Is Quinn Hughes' Defensive Play A Problem For The Canucks? | Reach Deep


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    Randip and Dan discuss whether or not the Vancouver Canucks should be concerned with Quinn Hughes defensive play this season.

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    1. Steven Hida

      Just do what Anaheim did with Fowler and pair him with Scott Niedermayer.

      1. Steven Hida

        @Ian Mudd just use actual Scott Niedermayer I'm pretty sure he and Rob grew up in BC so it's close enough. Also I think the options are just Ohlund and Edler right?

      2. Ian Mudd

        Who is the Scott Niedermayer of the Vancouver Canucks?

      3. Mike S

        I’m saying you never hear anything about him but getting put on the IR.

      4. Steven Hida

        @Mike S Yeah he came into the league right after being drafted so it feels like forever because it has been forever.

      5. Mike S

        Fowler is still around?!

    2. Corey Mcewen

      He is young and has a small build. Give him time to learn and he will be solid defensively one day.

    3. Arv B

      I'm Really glad this is being brought to the spot light. It doesn't matter if he's a kid, the excuses don't matter. you're drafted as a defenseman, you play defense. Your #1 priority is to prevent goals, not make them. Even if Canucks had Tanev, was he expected to cover for both of them? Too many people get caught up in the points, but they don't matter if you're letting in 2 to 3 for every point you have the other way.

    4. John B

      Of course it is! He can’t defend!

    5. Doug Nelson

      One of the leagues best defenseman.

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        Doug Nelson * Offensive defenseman. Hughes has potential, but he needs to develop at the other end more too. If he can do that, he could be the best D-man in the League.

      2. Arv B

        how? because he puts up points? read his job description and title DEFENSE. defensive stats also include; blocked shots, hits, turn overs, +/-

    6. TheBlazersfan22

      I dont think it ia that. I just think the pairing he has is bad. He was better with tanev

    7. Gass Smoke

      #1 scoring defenseman in the league 🤷‍♂️gotta take risks with the defense game when your the most elite offensive defensemen in the NHL

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        Gass Smoke Hedman is right there with him, and I know Hedman is 30 and has a decade more experience than Hughes, but Hedman is also still good defensively too. I hope Hughes turns into that type of D-man who is exceptional at both ends of the ice and not like an Erik Karlsson or Brent Burns who were both great offensively at one time but were also Mediocre to below average defensively. Hedman is the type of player Hughes should strive to be. Not some 4th forward who gives up more than he can produce.

      2. Arv B

        For every Point he scored, he lets in another 2 at even strength. the points mean nothing if your letting them in at the opposite end. He's safer when he's on the bench.

      3. Hardil Takhar

        ... What good are those individuals points if they can’t even make it to the playoffs?

    8. Helova Shot

      I really don't care for Randips takes! If sportsnet was smart they would have cleaned house and picked up most of the ex #TSN1040 team!

    9. Energy Vampire

      Quinn Hughes is a powerplay guy, and a guy you play against a teams 2nd line. You pick your spots with him. He's too small to play physical. He can't move guys from in front of the net. He doesn't make opposing forwards fear going down his side. He gets his points, and that's it. He should be playing less than 20 minutes a game. He's not a minute muncher. Vancouver Canuck fans need to accept that.

      1. Dan Riccio

        Defending isn't just about size. Jared Spurgeon is a prime example of that.

    10. John Doe

      Small player is no use for this team, other Stanley competitors smash him on the board and size way bigger than him

      1. Energy Vampire

        Is English your second language? Your point may be right, but your comment looks like it was written by a Russian person.

    11. Pobody's Nerfect

      DEEP REACH, only a problem on a bad team. (Every team in the NHL will gladly take him on their hands lol)

      1. Dan Riccio

        That’s for sure, but he isn’t outscoring his defensive play anymore. That can be an issue IF it continues. I’m not worried.

    12. DMAC26

      He is an offensively minded defenseman. Essentially he's a two way forward who plays the point. You have to give him a Tanev type to play beside him to make up for his defensive downfalls. Y'all loved him when Vancouver was winning, and hate him now that they're struggling. Haha.

      1. DMAC26

        @Energy Vampire wasnt meant to be ruthless. Was just an observation. Take a pill, you'll be fine. Why you so heated? And calling me "not too bright" and then claiming to "type more slowly" for me is kind of a ridiculous argument. That's like saying "you're an idiot... because I'm an idiot and I know how to spot one! So HA!"

