld

        A competent organization doesn’t get to draft first overall very often🤷🏻‍♀️

    33. Alexandros Mograine

      Only 8th LOL so bad.

    34. LastName First

      Lmaoooo he the biggest bust

    35. That 90s Show

      500 points 0 fights. What a puss

    36. itsAvro

      If you imagine, McDavid would probably pass 500 points, if he were not to get injured in his 1st season

    37. That 90s Show

      Just the 8th quickest? Yikes..

      1. Jessy Lapointe

        Just goes too show how much talent there is/was in the league

    38. West Sider

      🐇 McRabbit

    39. Ace96

      Imagine if Connor had had a Jari Kurri from game 1. He'd have hit 500 at least 50 games ago.

      1. Ace96

        @aikamoinen :D Corrected, thank you.

      2. aikamoinen :D

        Jari Kurri* get it right fellas

      3. HmzHDx

        @Ylinatsiperkele not true at all.

      4. Ylinatsiperkele

        Kury was only good because of Gretzky

    40. Detonate Dynamite

      Greg mckegg > Conner mcdavid

    41. DxshFN

      500 points in 369 games NICE 69

    42. Tman

      He will win a cup with / for the Oilers.. us..even just 🇨🇦 already..

    43. Jason Stieler

      How has McDonalds not made a sandwich for him yet?

    44. SomecallmeTim

      Who is this guy? Is he good or something?

      1. Subordinant

        Mick David

    45. tim humphrey


    46. EternalMontageInterests

      Draisaitl with the big game too

    47. ocn blizzard

      To bad, Jets are a really good team, be way better if goalie didn't suck.

      1. Gino •.•

        @ocn blizzard Oh no you’re good, I don’t know if your a jets fan, but as a leafs fan I’m frustrated too haha Don’t worry

      2. ocn blizzard

        @Gino •.• they do give up alot of shots, could be more consistent like Jelly, and say that cause of the timing of the soft goals getting through, but it is still early and yes, all goalies go through it, I'll try to be more patient and less of a couch critic 😉

      3. ocn blizzard

        @Gino •.• lets hope that's the case...

      4. Gino •.•

        @ocn blizzard and Winnipeg defense isn’t the best

      5. Gino •.•

        @ocn blizzard Goalies go with phases these days. Look at Varlamov, he had some lows but now he is so good at 32 years old. Hellebuyck is 27, it’s normal he’s not always at the top.

    48. ocn blizzard

      Helly costs Jets another game. Not to good at all. 👎👎👎

    49. Aleksanteri jaakkola

      Hyvä pulju!

    50. TinnieTa21

      It really shows what an extra year of development, change in management, and coaching can do to a person's career. People were scared Puljujarvi would be a major bust.

    51. Jetliner _

      It's too bad he'll never win a cup

      1. _ANIMATIONS! _ kiNU thESPaCEMouSE!_ q.,.P }S

        @Rem chill it wont take long that this guy is eating his hat, Oilers gets their cup pretty soon im sure! Go Oilers!

      2. Rem

        Why do people like you even exist?

    52. Dakota John

      Hopefully he does a 200pt year

      1. Liph

        We probably won't ever see a 150 point season ever again, let alone a 200 (which is literally impossible in todays game).

    53. niemine 17

      u know edmonton is good when mcdavid does not have to move to get their goals

    54. Niel Thompson

      He missed what 60 games from kneeordano Calgary flames are the only team that plays to hurt 97

      1. Dwayne Neufeld

        @Gary S ha ha ha

      2. Gary S

        @Dwayne Neufeld I am NOW butt hurt!

      3. Dwayne Neufeld

        @Gary S not the word I was looking for at all.

      4. Gary S

        @Dwayne Neufeld Here I will help you out, I feel sorry for you, being a oiler fan and all, the cool word your looking for is "Triggered", there you go young fella.

      5. Dwayne Neufeld

        @Gary S do I was right lol

    55. Nick Leblanc

      only 1169 short of the franchise record.

