Nathan MacKinnon Leaves Game After Dangerous Hit To The Head By Sharks’ Joachim Blichfeld


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    Nathan MacKinnon would be slow to get up after this dangerous hit to the head from Joachim Blichfeld.

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    1. Merritt Hockey

      Guy took a good angle. Mak pulled up to avoid and got it on the chin. Just play the damn game.

    2. Jason Gravelle

      2 game suspension for that? That's weak. Might as well take hitting out of the game

    3. Hoozooh League

      In Montreal, something a lot more dangerous than this happens every other day. Nothing has been fined/suspended this year so far. Having a star-player status looks fun. We sure it's the same league?

      1. Hoozooh League

        @Dolph Mcfearless I'm saying in montreal they get injured and miss games all the time this year on a regular basis for hits worse than this one, no one bats an eye. And this is your answer? Please don't have kids. That mentality should not plague the next generation I beg you

      2. Dolph Mcfearless

        Go cry about it to your fat wife or your boss at the tire shop, if someone injured you to the point you couldn't do your job you'd be pressing charges and crying in the media. You don't play in the nhl their problems are not yours to argue

    4. demilishing

      Don't think he intended to head hunt him, unfortunately hit right in the head. Hope MacKinnon is okay after a long rest.

    5. Faksakes

      Right on the chin.

    6. Sean Nance

      *No-name player goes after a superstar* “Did I do good coach?!”

    7. Christopher Danjou

      I honestly don’t think that was intentional or a penalty

    8. Hank Rodriguez

      Too hard for announcers to just tell the truth?

    9. Mr. Montana

      You know you did something wrong when you don't even turn around after

    10. Amish Electrician

      First time I've seen a match thrown out. I wish they'd do it more.

    11. Dan Landers

      Mack is ok, odly it wasn't a bad hit he just had his head down.

    12. zzii0327

      Hey Logan Couture, this is blindsided

    13. TheGreatKip

      should have gotten 8 games

    14. Sam Hain

      Always fun when a no name beer league loser takes out a star. Maybe one day the NHL will protect its star players

    15. Derek Azyan

      He will be ok he clipped his jaw. Could have been worse.

      1. T-Y Gaming

        @Jude Rulz 3 games, not 5.... And it's looking like he might be back for the next one!

      2. Jude Rulz

        Except the MacKinnon has been out 5 games now... concussion protocol.

    16. rightyourwrong

      maybe just see the 29 and stay away.... onlyr eason i say this is bc im afraid for pkanes life every day...

    17. adirtykid

      If Blichfeld doesn't make a hit on MacKinnon (while on Blichfeld's way to the bench), he gets in trouble by the coach. No way for Blichfeld to win in that kind of situation.

    18. grimreaper0

      I always try to look at these and figure out what the guy who read the player suspension things would say. Mackinnon had the puck (eligible to be checked). Looked like Blichfield aimed for the shoulder, and Mackinnon thrust his body up and back, causing the shoulder to clip his chin instead of going through his shoulder. Unfortunate, but I think unintentional. MacKinnon just can't catch a break this year, huh?

    19. Mark Zone

      I've never seen a year with such discriminating penalties being called. I mean he hit his arm/shoulder first and then grazed his chin. The head was not targeted it was accidently clipped. But......... a nobody hitting a star, MATCH penalty. Ovechkin pitch forks a Boston player in the nuts, intentionally. ROUGHING was called.........WHAT? Star player sticks a nobody.......roughing penalty.

    20. Miroslav Cerey

      Was this really necessary from Blichfeld? Such a pu55y play...

    21. Todd Mazzitelli

      Damn the announcers! MacKinnon did not have his head down! Blichfeld hit to the head. Match Penalty. The penalty was the correct call. The hit should not even have happened. The purpose of hitting is to separate a player from the puck and take possession. Blichfeld was leaving the ice. Good that MacKinnon is okay!

    22. TokWeekly

      MacKinnon sees him in his peripheral vision at the last moment and stops up, leading to that point of contact with his chin. Literally nothing Blichfield can do here. If MacKinnon skates as Blichfield is anticipating, this is straight shoulder to shoulder, and probably just a bump.

    23. Sam Zonzon

      You know that bs blichfeld is suspended when mckinnon gets injured but when tyler myers jumpes to headshot joel armia he didnt get nothing. The NHL says "we have to protect our players" but they really mean to protect their stars the others can fck themselves

    24. Dom Smith

      I feel like if players let there ego down and started wearing cages it would stop clean intentions hits from giving a knock out blow to bare chin.