      2. Energy Vampire

        @DMAC26 Wow, you got me dude. That was a ruthless comment. You really put me in my place. That being said, you are obviously not very bright. Let me try to say it again, and this time I will type slowly, so maybe you can understand. Pointing out his bad defensive play is not hating on him. It is called "pointing out the obvious".

      3. DMAC26

        @Energy Vampire youre typing like a Mark Wahlberg cutaway from Family Guy.

      4. Energy Vampire

        @DMAC26 He is a -15. Understand that? He is a defenseman who is minus 15 in 26 games. Pointing that out, and talking about that is not "hating on him". Do you understand that?

      5. DMAC26

        @Billy Tessio hates him was worded incorrectly, on my part. Hates ON him, would be more accurate.

    13. Canada's Favourite Team

      Go Leafs Go

      1. Energy Vampire

        Not even a Stanley Cup finals since 1967!! ROFLMAO!! 1967!!! 1967!!! 1967!!! What an embarrassing joke of a franchise.

    14. Smart Ass

      Hughes defensive game is a lot better than Myers, Schmidt, Hamonic or even Edler. So don't complain when he has been given the Canucks so many points. The entire defence is the problem. The forwards have to back check more to help out because we are not good enough on a nightly basis to outscore the opposing NHL team with the bottom 6 that we have.

      1. Travis Green

        Lol worst take yet. What other person actually thinks the names you mentioned are WORSE than Hughes defensively?

    15. Cole Siebert

      I think that putting Hughes on the PK would be a good way to get up his defensive game

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        Cole Siebert I actually don't see why not. The Canucks season is lost at this point. Canucks should use this season as a building block season and develop Hughes' defensive instincts. Turn him into a complete defenseman who can produce and also defend. It will be a huge benefit in the future.

      2. Cole Siebert

        @Energy Vampire right now he is a good offensive defence man, but not a good defence man, I think that leaning that shut down style needed for the PK would help him when the puck is in his own end when he doesn’t have the puck

      3. Energy Vampire

        @Cole Siebert There is no question the season is done. But I don't think that his play, and his size would benefit from being on the PK. He would just get pounded out there. Powerplay, and 2nd pairing minutes. And hope he puts on some muscle in the future.

      4. Cole Siebert

        @Energy Vampire the season is done, sell high on the assets available and let Hughes expand his skills becoming a killer. He won’t be be noris quality until he kills penalties, puts on some muscle and strength

      5. Energy Vampire

        LOL!! By having him not clear anyone out from the front of the net? By having him get out muscled on the boards? How in the hell would that help his defensive game. Being a D man on the penalty kill ain't the same as being a forward on the penalty kill. Putting him on the pk would be a fricking disaster.

    16. Goodeye

      He is the only elite defenseman on the team. He is a small guy. He is not Makar. And is in his second year and has taken a beating in pretty much every game and may be playing with broken ribs from crosschecks about five games ago. Anybody think Benn is close to a top pairing? It is just silly to think he can carry this team by himself.

      1. Energy Vampire

        Who said Benn is a top pairing guy? No one in history has ever said Benn is a top pairing guy. Schmidt hasn't been good. Myers hasn't been good. Edler has been terrible. And Hamonic has been just ok in the games he has played. And Benn does not play above any of those guys. No one expects Hughes to "carry the team", but to be better than MINUS 15 in 26 games, would be nice.

    17. Owsow Muskwa Naistus

      He is a goat

    18. Psixen S

      Ah yes, the Kris Letang issue.

      1. Psixen S

        @Dan Riccio And yet more recently he’s playing like a forward, he’s good offensively, but the defense suffers when he’s that aggressive.

      2. Dan Riccio

        Letang has two cups.

    19. DQuake

      The canucks biggest issues this season. 1. No partner for Quinn Hughes 2. Not enough scoring in the middle 6 3. No more all-star caliber goaltender Man losing Tanev Toffoli and Markstrom has REALLY hurt this team.

      1. Riley Hun

        On your third point, Demko says hi

      2. Dan Riccio

        That’s a pretty solid assessment, but I’d add that their top players just haven’t performed at the same high level they did last year.

      3. srinath ganapathy

        Losing Tanev was huge! Like my colleague was right after all, Hughes is really missing Tanev! It seems like he really needed him bad!

