GOTTA SEE IT: Avalanche Score 5 Goals In Under 4 Minutes vs. Coyotes Including Donskoi Hat-Trick


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    Watch as Joonas Donskoi nets a hat trick and the Colorado Avalanche score five goals on the Arizona Coyotes in the first period.

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    1. hen ko


    2. bowen voowy


    3. minij hooi

      Devils did the same thing one time except they were own goals.

    4. Joanna

      Under 4 minutes Avs score GWG

    5. Osta makkaraa

      Donskoi liekessä

      1. hen ko

        goalie going to need much therapy after that

    6. Emily An

      Conclusion: Colorado is a problem

      1. bowen voowy

        Joonas donskoi name pronounced correct 💪💪💪

    7. Brandon Nothwood


      1. Brandon Nothwood

        Probably a, “water boy”. Two words... plausible deniability.

    8. Jordan Perepolkin

      The Avs are ridiculous!

      1. Joanna

        At 1:38 A woman wearing no mask

    9. Bo Bates

      Is it even still alive

      1. Emily An

        Devils did the same thing one time except they were own goals.

    10. Grayson Collins

      0:56 guy high-fives 2 ghost fans

      1. Emily An

        Devils did the same thing one time except they were own goals.

    11. nF Cosmo

      Miss Donskoi in SJ :( Amazing stuff

      1. Emily An

        47th comment avalanche was created

    12. OSSEF9


      1. minij hooi

        Просветова с дебютом в НХЛ!

    13. D W

      Biggest take aways from this: 1. Stars had little impact on this spurt 2. All three goal scorers weren't on the team 2 years ago 3. All three of them have been to the Finals Conclusion: Colorado is a problem

    14. Sixty 9er

      Elbow to the head or bare knuckle fighting is ok. But a helmet to the head is bad. NHL is so old man backwards.

    15. Jeffsframe

      The energy in the building ? Hahaha The fake crowd cheers really got them going !

    16. arxchniide

      had donskoi on my fantasy team, couldn’t be more proud

    17. J M

      That fake crowd cheering noise has got to go

    18. Jaeger233

      donskoi rantanen

    19. Happy Trails

      goalie going to need much therapy after that

    20. mampe

      Joonas donskoi name pronounced correct 💪💪💪

    21. DmitryC h

      Просветова с дебютом в НХЛ!

    22. Mikey Williams

      At 1:38 A woman wearing no mask

      1. Steven Blattner

        Possibly could've just been taking a drink too

      2. Avs Fan

        I hear you, but over 50 percent of Colorado is now vaxxed. Of course I don’t know if she has been, but she looks old enough. Looks like she is sitting with family and the guy next to her is wearing a mask. They’ve now proved that after vaccination, one can no longer carry the virus, so can’t be given to other people.

      3. Dominick Angelo

        Ok Karen

      4. Clam Chowda 1967

        Masks are useless

      5. K V

        Who cares? We are all here to watch hockey.

    23. javier book shadows contributor du

      47th comment avalanche was created

    24. iambiglucas

      Devils did the same thing one time except they were own goals.

    25. jason smith

      And Makar/McKinnon had no part in it...which is good news longterm. Mac got 2 garbage time asst, before he took the night off early, tossing homie his helmet-lol.

    26. GCND

      Yet another reason I hate Erik Karlsson

    27. Sly Habsguy

      What a game from Avs . Also all you hockey fans out there please check out coach Frenchy from "Hockey Nation live show ". Great guy and needs supporters and subscribers

    28. Evilzachy Gaming

      Now imagin if instead of 4,000 fans and it being 18,000 with a packed house

    29. SavageXfn

      Got a charmin ultra soft ad like idc what kind of bum wipes I need to use 🧻

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    31. Tim Achenbach

      So great to finally hear real fans at the game!

    32. Keyesus

      Avs suck. Coyotes suck. Go Wings!

    33. Alpha snaH

      Imagine thinking you have a chance against the Avalanche.

    34. LA Prankster

      This is gonna be on dangits lol.

      1. LA Prankster

        @Dvrse Beats true

      2. Dvrse Beats

        It could also be on hat picks cause of donskois hatrick

    35. Se Un

      What happen to Avs fog horn. Maybe the horn operator got laid off because of COVID-19?

      1. Benjamin Pita

        @Se Un Once COVID clears a bit more and more fans are in. Eventually for sure!

      2. Se Un

        @Benjamin Pita, so you are saying no more Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton Ton!

      3. Benjamin Pita

        Without at least half the arena full to help insulate the sound, the fog horn is too loud. It just bounces off the walls and is ear piercing.

    36. Hermube

      Under 4 minutes Avs score GWG

      1. Hermube

        @daves clipz 😁👍

      2. daves clipz

        Go pens !