      1. Michael Shrute

        true lol

    56. Sex Pistols

      He’s gonna out score Crosby if he doesn’t get concussed. Also finally throwing pujujarvi with him was a good idea for both of them. All he needs is someone to throw the puck too and they are good


        @Tom Cruise Crosby Lost games due to lockout as well.

      2. Tom Cruise

        Crosby lost a year and a half cause of a concussion

      3. Gavin Roberts

        I doubt that I just don't see him getting more points in his career then crosby

      4. Holo Holopainen

        They are Making History - just like Sex Pistols ! Are You Swedish ?

    57. Pajama Time

      Congrats Connor. 369 for a player of his caliber. Hard to believe the Great One did it in 234.... Clearly a feat that’ll never be matched if we have players like Mcdavid going 369....

      1. Pajama Time

        @Gus & I get that. Just saying no one will be able to do it in 234 again

      2. Gus &

        Different era. So no, that's not gonna happen unless they play without goalies...

    58. Scott Kitchingman

      And he missed a lot of his rookie season

      1. Scott Kitchingman

        @Rodgerwilco91 yes but he could have done it at a way younger age like Crosby Lemieux and 99.

      2. Rodgerwilco91

        Lmao, it goes by games played, so missing time earlier in his career doesn’t factor into this.

    59. Skynertia

      Its so fitting that Jesse would score on Connor's 500th point. Glad Jesse's career is back on track.

    60. rusty waggle

      Sid was 2 years younger when he achieved 500 points. Also had 10 more goals.

      1. rusty waggle

        @Austin King not salty. He’s another incredible player. Lol

      2. Austin King

        Don't be salty just be happy for mcdavid lol

      3. rusty waggle

        All facts

      4. The Conspiratorist

        Sid didn’t go through two shortened seasons + a major injury in his first few years.

      5. Just Chillin

        More goals doesn’t matter it’s points, also sid played on a better team, and it’s based on age, it’s based on games, McDavid did in in less game time then Crosby, it’s just that Sid played more games


      ilya mikheyev though

    62. God Saves

      Go leafs go!🍁

      1. Rem


    63. Speakertweaker 1346


    64. mst3k54

      Never was an Oilers fan, but man those dark jerseys are SLICK

      1. Sloppy Joe

        Honestly these should be the home jersey instead of their Alternates. The tone of orange and blue they used makes me wanna puke whenever I see them.

    65. rusty waggle

      Among the top ten, he leads in assists to reach 500.

    66. Kasper

      I love how he doesn't even celebrate the goal. He's just like, "yup, that's how that's supposed to go"...

      1. Who needs defense anyways?

        @Ylinatsiperkele älä liia rankasti jekuttele :D

      2. Matt Newman

        @Ylinatsiperkele Jekutteletkoha jo vähä liikaa :D nojoo ei oo nii vakavaa

      3. hokkus pokkus

        @Ylinatsiperkele vittu sä oot pölö ihminen :D ihan sama onko paskaa trollailua vai sun mielipitees

      4. Toni Tontsapoika

        @Ylinatsiperkele Nii joo ehkä.. En tiiä, joku vois ehkä oikeesti ajatellakki noin :D

      5. Ylinatsiperkele

        @Toni Tontsapoika jos et huomannu nii koitan vaan jekuttaa näitä kannukkeja täällä :D

    67. Kareem The Kicker

      Still is never going to come close to Crosby’s greatness

    68. Stonks

      People saying Crosby had a better team at the start of his career are simply wrong. When Crosby was drafted by Pittsburgh, they were dead last. Crosby got 102 points his rookie season and the second highest point total on the pens that year was Gonchar with 58 points... That is as hard of a carry as you can get. Who is Draisaitl again? Heard he won the hart or something. Recency bias at it's finest on display.

      1. Stonks

        @Liph First of all Malkin and Crosby didn't play on the same line, similar to guess who, McDavid and Draisaital! Secondly, if Crosby has the ability to be a leader and build up a team from dead last to cup contenders in 3 years, that goes into what makes him a better player. Raise up your line mates like Crosby does, and you will get better results. I'm not a McDavid hater, I'd say he definitely has the potential to have a career similar in achievement to Crosby's. He's the best player in the NHL today. It's just simply dumb to say Crosby had a "FAR" better team, like some people are.

