Islanders' Matt Martin Scores From Behind Goal-line Off Jonas Johansson's Mask


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    New York Islanders Matt Martin scores from behind the goal-line as he fires the puck off of Jonas Johansson's mask for 2-0 against the Buffalo Sabres.

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    1. Connor Callahan

      Whose here after vogl’s comments. Not a sabres fan btw

    2. Jack Groves

      “Nhl grinders are just meat heads”

    3. Jamal Givens

      That's one bizarre goal

    4. Dick Graysons Dick

      I only know pain

    5. Stevey Irwin 'RAWMMA Hair Analyst'

      dave portnoy taught him that...

    6. Potty The Parrot

      That’s a Dangit

    7. Stinkface McPooplightning

      That's what happens when you leave such an elite sniper so much room

    8. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

      At least the Sabres have nice uniforms.

    9. Classic American

      No one would care if the sabres quit the season right now.

    10. Bill

      Islanders legend Matt Martin defying angles and physics and logic and...

    11. isthatyoubetha

      This must be one of those great non-North divisions.

    12. OneBiteBigMac

      Matt Martin is that good that he's sniping from behind the goal line

    13. Mitch91PyroisB0SS

      There’s the sabres luck relocate this trash franchise

    14. YDK Marshall

      did someone say taylor hall has one goal? lucic has 6? lol

      1. Mike S

        Yes i did and that 1 goal came this first game of the Covid Season. Hope Taylor isn't traded to LA.

      2. YDK Marshall

        @Maximus russo thats not a big deal to me. Lucic got a deal he deserved a long time ago. sad drop off for sure but hes still productive.

      3. Maximus russo

        Toffoli has 14 goals for $2 million less than lucic, $4 million less than hall.

    15. Mike S

      Skinner, 0 goals, Eichel, 2 goals and Hall, 1 goal.

      1. Up in the ass of Timo

        @• 0Pharaoh • 6,5 million $ per goal. Woooo. 😅 Skinners contract is absurd.

      2. • 0Pharaoh •

        Martin, 4 goals

      3. Mike S

        They surely don’t deserve the Millions they are making this Season. I’d be a pissed off owner.

      4. Up in the ass of Timo

        Skinner 10mil$. Eichel 10mil$. Hall 6mil$. One goal from that trio costs 8,66mil$. That is just sad.

    16. Toronto Sports Network

      I still remember when people were comparing Eichal to Matthews

      1. Dyereah

        @Joe Goodman you could stuff matthews on a team of AHLers and he would still score more than eichel.

      2. Jack Katzenberger

        I dont remember those 2 getting compared at all tbh everytime I saw a comparison it was Matthew's and laine

      3. Toronto Sports Network

        @Joe Goodman that ain't Matthews problem. Nobody forcing Eichal to stay in Buffalo either. 🤣

      4. Joe Goodman

        Eichel has a sucky team, Matthews does not

    17. Mike S

      Pretty funny goal against Buffalo

    18. Mike S

      Poor Jack wants out of Buffalo.

    19. Mike S

      Whoa he can actually score and not be a goon/pylon, well i'll be damned

      1. LuvGlokk

        Why are u hating

    20. Kallie

      Buffalo man.. 🤦‍♀️

    21. Northern Vista

      Put a fork in the Sabres and bring another team across the border to the GREAT WHITE NORTH !!!

    22. Ice711

      Why is the dislike ratio 1-1 lol

      1. Argi Hispanic American

        F’s for the Sabres season

    23. Argi Hispanic American

      Being a Sabres fan...end the season plz

      1. Captain Charisma Eichel would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

      2. Captain Charisma

        @Argi Hispanic American No, don't fire the coach until the end of the season, but don't trade away the only potential superstar player you have.

      3. Mike S

        Aren't they in rebuild mode? feels like they've been in rebuild mode since forever.

      4. Argi Hispanic American

        @Captain Charisma What else can you the coach again? Kind of a lost cause right now

      5. Captain Charisma

        It's a rough season, but I hope you guys don't do something stupid like trade Eichel...