GOTTA SEE IT: Jared McCann Uses Shaft To Score Incredible Diving Goal


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    Jared McCann scores an incredible goal, diving to the right of Brian Elliott and using the shaft of his stick to beat the Philadelphia Flyers goaltender.

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    1. Alex Starkey

      All jokes aside this kids got some good hands even on other goals where he’s assisted Crosby and such .

    2. Riot Ninja

      It’s crazy to me people say Crosby, and Malkin are two of the best in the league but all they do is lose all the time. I’d love to see either score 5 on 5.

    3. Riot Ninja

      Does this. *loses*

    4. Irvine Poker

      what kind of stick they use in ptts? first letangs stick just explodes last game now this one too but he scores lol

    5. KCKrebs37

      Ok, cool goal, fairly lucky but still awesome. What I find especially interesting though is that Sportsnet only picked 2 clips from this game. ME thinks if it was Sidney Crosby with a 3 point night and the game winning goal after being down 3-0 halfway through the first period they'd be all over how amazing he is. But nope, it's just little Claude Giroux, the least talked about star in the NHL of the last 10 years....

    6. clamstain

      that shaft was one bad mother--

    7. javier book shadows contributor du

      cool goal

    8. MicBergsma


    9. Andon Burns

      Better title would be watch the Penguins make a good goal and still blow their lead

    10. Adam Moreira

      That’s what he said!

    11. Nights of Chaos

      All for nothing

    12. Wingman46

      Malkins like "YEAH!!!!!! get the trainer"

    13. Charlie Backman

      .. like upon further review, he was playing with a broken stick, right?

      1. Zephyr dyno

        No, it broke around the time the puck hit it.

    14. Mr. E

      “There’s no blade on the end of his shaft!” ...I hope not!

    15. Clark Pitts

      Let's go Pens!

    16. anonymous

      wtf is with Pittsburgh's sticks? Is there stick manager breaking them or what?

      1. Goorie Henkel


    17. Essie Devin


    18. Aurea Mitchel


    19. Bruce Louie


    20. PeteOnFire

      Thank you for helmets.

    21. Nada

      Gotta love a good shaft

    22. Dasumi

      McCann's shaft

    23. Giant Namekian Dende

      Somtimes you gotta use the shaft

    24. Matt Domino

      Wow that was crazy

    25. Tails Prower

      He was sliding in front of the net with about 8 inches of his shaft in his hand.

    26. Breton Fraser

      Oh, the shaft of his stick

    27. FlakHeavy

      He used his WHAT?

      1. Adam Moreira

        That’s what he said!

    28. Zahven

      Jesus you guys upload these quick, this literally just happened

    29. Mike S

      Lol damn nice

    30. Cody Enns


    31. loll1pop

      Kapanen seems to fit well in to this team

    32. Pathockey 14