    25. kikoredog

      TBf looks like he went for shoulder on shoulder

    26. Dominic Veroni

      Not a hit to the head........ Hope he's okay

    27. Brennen Johnson

      Clean hit. Just unfortunate it looks like. Did the match stay?

      1. Jude Rulz

        Taking him to the locker room blood was coming from his nose, clear indication of concussion damage.

      2. thebeastgamer56

        Yes. He got the match. He did catch him on the chin though. Hopefully he comes back soon and is okay.

    28. Jae S

      Phyrics bro

    29. Shane Larose

      As if buddy gets suspended over this 😂

    30. The T

      I think thw match penalty is going to be all he gets... Maybe 1 game

    31. Scott McAfee

      Two game suspension? The punk has only played in four NHL games. What is to stop him from doing it again? How about taking a draft pick from teams who have players who go head-hunting? Every time a player targets another player the teams loses a pick. That will end that manure real quick as cheap shot players would never make it to the NHL. The GM and coach are to blame. They put him on the ice.

    32. John B

      Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute , this hit got a 2 games suspension but the hit on Kotkaniemi earlier this seadon got nothing ? What a discrimination to ''ordinary'' player ! #FIREPARROS

      1. Tom

        Or the hit on armia which had him out a few weeks or the hit on Evans

    33. zzii0327

      This reminds the hit Tkachuk did on Kassian, they did even bother to call anything at all and those hits looked worse than this one. This is why players are so confused, NHL officials just are not consistent at all

    34. Scottish Unicorn Glitter


    35. Aceman322

      I'm a big MacKinnon fan but the suspension to Blichfeld is pretty much in line with how the NHL player safety works. Have to protect the star players who help sell the game. Any other player gets hit the same way the match penalty is the end of it with no suspension. Lots of hits on You Tube from this year where players didn't see a hit coming, head was the first point of contact, player safety may have reviewed it and no suspensions. This has been happening for years. Would be great if a department that calls itself player safety cared about the safety of all players (these are the best 750 or so best players on the planet).

    36. H Bradley7

      A hit that wasn’t intended to be to the head match penalty ovi: no

    37. Zachary Harms

      2 game suspension? Horrible awful job NHL. But Ovi can deliberately hit a player in the family jewels and only gets fined $5k?

    38. Common Sense

      And the Armia hit dint get a suspension.... What a joke...

      1. Common Sense

        @epicpownsor Well the nhlpa should do something about that...Not fair for the rest of the players..

      2. Moto6ixMoto

        Lol, don’t forget that McKinnon is one of the NHL’s “allstar players” along with Mcdavid, Matthew’s, and Peterson. If you touch one of them your done.

      3. epicpownsor

        Just shows the bias against the habs

    39. B. H.

      No accident,

    40. Money Maker777

      Colorado have Makkinon and Byram they have the best offensive defence in the league

    41. Greg Sholes

      I watched this a few times. You can see Makinnon’s left shoulder make impact first. Penalty....debatable. Suspension... hell no. Take notes boys and girls, keep your head up 💪🏻

      1. Greg Sholes

        I’m old school so that looked like a hard hit but I get your point. The inconsistency in this new age hockey is just ridiculous.

      2. ngnaw

        What about this hit? 0 games suspension... Mackinnon hit 2 games suspension. Is the league a joke? I think so...

    42. ngnaw

      Why did the league suspend him 2 games? Myers hit on Armia was way worse and Myers got 0 games... Is this league a joke??? How can they be this blind and inconsistent in how they enforce the rules. Myers should have been suspended also...

    43. GoodGuyCameron

      How much more proof do you need to come to terms that the entire Sharks organization and fan base is complete trash.

    44. Pharmdkeith

      that was close. if i had time to review i wouldnt conclude on a 2 game susp

    45. Spencer Jones

      Good clean hit

    46. Spencer Jones

      Oooohhh!! Head contact!! What we now know about head injuries blah blah go to your safe spaces

    47. Krasnaludek

      I’m a Sharks fan, but never like seeing that type of hit. MacKinnon is such a great player - really hope he’s OK.

    48. Jonathan Duplantis

      Clean hit

    49. Samuel Desjardins

      Wait in the US they call match penalties for those, please send us some refs in Canada there's been one of those every other game, no penalty, no suspension. And in some cases, it's been clearly just the head that was hit

      1. Sam Zonzon

        I know you're talking about armia and kotkaniemi and you are 100% right. The fact is that the NHL doesnt give a damn if its not a star player.

    50. Tyler Garza

      I don't believe there was intent to injure or intent to hit Mackinnon's head. Mackinnon was in a weird position; somewhat vulnerable and somewhat ready for contact. This should be nothing more than a match penalty with a light fine at most. Mackinnon is good for the sport, I hope he is ok.

