Mark Friedman Goes Awkwardly Into Boards After Dangerous Hit By Nolan Patrick


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    Mark Friedman would head to the locker room after this dangerous hit from Nolan Patrick.

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    1. Gordon Duba

      oh come on he went into those boards like he was crushed from behind. Patrick hardly touched him Friedman should have been given 2 for embellishment!

    2. Dalton Milberry

      Look i get it , its a bad hit but EVERY single player does this. They stop up a couple feet from the boards because they KNOW that the defending player has to shove them to the boards to make a defensive play. Only other option is wrap the stick around and use your arm to keep him from shifting out left or right. Players know this and then when they get hit ( soft push or not) its always going to look ugly...

    3. Pumpkin King

      Friedman did a good acting job there. He got his later when he tried to be a tough guy.

    4. Jimmy Smith

      How is that not a misconduct?

    5. Steve V

      So, because there was no blood, yet despite the fact the player was injured on the play, that's not a double minor? Or are double miners for high sticking only?

    6. Shortsy99

      This is why a guy like Patrick has head injuries, players remember the dirty ass plays he makes and target him later on

      1. Pumpkin King

        Like Friedman later on? Oops, Friedman ate Patrick's forearms.

    7. zzii0327

      ummm, it doesnt look like he put too much force on him

      1. Ewok Topia

        Lifted his foot and lost control

    8. Travie Ballin

    9. Jake Rogers


      1. JucidRelic

        Really wasn’t but alright

      2. Jake Rogers


    10. Timothy MacDonnell

      And the response was from . . . .

    11. Michael Hiltz

      What is it this season with all of the dangerous hits. I swear in the last 2 weeks there has been at least 10 bad/dirty hits that could have easily been avoided

    12. C D

      Outsider here, not a fan of either team. Obviously an illegal hit but didn't really look malicious. There was significant distance between him and the boards and I think Patrick just misjudged that distance, thinking he was moving into a scrum for the puck and realized last second and tried to slow down and lay off a bit on the hit. He could have hit a lot harder. I don't think this was intentionally dirty. Glad no one got hurt. The 2 minute penalty seems like the right call here.


      Damn his head snapped back pretty hard.

    14. Dallas Cook

      That's quite the embellishment to

      1. Hutch

        Also, quit liking your own comments you tool

      2. Hutch

        It wasn’t though

    15. LeTelecaster

      King flop

    16. Owen Mills

      So gutless

    17. A

      Definitely a penalty, but there's a good amount of distance between them and the boards when Patrick hits him, gravity/momentum didn't do Friedman any favors. Hit was bad, bad luck with the fall made it even worse, ugly combo

      1. SchulzEricT

        That's what makes it dangerous. You get that, right? Like, dirty hits are dirty because "bad luck" happens more frequently with them; players receiving a hit like this are much more likely to be injured - the high chance of injury because they are in a vulnerable position is exactly why it's illegal and exactly why we call it a "dirty hit".

      2. palli naama

        You do realise that the distance is what makes it dirty? Do that inch away from the boards and thats something that happens every shift

    18. Patrick Bergen

      They talk about player safety being number 1 but that's complete crap. This is a needless hit and should be 3 to 5 games to actually make players think before they hit someone from behind

      1. Jake Rogers

        He took a dive. Wasn't even a penalty.

    19. Gerry Pellissier

      Hockey 2021. Another cheap shot a 2 minute penalty and no response. It's going to get worse.🐥

    20. Pavol Spiska

      classical flyers garbage

      1. Pavol Spiska

        @Conrailfan2323 the flyers literally had a strategy where they would do as many penalties as possible since the refs could not put them all in the box, read the broad street bullies section, then come back and complain about one enforcer per penguins team

      2. Conrailfan2323

        That's rich coming from someone who supports a team that employed the likes of Ulf Samuelsson, Darius Kasparitis and Matt Cooke over the years.

      3. WheresPilot


    21. Nada

      Should get at least a game for that, what a ridiculous hit

      1. Michael Hiltz

        Yeah I don't see how that was any less than 5 and a game.

    22. Smithery Sam

      Bad hit, Patrick probably didn't intend on boarding Friedman. Kid hasn't played hockey at this level in so long, looked like he was hesitant in committing to a hit

      1. Smithery Sam

        Still a no brainer penalty

    23. Cole

      What is Patrick thinking? At no point was this going to be a hit that wasn’t from behind

      1. Jake Rogers

        He took a dive. Clean hit

      2. Jason

        inner flyers 1976 came out in em

    24. Damion Naseath

      So last night Blichfeld accidentally hit MacKinnon in the head while Mack's head was down. 5 and a game (probably a suspension too if I'm being honest). And now Patrick boards Friedman. Minor penalty. Both headed to the locker room after the hit. Clear favoritism towards star players.

      1. Hutch

        @Jonathan Fu I believe he was referring to mackinnon

      2. XGN Spike

        It was a 2 game suspension

      3. Jonathan Fu

        Please. Nolan Patrick isn't a star player.

    25. Scotty's Thoughties

      I hope he doesn't get Covid from that hit.

    26. olvr -

      Should of been a 5

      1. Hutch

        @Your Worst Nightmare what? In what way does what I said have anything to do with that? I was replying to the guy who said who cares because he’s fine. The point of penalties fines and suspensions is a consequence to deter things like this from happening.

      2. Your Worst Nightmare

        @Hutch But when Crosby and Malkin get away with cheap shots it's okay?

      3. Jake Rogers

        Not even a 2 min

      4. Hutch

        @Speakertweaker 1346 that’s not the point

      5. Speakertweaker 1346

        @Ryan N. 95 he is fine who cares.

    27. Wes McCauley

      Hope he’s ok