Igor Shesterkin Helped Off The Ice After Making Sprawling Save Against Devils


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    Igor Shesterkin would need help from his teammates to get off the ice after hurting himself while making a sprawling save against the Devils.

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    1. Рус Крус

      Колено вылетает адская боль по себе знаю крестов.связки порваны частично😬

    2. slav4ik ого ого

      братец выздоравливай быстрей !!!

    3. Al14stroy Al14stroy

      Та ну ёпт

    4. Roman Virus

      Правое колено... Ужас. Здоровья и скорейшего выздоровления.

    5. Tarquin

      Best case, that's a groin pull and that's still a long recovery time. Ouch.

    6. Starwalker666

      its always bad when u see goalie injured. hopefuly he will be alright soon.

    7. Иван Федянович

      Здоровья бро

    8. Yur1k

      Скорейшего выздоровления Игоряню!

    9. Vladimir Gorbachev

      ох блин. GET WELL SOON

    10. killhead 77

      Правое колено вылетело? Очень жаль, Игорю скорейшего выздоровления. Надеюсь, все не так плохо как кажется

    11. redwineisfine

      Is Lundquist still available?

    12. Thomas Ruggiero

      Damn. The groin destroyer. I feel bad for the kid. Hopefully not his knee though last time he had a knee injury it was really bad.

    13. Бодибилдинг без понтов

      Держись Шестеркин!!! Мы с тобой брат!!! ❤️👍💪

    14. WARRIOR SpB

      Здоровья Игорь!!!

    15. Kaiden Dove

      Gotta feeling it’s a torn groin, you hate to see this happen to anyone.

    16. Mir Sidorov

      Most likely a groin sprain (torn or severely overstretched), could be a knee, could be a hip.

    17. Myrsl0k

      Can someone explain why they're not using stretchers in hockey? When he's hurt that bad and can't even stand up.

      1. Embryo

        They have one ready for him once he gets off the ice

    18. Trevor L

      Hurts just watching that.

    19. Mike Calak

      Acl?He wasn’t able to stand on the one leg ?

      1. Mike Calak

        Yes I know this was a day ago but thx

      2. Nolan P

        He strained his groin

    20. Алексей Рзянкин

      Здоровья, Игорь!

    21. Brandon Dollar

      pulled/tore a muscle or something...poor lad. must've snapped when he was at full extension.

      1. Nolan P

        Yeah he strained his groin

    22. Franklenon


    23. Nich Longe

      So sad! 😭 Get well soon, bud!

    24. C R

      so.. wtf happened 😂?

    25. Silentbydeadly

      You can't even tell if Igor even touched the puck with this view on this video. Look like he was trying to save something that wasn't even there. I don't really know.

    26. Georgii Khaltarov

      Игорь скорейшего выздоровления 🙏

    27. Nathan Singleton

      Ouch, I hate seeing that happen to my fellow goalies.

    28. dmonsef

      As a goalie myself, seeing that just disheartens me. Something might have torn in his right knee, as he couldn't put any weight on it. I sustained a similar injury a couple years ago and was out for approximately 6 months. I only play adult league, so his recovery time should be a lot shorter depending how bad of an injury it is.

      1. Mel Perea

        @NotSince67 possibly groin as well, goalie injuries are scary cause you can barely tell with all the padding what exactly is specifically bothering them Edit: Nevermind, they say it's a mild groin injury, luckily nothing too bad! nice to hear

      2. NotSince67

        I feel like it could be a hip injury as well.

    29. 三八弟Mr.

      Shesterkin was jerking, so now he’s not working. (Seriously though. Hope he’s back soon.)

    30. JT

      Groin destroyed.

    31. GateKeeper


    32. Сергей Буглак

      Здоровья Игорю!!!!

    33. derichunddich

      its his knee


      I think he pulled his groin and/or dislocated his hip on his right leg.

    35. Mike S

      That hurts my balls watching.

    36. Tom Daniels

      Hyperextension? Or maybe he pulled his groin, hard to say.

      1. Mike Calak

        Maybe acl?

      2. johno5757

        @dmonsef I still think groin injury is possible, that was my immediate thought. You might be right though.

      3. Tom Daniels

        @dmonsef good point

      4. dmonsef

        Groin injury you could gingerly skate on own weight. I think it was his right knee...

    37. Wingman46

      Please just be a torn muscle, please just be a torn muscle. but i mean..we do have tyler wall..and huska, they';re good

      1. Nolan P

        Not even torn, it’s just a strain

    38. MrFreddy123

      Can you say TORN GROIN?

    39. CP4Z


    40. Ермек Кабдиев


    41. DefinetlyNotOwen

      You never like to see anything like that no matter what team 😬

      1. Popsicle 300

        Yep you are right

      2. Hockey Acid

        *Shows multiple replays and gets thousands of views*

    42. Matt

      You hate to see this. Best of luck in the recovery

    43. Clash With Thomas

      Knee go byebye

      1. Nick76Y

        The Zamboni driver has strong knees...

    44. Wolf Theta gang

      Oh jeez we’re going to need another back up goalie but strong win probably pulled muscle on his legs

      1. Joseph Molnar

        Hopefully it’s just a pulled muscle.

      2. Matthew Lipka

        How about Tyler Wall?

      3. Wolf Theta gang

        @Instantbruh oh right right haven’t seen him play

      4. Instantbruh


    45. Love4Music

      Thats a groin pull😬😬😬😬😬

    46. Onnah Plummer

      ooo that doesn’t look too good 😬😬

    47. Beavis811

      I cried a little when I saw that.

      1. Олег Григорьев

        @Shelly’s SportsTalks It seems to me that it was not Russia that removed Panarin from the game. The NHL did it. The NHL does not consider him worthy to play in America.

      2. MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness

        @Camden The Goat you're gonna laugh at a player getting hurt? Go to hell

      3. Beavis811

        @Camden The Goat laffy has a 4 game point streak. Thank you and goodbye

      4. Camden The Goat

        @Shelly’s SportsTalks y’all suck how’s Panarin and laf doing ???

      5. Erik Holm

        @Camden The Goat troll

    48. OilersAnalyst

      Definitely not good for the Rangers, hope he’s okay

    49. Elijah Flowers


    50. Vincent Frias


    51. Blue shirts Hockey

      Groin ?

      1. Nolan P

        Yeah he strained it