      1. XExOtiCs_fur

        I mean I doubt it was intent to injure. He’s a rookie. This is like his 10th game or something like that. I doubt a kid like that would go after McKinnon.

    51. Chocoiat

      Myer on armia was way worst he be just fine

    52. Andy Man

      Anyone else notice at :24 where there's 6 white helmets visible? Just me?

      1. M R

        Rantanen came from the bench to get justice😂

    53. Pie Man

      As much as i hate that hit and the fact it was on mack, that was clean by the rules

      1. Pie Man

        @Austin thats because it was Mackinnon if it was a nobody then it wouldn't have happened. The reason I say it was a clean hit is because the primary point of contact was the shoulder and he got the head afterwards. The reason I hate the hit is because it was a blindside

      2. Austin

        That's why Blichfield got a 5 minute major, match penalty, and has a hearing with player safety?

    54. Benjamin Clark

      Is he made of glass? Looked like a good hit. Players need to keep their heads up or end up like Lindros!

    55. Nucks4Life Boy

      Was a clean hit. So sick of you social justice warriors. Its a contact sport and hits happen. Wasnt head hunting. And the main point of contact was his left shoulder.

    56. brody Irvin

      Obviously not intentional, I sympathize for both of these guys, some fans are so toxic.

      1. monka S

        @Dorientje Woller i think it was intentional to check but i think the sharks player was going for shoulder to shoulder. i don’t think he went intentionally to the head because the sharks player didn’t even go full speed.

      2. Dorientje Woller

        Not intentional. He is leaving the play, has no business in checking the player than.

    57. Mikey Ninefingers

      what a joke this League has become

    58. Joel Davis

      Looks more like a dangerous hit to the body

    59. TetraHydroCannabinoL THC

      That was a terrible call for a 5 min penalty, he had the puck it was a legal hit, an it was soft he was trying the o avoid contact if anything

    60. greywolf0167

      dive good check

      1. Jude Rulz

        Yeah and the blood coming from his nose going to the locker and Mack being out 5 games now clearly indicates a dive...

    61. Jim H

      Blichfeld was headed for the bench before Mackinnon took off with the puck. MacKinnon skated right into Blichfeld's path and Blichfeld braced for the impact. MacKinnon should know enough to keep his head up. I predict Blichfeld gets a suspension because the NHL pretty much doesn't do anything right.

    62. Gerry Pellissier

      Not a Match penalty. Double-Minor for me.

    63. D T

      This sport is so soft now...

    64. oldskool

      Thats why every team still needs an enforcer ! This is awful !!!

    65. Mike Caulfield

      No place left for hits like this in The NHL. Expulsion should be part of the conversation for playing so dangerously.

    66. Shawn Reems

      Blindside hit

    67. tyson

      That looked completely unintentional and even questionable as to whether or not it was a direct head shot. Sucks for the Avs, but lets be honest. It looked to me like he was attempting to and even got a piece of his should, but Mac had his head down and Blichfield grazed his chin. Unfortunate, but I thought the major penalty was actually too much for that play and only called because of MacKinnons status as a "star" player. I see this exact hit almost every game that Chara plays, yet he never seems to get called for it. I wouldn't expect any supplemental discipline.

    68. mja2035

      Cheap shot

    69. Journey of a Lifetime

      Absolutely clean hit. Play with your head down, pay with your career.

    70. steve hardman

      I mean, it is going to be a suspension. It was a hit with initial contact to the head, that led to some kind of injury. It certainly looks like a case where MacKinnon changed his pace, trying to either make a move or to avoid a hit, and that is why the contact ended up being to the head. That's a real tough one, if Nathan had just kept going full steam ahead, this would just be a regular shoulder to shoulder contact, and that should make it like hitting someone from behind if that person turned towards the boards at the last moment. Just hope MacKinnon is ok after this. Of course, the department of player safety is a total joke, so this could be anything from a fine to 10 games....but they will let much more blatant attempts to injure go without a word

    71. Sux

      That indeed was shoulder to chin, watch at 0.25 speed

    72. Brendan McFater

      tough guy doesn't even look back just tries to get off the ice lol

    73. Martin Davis

      Let me at em ! Let me at em ! Yeah right !

    74. Raspy

      In the NHL, a match penalty and a game misconduct are virtually identical in application, immediate ejection from the current game. However, a match penalty carries a larger fine, and the offending player is suspended indefinitely until the Commissioner rules on the issue.

    75. Segasys

      High blind side hit on the league's most exciting player. Brilliant. I'm paging Todd Bertuzzi.