    20. Mitch91PyroisB0SS

      Quick answer yes, he blows defensively

    21. TMB

      Leafs are gonna steamroll Vancouver

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        TMB Oooh boy. Aged like Ozzy lmao

      2. Joel

        @TMB Yep. 👍

    22. Oscar Wostenholme

      I think Dan is missing the point. Quinn may be the best powerplay quarterback in the league and have insane offensive instincts, but the guy gets out worked, outplayed, and outmuscled almost every shift five on five. Don’t get me wrong, I love Huggy bear, and it sucks that we lost Tanev. But Quinn needs to focus on the defensive side of things, helping his new partner and playing responsibly, even if that means sacrificing some offensive production. This is on coaching too for not pushing him to strengthen his defensive game.

      1. Oscar Wostenholme

        I agree with you that he’s looked better, and he’s an outstanding offensive talent. But on the backend, he could clean up his positioning a little bit like Adam Fox and he would be amazing.

      2. Dan Riccio

        He's gotten better as the season has gone on. You have to live with some of the risks he takes with the skillset he has.

      3. Energy Vampire

        ​@Dtrain 99 He gets out muscled CONSTANTLY. He gets walked around. He CANNOT clear anyone out from the front of the net. He gets his points, and that is it. Give him 2 minutes per powerplay, and play him 17 or 18 minutes a game against the opposition's 2nd line. And that is it. If you can't see that, then you have no idea about hockey.

      4. Dtrain 99

        What no he doesn’t lol

    23. chadgrov

      He’s way too small for the NHL don’t get the hype

      1. Arv B

        @MattSchneider44 Marchand actually hits people though

      2. Dan Riccio

        Defending in the NHL isn't just about size. His high-end skating ability and hockey IQ will get him through a lot.

      3. Energy Vampire

        @chadgrov Hughes isn't too small for the NHL. He's too small/slight, to be a true elite defenseman in the NHL. He gets his powerplay points, and that is important, but he will never lay a guy out coming through the middle. He will never clear the front of the net. He will never out muscle a big forward for the puck. But there is definitely a place for him in the NHL. Every other team in that league, and I mean every single one, would take him in a nano second.

      4. Oxlong Mike

        @chadgrov not a defenseman yet plays a very aggressive game lol. Hell look at Hoglander he's 5'9 and lays the body

      5. MattSchneider44

        @chadgrov Alright, but Cale Makar is only like an inch taller than Hughes and he seems to be just fine.

    24. Just A Person

      He should be a forward

    25. Rage Johnson

      They should honestly just move him to forward since he's so bad defensively

      1. Dan Riccio

        I disagree. His skating is what sets him apart, and his ability to break the puck out is desperately needed on the Canucks. In the long run he will iron out some of the issues in his defensive play.

      2. Beau Wallbridge

        No, because you need someone who can control and start the play from your own end. You need puck moving defensemen to be able to control play effectively, and that's Hughes. Last year he was elite at this. He's still really good, but you can tell that others players have picked up on his tendencies, and so he'll have to adjust as all good players do. I do think the coaching staff need to work with him on defence. One problem is the limited practice time this season, though. So I'm not sure how much better it will get this season.

      3. Cousin Patsey

        It's not that easy though. Different space opens up at defense, good offensive defenseman won't always be good forwards.

      4. chadgrov

        And he’s too small. he’s gonna look so stupid against the leafs tonight

    26. Matt Hargest

      Dan buddy we somewhat agree today. Quinn is a lot like young Morgan rielly. Amazing with the puck but often had poor positioning in his own end. I remember Babcock not playing rielly on the pp until he sorted his defensive issue. Quinn is so young, there’s plenty of time for him to build a solid two way game. But as of now, he is a liability in his own end.

    27. Davide Saunders

      You leave huggy bear alone! He's a power play quarterback. The issues is that we don't have a Tanev type player to play stay at home D while he generates points!

      1. Dtrain 99

        @Nicky Molitoris with Jordie Benn it seemed better with Hamonic not to sure it has gone down a bit

      2. Nicky Molitoris

        I'd agree, but he's been statistically worse in his own zone than Cody ceci, Jack Johnson, Mike Matheson, and like everyone else you think of as bad defensively. It's a yiiiiiiikes

    28. Mike S

      Just having a down season like other players.

      1. Jameson 123

        The entire team having a down season kind of seems unlikely

    29. Ian Mudd

      I'm not a plus/minus guy, but when you have that many points and +/- is that bad, there's a problem.

      1. Energy Vampire

        @Chris Vertius He has 22 points, and is a -15. That is the 3rd worst plus minus in the league. There is a problem.

      2. Chris Vertius

        That's a fair take, but you have to keep in mind that +/- is more of a team/linemate stat than it is a solo player stat. I'm not saying Hughes hasn't been a bum defensively, he has, but the fact that EVERYONE on the Canucks, not just him, had an awful start to the year didn't help those numbers, but they've been getting better as the team has been getting better around him.

