Dillon Dube Records First Career NHL Hat Trick Against Senators


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    Watch Calgary Flames forward Dillon Dube record his first career NHL hat trick against the Ottawa Senators.

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    1. Chris Dunning

      I like the title got cut off in the list view. Said "Dillon Dube Records First Career NHL Hat Trick Again..." I was like, wait...what?

    2. YDK Marshall

      Didnt celebrate once

    3. Benny Guan

      Nice 👍 Calgary!

    4. Quinchien

      he's so good, he became head coach after the game

    5. mike adcock

      Only one hattrick behind Auston Matthews - impressive.

    6. Anthony Wozniak

      Should have included the clip of marky throwing the lone hat on the ice

    7. Duke Storm88

      Murray is really not having a good year

    8. CoSta

      gg boys. Let’s keep it up.

    9. T R

      That was awesome to watch, especially Tkachuk getting the puck at the end.

    10. jmatyukov

      these commentators are aids

    11. onelow vdub

      Flames suck

    12. Flames_Fan_32


    13. Carson E


    14. Gabe and Kalan the friends forever

      He chose violence