    76. Mikey Bidds

      Bruh there’s 6 guys out there for the avs lmao

    77. Cui Alexander

      honestly, he kinda skimmed his side of the head and got more of the chest. Blichfeld was trying to go for the chest, MacKinnon was a little too low and his head was down

      1. Cui Alexander

        A match penalty was still deserved

    78. Truman Zerse

      I am a huge Nathan Mackinnon fan and I don’t think that warranted a match penalty

    79. Benjamin Holm

      Clean hit. Just barely clipped his chin that's all it takes.

    80. Ivan Getsukdov


    81. Gusto E

      Sharks fans are the divas of the NHL. Always trying to justify hits just like their garbage-ass commentators, then playing victim by claiming that they're the only team to get penalized for hits like this. Absolutely pathetic.

    82. Hockey B

      Clearly a total accident but very unfortunate play

    83. TheHawk05

      Would be surprised to see a suspension for this as I don’t see any malicious intent . He doesn’t launch into him or even raise his shoulder.....he’s travelling in a straight line. MacKinnon slows up slightly just before the hit otherwise I think this ends up shoulder on shoulder. The play happens so fast there seems little if anything he could have done to prevent the outcome. We’ll have to wait and see as it was announced this morning Blichfeld is set for a hearing with player safety today which means they’re at least going to fine him. Certainly illustrates how hard these shoulder pads are when you catch a guy on the chin with at first glance is pretty minimal contact. At any rate.....hope MacKinnon is OK and doesn’t miss any time EDIT: Guess Mr Parros sees this as something I don’t.......2 game suspension 🙄

    84. Kevin Raber

      "...looked like shoulder to shoulder to me..." it's just that Mac's shoulder was wearing a helmet.

      1. Carsten Olsen

        Shoulder to shoulder, honestly he hits his head afterwards, but that's was not the point..🇩🇰

      2. Will Stuart

        He was going for shoulder to shoulder... aim was off. Hope Mackinnon is okay. Absolutely deserving of a suspension, even though he didn't try to target the head

    85. G Man

      Not cheap

    86. Michael M

      When you play thre game you know that wasn't a mistake but an opportunity

    87. Alex Olegovich

      f***ng Blich! hope you will be punished next game

    88. AVID Sion

      Don't get me wrong, I love MacKinnon, but you gotta pick those heads up...

      1. AVID Sion

        @Saiyan Satan He didn't target the head, that's my point... If a player has their head down taking a suicide pass, it's almost impossible not to catch some of it. So should hitting people not looking where they're going be illegal, period? No, that's dumb as hell and would just serve to pussify the game even more. Like Burns said in the post-game: "things happen fast", keep your head up.

      2. Saiyan Satan

        Nah, don't target the head. Nate was defenseless and got blind sided. The guy may not have had ill intent, just not a good check. Body them, don't target the head

    89. John Martin

      McKinnon never saw him coming. He was simply turning with the puck to make a normal play. Still an east/west hit and 'predatory' as the league would put it. Blichfeld keeps his arms down and all, and his body goes through McKinnon's but his shoulder still clips Mck right on the chin. That is the type of hit the league is trying to get rid of. The puck was never on the radar for Blichfeld and that is where the problem lies. If you are coming head-on to a player and go through him, that is one thing. Coming from a blind side with no play on the puck at all is where they are trying to stop guys from getting clipped and hurt like this.

    90. Olavi Vulkko

      7# round goons 1st game in NHL and destroys other teams 1# center.

    91. Tyler Dowd

      Clown refs jumping in right away. So lame

    92. Sean Holton

      They play at such a high speed... I don’t really think blichfeld did anything wrong. He was just trying to lay a nice hit

      1. brody Irvin

        He was trying to get off the ice!!! got in a bad situation.

      2. Captain Obvious

        @Vincent Schmidt Mackinnon stopped at the very last second to juke around, if he didn’t the hit would’ve definitely been to his shoulder. It was just a very unfortunate play imo

      3. Vincent Schmidt

        Hit him in the chin lmao

    93. Lee Lantern

      That was head 1st

    94. KovyOMGPewPew

      I hope this doesn’t get suspended. What would the NHL be without these beautiful hits.

    95. lime biscuit

      That’s terrible right to the head suspend him

    96. ironhorse67

      Clean hit

    97. Brendan Fox

      That’s why you keep your head up kids... hope Mac is okay though

    98. Michael Tymchuk

      That was a clean hit

      1. Ian Hunter

        Lmao trash

    99. Joey Capobianco

      Commentator says shoulder to shoulder lol. He clipped him. Dirty hit

    100. Jim Turnbull

      JB hit his shoulder first then chin --speed of game and all dont think it was intentional as much as AVs fans saw