Hurricanes Salute Frontline Workers In First Storm Surge Of Season


7 t. näkymät4

    The Carolina Hurricanes bring back the Storm Surge for the first time this season, saluting frontline workers.

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    1. George Ostrom IV

      This is amazing!

    2. bengalblitz

      That is adorable. Hope they get extra juice boxes and orange slices after the game!!!

    3. javier book shadows contributor du

      32nd comment

    4. saif19840

      love these bunch of jerks!

      1. Thomas Tucker

        Go canes🤟🤟

    5. Zalapski


    6. Stevo Canuck

      disney on ice has returned

    7. Swigidi _

      Damn those standings are packed for a hurricanes game

      1. Goal Horn Geek

        @Sparkyboi04 but NC is a basketball state. NBA has been in Charlotte since 1988 with a little break from 2002 to 2004. Charlotte is much larger than Raleigh and with how big college ball is here....

      2. Sparkyboi04

        @Goal Horn Geek well hornets has never been good tbh, but that ball kid must be giving them a lot more attendance

      3. Goal Horn Geek

        @Sparkyboi04 kinda interesting that the Hurricanes bring more fans than the NBA team in Charlotte on average. Note: Charlotte is 2x the size of Raleigh in terms of population and NC is a basketball state.

      4. Sparkyboi04

        @Goal Horn Geek yeah i over judges it, Raleigh has a lot of good attendance now

      5. Goal Horn Geek

        @Sparkyboi04 actually it was 2,924 which was still sellout. 15% of their record attendance of 19,495 set in 2019

    8. Blake MacAlpine02

      I hate the storm surge but I like the respect for the doctors, front line Healthcare workers.

      1. Goal Horn Geek

        Yeah and we have a lot more respect here because of the UNC, Duke, and WakeMed hospital systems

    9. I am Pete

      Jerks got respect

    10. Zain Hassan

      Everyone liked that.

    11. gj Beaudry

      Ya know what, I've been a Sabres favorite team guy since I was 13(so 34 years), with a Habs #2, but with the way they're playing, and the class act of the Org., Car Canes are my next (new #2, 'cause I'm loyal, shameless, and stupid) fave... Thanks Carolina!!! Ya jerks!!!

    12. Anonymous

      Respect for this... respect for all the doctors and nurses keeping our society healthy enough to play this year...

    13. Mike S

      Breathing your own carbon dioxide isn’t very good for you.

      1. Sarah Prince

        @Landen Denisenko Exactly. There are doctors and nurses who refuse to take the vaccine. What does that tell you? You are also right that back in Nov. 2019 I’m sure most people already had covid. If we had just stayed open and never shut down or wore masks then I guarantee that we would have already achieved herd immunity. We should be telling these brain dead people who are so afraid that we went a whole 4 months with covid before shutting down and yet we were completely fine. No overwhelmed hospitals or so called high death rates. No one was panicking. So why NOW are you freaking out?? It’s because you are letting the media and the Govt. tell you to be afraid. Plain and simple. Why oh why are there so many stupid people out there. 😩

      2. Sarah Prince

        @Landen Denisenko So true. It’s all about control now and people are so afraid. They would rather let the Govt. tell them how to think and feel instead of using their brains. Sad that there are so many sheep. Like the great Ben Franklin said, “Those who give up freedom for a little safety deserve neither freedom or safety.” We have millions of viruses that are deadlier than covid and yet we didn’t do any of this. Why are you people so afraid?? You are letting the Govt. tell you to be afraid instead using actual facts and logic. Time to wake up.

      3. Anonymous

        LMAO anyone who doesn’t appreciate the medical staff and doesn’t wear masks without complaining is an idiot. My sophomore year is completely unique cuz ppl go out with friends and don’t take it seriously...just be glad the games back on lol

      4. Queens and Greens

        @Brandon Dollar well you know it's always those that know the least that yell the loudest. 🤷‍♀️

      5. Brandon Dollar

        @Mike S Uh, you missed *a lot* over the last year then. MLB star player Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves said it's the sickest he's ever been and said he felt as though he was dying.

    14. Jackson Graney

      Really respect that one

    15. Let’s go pens 87

      Pittsburgh’s loss was imberresing tonight

      1. ry4nx

        in bare ass

      2. Queens and Greens

        As a fellow Pens fan (and part time Canes fan), I would think that we are so imberresed that we don't need to announce such an imberresing loss, now do we? But seriously, now my phone is gonna think that's how embarrassed is spelled😏

      3. Sparkyboi04

        you must be so imberresed that you have to comment on another teams win, thats imberresing by you

      4. Sig

        Very imberresing. Most imberresing thing every. Im imberresed.