      2. Liph

        Bruh, come on... Let's not act like Crosby didin't get Genos by year 2 (who by the way was a better player than Draisaitl) and they were already contenders by year 3.

    69. Procrumpets03

      Prolly could've been the fastest if he didn't lose his collarbone in his first year

    70. Everest Tommy

      Crybaby Crosby isn't great anymore he hasn't done shyyyt lately, if no one don't like go fack yourselves

    71. SkunkCommand

      Wait he's already at 500???

    72. JLPr

      The guys 24. 500 points. My guy will be scoring 2000 in his career if he stays healthy.

      1. iCoolaxe

        @Brad Randell Not really, assuming McDavid plays till he's 40, he needs to be the best player in the league for the next 5-6 years. After that he has to be able to keep scoring at an elite rate (in the 90-100 point range) for another 5-6 years. In his later years he can slow a bit and still have a chance at reaching 2000 point mark. So McDavid reaching 2000 points is perhaps somewhat unlikely, but by no means impossible.

      2. Brad Randell

        OK, so he has to be the best player in the the league for the next 18 years. Yeah, seems doable

      3. Rockstar Status

        @D W i never said he had no drive or work ethic. Don’t twist my words to prove your point. I said he doesn’t have the drive or work ethic of Crosby, not even close. Which is very true. Crosby is arguably the hardest worker in the league. In my 15 years as a Penguins fan I’ve never seen him lose a battle below the goal line on either end of the ice. Even when he’s getting outnumbered 3-1. And I don’t watch all Oilers games but when they’re on tv in my region and there’s nothing else to watch i watch the, which is a handful of times a month. And i’ve still yet to see McDavid battle hard in the corner. He goes down low in his own end sometimes for support but he’s never actually the guy battling.

      4. JLPr

        @iCoolaxe I like it, could be realistic too with the few injury riddled seasons. I used to make these but people always just got too angry because "my opinion is the right one!"

      5. iCoolaxe

        @JLPr It's fun to speculate with what might happen, so I made a bit of a prediction of how McDavid's career could potentially turn out if he plays till he's 40. Here's the results:

    73. Celine Delgado

      Dang!!!!!! How old is he???

      1. Ylinatsiperkele


      2. Liph


    74. Glenn Wolfe

      If he wasn't interfere with all the time, clutching and grabbing, if they left alone like they did to the whinner. .. 99.. Mcdavid would have pass him years ago... The same goes for 66 and Crosby... You know that

    75. ym

      mcdavid is literally the next gretzky

      1. Teddy Shevchenko

        @Kmasse8 McDavid is better than MacKinnon. Therefore McDavid is the best player in his era.

      2. This Guy

        @Kmasse8 how many points you figure Wayne would have today?

      3. That 90s Show

        both protected fairies

      4. Kmasse8

        @ym Love watching McDavid on the ice. However, in order to be the next Gretzky, one would first need to be the best player of his era. Currently the best player is Nathan Mackinnon. To compare MacKinnon to Gretzky is far fetched.

      5. ym

        @Tyler M9807 it really isnt

    76. Buhtters

      Good ol Blue Mountain State theme song 👌🏻

    77. Rage Johnson

      If you put McDavid in a time machine back to the 80s, he would get 300 points every year. So there's no point in trying to compare eras.

      1. Олег Григорьев

        He would have ended his career due to injuries

      2. Rage Johnson

        @That 90s Show Their slow asses wouldn't even be able to catch McJesus. He would just skate circles around them and fill the net until all of the awful 80s goalies gave up and retired 😂

      3. That 90s Show

        McNugget and most of these millennial players are too soft and weak to play 80's/90's hockey. Mcnuggets limp wrist couldn't shoot with a wooden stick

      4. bochafish

        @DermottStan Agree, I think Bure was probably even faster than mcdavid. But it takes consistency for a long long time. And injuries happen in hockey. If it was so easy in the 80's, why doesn't everyone have Wayne's numbers? lol

      5. The Conspiratorist

        One word: hooking

    78. Connor Anderson

      Did it 1 period faster then crosby

      1. Alex M

        @Lindsey Working Yes but I am pretty sure that scoring in the last few years has been much higher than it was back then. Due to rule changes, smaller goalie equipment, and 3 on 3 overtime to name a few reasons.