      3. Adam Janks

        My thoughts exactly

    30. A-HVlogs


    31. Sean

      losing chris tanev really has hurt with his production. Chris plays that stay at home defensive role really well it allowing him to play more a forward role in terms of pinching up in the play. With tanev gone quinn has been exposed by that.

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        Sean Paul His production is not the problem. He leads all defenseman in points. It's his all around game that needs more work.

      2. SSIIPP

        Hurt his production... Quinn leads the league in defensemen points dude. His production is more than fine.

      3. Dan Riccio

        I still believe long term the Canucks will be okay without that Tanev contract on the books.

    32. The Hitman

      Not really. John Carlson has never been able to play defense for us but he’s made a pretty good career for himself

      1. Dustin Jones

        @Skurbz I'm convinced you don't actually watch hockey.

      2. whiteninja 267

        Skurbz Carlson has terrible defence metrics but he’s still a great player

      3. Skurbz

        Carlsons very good at D. I’m a huge caps fan he’s just on the ice for 25 minutes a night so he is gonna have lapses

    33. Daniel Krystyniak

      Looks Cale for Calder was the right call huh

      1. Energy Vampire

        As a Canuck fan I agree 100%. I never ever said that Hughes was a better D man than Makar during their rookie seasons. My friends had the same opinion. And truth be told, I never heard ANYONE say that Hughes deserved the Calder over Makar. It sounds like something you made up, just to talk about.

      2. Adam Janks

        @aerialkick nope because makar is responsible in his own end and has some of the best advanced stats. Great players find ways to still play good in poor situations. Hughes is a stud but makar is better this year and last year

      3. aerialkick

        If you switched their teams, I bet Makar would be awful and Hughes would be good. Canucks' team defense is like a perpetual 5 on 4

    34. Ricky Lafleur

      Both of these guys are so clueless, how do these people make a living talking hockey?

      1. Energy Vampire

        The stupidity of some FIblock commenters is amazing. It's a good thing you don't get paid to make intelligent comments there, Ricky.

      2. Rage Johnson

        pretty much everything they said was true lmao

      3. AzsL

        Why? Quinn Hughes is one of the worst D-man in the league defensively.

    35. Oilers Fan

      No, he’s a young D man and a stud on offence Yea he struggled defensively but it will come with age and experience, he’s pretty much a PPG and as a d man that’s remarkable

      1. Oilers Fan

        @Energy Vampire that’s fair but he’s also very young, d men take time to adjust still long ways to go

      2. Energy Vampire

        He's a point per game guy who is -15 in 26 games. He is 3rd worst in the league in plus minus. THAT is remarkable. Remarkably bad. He needs to figure out how to defend.

      3. Dan Riccio

        The playoffs are a real long shot at this point, but seeing the Quinn and Pettersson play better will give some confidence going into next year.

      4. Oxlong Mike

        @Dan Riccio Agreed...and so does Horvat, Pettersson, Miller, Boeser, literally everyone on the Canucks does. They can all play better, Petey has an amazing 2 way game same with Horvat but neither has been spectacular. There seems to be a bit more of an upward trend but I fear it's too late.

      5. Dan Riccio

        He needs to produce a little more at 5v5, he's trending better as the season goes on though.

    36. - EpicGamerSeb

      when the best defenseman on the team doesn't play defense, there's a problem. especially when canucks as a team don't perform up to their potential

      1. Troy Ounce

        He's basically a playmaker who does his best work on the blue line. That said, the Canucks badly need more two-way forwards on the depth lines to really make Hughes effective and allow him to focus on his offensive priorities rather than try to make him do too much at once.

      2. Alex E

        Well Quinn Hughes has never played defence. Thats why he played with Tanev. Unfortunately as Benning let Tanev go, we now see how bad Hughes really is with defence.

    37. Bradley Smith

      Canucks- We need an elite Bobby Orr kinda offensive defenseman. Also Canucks- here he is, better chain him in his own end...

      1. Energy Vampire

        Bobby Orr had a plus minus of OVER +500 in his career. No, that is not a typo. He was OVER +500. Don't even mention Hughes name with Bobby Orr, man.

      2. September2004

        It's not a contradiction. Bobby Orr wasn't considered bad on defense even though he was an offensive force. The phrase 'two-way player' exists for a reason.

    38. gocanuckurself


    39. shmuel1979

      Early gang where you at?

    40. shmuel1979