    37. XExOtiCs_fur

      I’m glad the goal horn is finally a bit louder now that there are fans. Still too quiet but a little better

      1. Logan Dakota

        @Jonathan Coronado Vegas does it though :(

      2. Jonathan Coronado

        Well they're using a recording for now until we can have a packed arena again. It's just to loud

    38. Jake Palumbo

      Incredible 🥺 absolutely.facking.amazing 😭 Donskoi has been nothing short of a blessing for the Avs, thank you Mr. Sakic. Thank you 🙏

      1. mikescorpio13

        Girard and eventually Makar in the same deal as well .Mr. Sakic Thank You !

    39. Geoffrey Hosein

      Not gonna lie didn't like donskoi when he was on SJ. He seemed to at well against the AVS. I was amped when he signed with the AVS. He's just that good. Great game so far Joonas.

    40. Mr234802

      3:15 congratulations on the hat trick! **bottle thrown at Donskoi's face from the bench** :D

      1. J Canfield

        The bottle slipped out of Jost's hand ☺ Made for a funny clip though

      2. XExOtiCs_fur

        The bench usually splashes the guys face with water when an av gets a hat trick but the bottle slipped out of his hand lol.

      3. Ori Amir

        The tradition used to be splashing water of it someone was just happy for the chance to haze a bit

    41. Gman76

      Aves are scary this season. I can see them doing very well in the playoffs. (I know its only the Yotes, but the Aves have been consistent against all pacific teams)

      1. Steven Blattner

        @XExOtiCs_fur to add to that, we were starting a 3rd string goalie because Gru and Franky were both out

      2. XExOtiCs_fur

        @Johnny Dong they lost in the second round in game seven ot and they were missing about 10 people. And they lost to a team who would go on a beat Las Vegas and play for the stanly cup. If they can stay healthy, no, they won’t

      3. Johnny Dong

        They will melt in round 1

      4. John Maier

        "Only the Yotes" isn't really a thing this year... They're actually a fairly decent team.

      5. XExOtiCs_fur

        That beat the knights 5-1 and the wild 5-1 and 6-0

    42. Up in the ass of Timo


    43. Inspector83

      its within the Coyotes best interest to forfeit future games against Colorado

    44. Oilers Fan

      “North division is the easiest division”

      1. Oilers Fan

        @muffinkevin lol I don’t get the name calling but ok, yea 5 games in hand they still have to win those games, yea Edmonton can still miss playoffs all it takes is a 4-5 game losing streak But I don’t think an “idiot” of your calibre can understand, yea maybe don’t waste your time go read a book for once

      2. muffinkevin

        @Oilers Fan What don't you understand about 4 points back even in games and 4 points back with 5 games in hand? I literally said that lol, can you not read? You know if Montreal wins just 2 of the 5 games in hand they'd be 8 points back right? If they win 3 of the 5 they'd be 10 points out. Math is hard I don't blame you. Don't know why I'm wasting my time with an idiot who can't read or do simple math. Don't know of you know this but Montreal is actually ahead of Edmonton in Point%, saying Calgary and Vancouver is not out of it is like saying Edmonton can still miss the playoffs.

      3. Oilers Fan

        @muffinkevin Calgary and Vancouver are also 2-5 points out of it, you are literally contradicting yourself haha, if you don’t think sharks are out of it you are actually delusional, I’m not a sports predictor so I’m not gonna say Vancouver has a chance vs Vegas or not this year, you never know how a team matches up

      4. muffinkevin

        @Oilers Fan Sharks and Kings aren't out of it, they're 4 points back. Habs are 4 points up but with FIVE games in hand lol. Buddy stop talking about last year, Vancouver is a dumpstar fire this year and even their fans will tell you that. You honestly think Vancouver this year has a chance against St louis or Vegas? Lol Not sure what you're trying to prove but Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa are absolute jokes and would get rolled over by any team in the West other than maybe Anaheim. Can't wait for whoever gets out of the North to get swept in the playoffs.

      5. Oilers Fan

        @muffinkevin well habs beat the pens canucks beat the blues and took Vegas to 7 games last year, so your logic of saying north teams can’t compete with Vegas makes no sense, also 3 out of 8 teams are also out in the west ... ducks sharks kings?? Lol

    45. Jackson Graney

      Anyone know when the last 1st period hat trick was?

      1. iCoolaxe

        Grimaldi had one last week (he also scored the hat trick goals in just 2:34 min).

      2. Jimmy kostiuk

        Probably loui Eriksson but not sure

    46. Poe Javelski

      Not only could the Sharks have kept Pavs if they didn't sign Karlsson, but they could have also kept this man. No idea why he was let go so easily.

      1. soulslayer434

        Im still dumbfounded that Sharks gave Karlsson that contract after the year he had.

      2. Krasnaludek

        Yep, the Donfather was my favorite Shark.

      3. Poe Javelski

        @maceightyseven Ya I know he was a FA, but the Sharks had 0 room to sign him. Even if he wanted to leave they could have at least put up an offer.

      4. maceightyseven

        He was a free agent and wanted to play with fellow countryman Rantanen

    47. Wastedxyears

      5 goals in 6 minutes?

      1. S

        More like about 3 minutes 29 seconds.

      2. Poe Javelski

        More like 3.5 minutes.

    48. tinyclaps

      First comment