      2. OkayNiceOne

        There's a reason why no one else takes this seriously; you don't know time on ice as that stat only started being recorded after Crosby had already hit that mark.

      3. Rohin Gill

        @This Guy lol bro I never said I was an expert. I thought you meant that that’s why Sid got so many points. Sorry that ur getting upset over this... I was just born when that was happening so I didn’t even get to see them play.

      4. This Guy

        @Rohin Gill Close minded outlook yes they only had 26 games and 100+ practices together.. Crosby also lived with him for 4 years but you're the expert. What Mario gave to Crosby is invaluable as far as pro sports go. Amazing mentor and treated him like family.

      5. Rohin Gill

        @Lindsey Working that’s true... but with two high scoring players like Crosby and McDavid I’d take cups to be the deciding factor to who’s better.

    79. IronPenguin 2010


    80. laurie kelner

      500 points 0 cups

      1. Adam T

        @Gabriel Mercier highly doubtful as Kessel didn't come until 15-16 and if the penguins didn't have Crosby who knows if malkin, letang, fleury would of stayed together for long because Crosby has held them together consistently until the stupid ass expansion draft that sent fleury away. Kessel probably would of never came to the penguins because of Crosby never existing on the penguins. If you think the future would of been the same or very similar for the penguins with out Crosby that would mean you're trolling or an idiot.

      2. Gabriel Mercier

        @Adam T And imagine taking out Mcdavid from the Oilers, they will pass from playoff contenders to trash team in the league... And with the teams the Penguins had when they won their cup, Im not so sure about that... With Malkin, Letang, Fleury, Kessel,... they would clearly have their chance

      3. Adam T

        @Gabriel Mercier yeah but take Crosby out of that penguins team and they 100% dont win the cup. That argument is valid.

      4. That 90s Show

        @Rem hahahaha

      5. Rem

        @laurie kelner You say that like he’ll never win a cup, Oilers have a strong future and are getting better.

    81. Z M

      What a stud

    82. John S

      McDavid with the Crosby points on far worse teams as well.

      1. Stonks

        Couldn't be farther from the truth. In case you forgot when Crosby was drafted by Pittsburgh they were dead last. Crosby got 102 points in his rookie year, and the second most points on the penguins that year was Gonchar with 59 points... 59!!! Crosby getting to 500 with his teammate / linemates was much more impressive. I forget, who is Draisaitl again? Heard he won the hart or something...

      2. PatientMental

        Not really, its about even

    83. A C

      Wicked shot, pool party!

    84. Alex Donnelly

      McDavid getting up there with John Scott

      1. wannabe rocker

        No one can ever match the Pure Talent of John Scott. McDavid is def talented, but John Scott was out of this world GOAT.

      2. Sex Pistols

        @TickTak77 exactly sad we never saw him in any other all star games

      3. The Conspiratorist

        A couple more decades and he might reach the All-Star himself, Dany Heatley.

      4. TickTak77

        Only 1 of those guys is must-watch all-star game talent

    85. LBJ Nation Leader

      Connor and Sid, forever linked. Mackinnon be like, I can do things too.

      1. miro miinin

        @Nic Garscum y

      2. Nic Garscum

        @joe smitt I'd say 2nd worst. The 3 year leafs fan joke of a narrative "Matthews is better than McDavid" Was the worst take in the history of professional sports

      3. Slice Anderson

        @The Conspiratorist naaw

      4. Rory von Meyer

        @The Conspiratorist bold statement

      5. Rockstar Status

        @Siddiq Alwi to be fair MacKinnon has been injured and he’s been amazing but at the end of the day McDavid has always been the best player (MacKinnon fan)

    86. Jake Chromcik

      Gretzky had 1112 points when he was 24. Shows you that the best player now is basically half of what Gretzky was during his time.

      1. joey s

        @That 90s Show dude- ur srsly gonna tell me mcdavid isn’t the best player of his generation

      2. Jake Chromcik

        @joey s that's why I said during his time.

      3. That 90s Show

        @joey s How does McNugget dominate his generation? His linemate out scores him ffs

      4. Scottie Paterson

        i wouldnt even say connor is more impressive because todays players stand on the shoulders of people like gretzky and lemieux who inspired players like sid and mcdavid. i agree people should just not try and compare players from different eras. its true if you sent mcdavid in a time machine back to the 80s he would dominate now, but if he actually grew up in the 60s to play in the 80s he'd have had access to the same training as gretzky would have. and if gretzky grew up when mcdavid did vice versa, so we'll never really know. both the greats of their time though

      5. Quinn Dartnell

        Don't hate on Jake for his misguided opinion. He's a Boston fan, it's not his fault

    87. Ethano L’ebreo

      Just think how much more points crosby would have without taking all those (even by then) dirty hits, and McDavid not getting that major injury as a rookie.

      1. Tyler Choncek

        @Connor Moran Crosby would've had 3 straight 130 point seasons in that concussion stretch in the hardest NHL era to score.

      2. Tyler Choncek

        @Connor Moran nah Crosby will be behind Gretz and Mario after his career over. Up to mcdavid to see if he can kick sid out the top 3.

      3. Ethano L’ebreo

        @KaleFGB okay but the concussions could have definitely affected his development

      4. Hudson Mackay

        I agree but at the same time there are usually about 10 uncalled penalties that mcdavid should have drawn per game

      5. Connor Moran

        @Ethano L’ebreo it would’ve been crazy to see what actually would’ve happened. Crosby without injuries would probably be a top 3 player of all time and pass jagr in points

    88. civilized pro

      Good, now lets wait 2 days for him to have 1000 points lol

      1. Kyle Pakenham

        @9ine6ix 4ourtwenty don’t dis him like that

      2. 9ine6ix 4ourtwenty

        I’d say 6 nhl seasons to reach that

      3. That 90s Show

        @Sam Yip Connie McNugget

      4. Sam Yip

        Don’t be ridiculous. Day and a half

    89. Michael Leaser

      Jesse is coming

    90. Optimus Raim

      Lafrenier better

      1. Michael Moldovan

        @Souless Shadow facts it's Jack Johnson

      2. ym

        @Austin King we’ll see. i for sure thought he would come out scoring left and right. he just seems like that type of player

      3. Austin King

        @ym keep in mind stamkos had like 7 goals in his rookie season. Laf will be fine he just got way overhyped

      4. ym

        that dude is a bust. he sucks

      5. Jasper Yeo

        @OILERS NATION facts

    91. Sonny Black

      Couldn't even score to get to 500 careeer points - pfft. I'm kidding, this man is the GOAT.

    92. Rich N

      Congrats McDavid on 500pts, but Congrats Puljujarvi on getting his career back on track

      1. Valtteri Konu

        @Kevin Jhonson fr

      2. Kevin Jhonson

        @Valtteri Konu I've seen so many people throw stats around, like bruh, it's almost like the people don't watch the games (they probably don't.)

      3. Tyson Seafoot

        @MG that’s why ty rattie is gone and kassian is off the line for putting up no points ? That makes sense

      4. Tyson Seafoot

        @JustinFH dude stfu gotta give credit where it’s due

      5. Niko Rajamäki

        @JustinFH I see it differently. It has to be the hardest place to play because of the pressure, game speed. If you have the speed, 'gaming sense' dunno how to say it in english and you can deal with the pressure, it may be youre doing well then.

    93. Gabe


    94. TheNeonShaman

      369 - nice?

      1. Kyris

        Very fine

      2. Joshua Labelle



      Congrats to mcdavids 500 point. This is the JP we wanted to see when we drafted him 4th overall

      1. trvman1

        and can you just imagine if he had been playing on a GOOD team/organization all these years, he might have made it to 3rd fastest easily.