NHL Game Highlights | Panthers vs. Predators - March 04, 2021


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    Aaron Ekblad scored twice on the power play as the Florida Panthers beat the Nashville Predators 5-4.

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    1. kevin hanrahan

      A group of very talented individuals not excelling as a team. Somehow managed to score 4. Still terrible on the power play

    2. Dzhafdet Mahor

      Накидали Бобру в третьем. Опять защита встала...

    3. Truth Triggers

      LOVE seeing "Smashville" suck so bad!!!! --from a Hawks' fan! :-)

    4. Caden Converse

      Rinne either gets a shutout or lets in 5-6 goals

    5. Zenonas Petkinis

      Per Marytės plauką.....

    6. Андрей Волков

      Где оборона у Пантер?

    7. KJ_ 2599

      I don’t know why we can’t just win normally, I’ll take it though

    8. javier book shadows contributor du

      38th comment

    9. Vincent Parenteau

      Gerard Gallant please

    10. Jacob Austin

      *hits blocker with stick below shoulders * CoUlD bE a HiGh StIcK pEnAlTy

    11. SteveWK

      Sorry....Bobrovsky is not worth 10 million ...

    12. Stevie G

      Cat Fight

    13. Patrick McCoy

      Hynes needs to go. Hire Hallant, Julien, or Boudreau. Hell Yeo would even be an upgrade.

      1. Tiger58

        Yes bring in more Wild people so I can continue to cheer for the yellow Wild with Granlund, Haula, and Kunin

      2. Randy Lahey

        I don't think Hynes has much to work with but you are still right

    14. Петрович sarai-servis

      Фартануло малость Бобру...!

    15. Dood B

      If you have to check the offside frame by frame, an image at a time then benefit of the doubt should go to the attacking team.

    16. Mulph 77

      Pekka Rinne does not have a clue where the puck is, this whole season. He so off the game. wonder whats wrong?

      1. SteveWK

        He's almost 40..... He's done. Retire lol

    17. Optimus Raim

      Бобёр дырка ужас,хлеще чем Холтби в своё время

      1. Optimus Raim

        @Владимир В так сравнивать ринне которому за 35 лет и Бобра с контрактом в 10 млн,который он не отрабатывает,за 10 млн.долл. он должен пропускать не больше 2-3 шайб за матч

      2. Владимир В

        Он конечно не лучший сезон проводит, но последние игры нормально играет, в этой игре 1 гол его от синей и все, Ринне намного хуже к примеру эту игру отстоял, в каком месте в этой игре бобер дырка честно не понятно , следовательно тупой комментарий

    18. Владимир Первушин


    19. David Weiss

      battle of washed goalies

    20. Derps []

      not gonna do my malcolm subban stuff today y'all... not important. what really is important is that we honour mr. walter gretzky, and give our condolences to wayne and his family at this time.

      1. Josh Plumridge

        @Derps [] My humble apologies

      2. Derps []

        @Josh Plumridge what part of "i'm not going to do it today" did you not understand

      3. Josh Plumridge

        so you're like the second most famous poster on this channel, besides the real Canucks player Loui Eriksson. Is that you in the picture? Are you real? Is Malcolm Subban really black?

    21. Josh Plumridge

      did you guys see the predators goalie do a kind of shimmy dance on the third goal? I did.

    22. s. алекс фергюсон


    23. Frogii127

      Coach's challenge is so annoying just take it off please. It just ruins good goals

      1. Mulph 77

        It will destroy itself when internet /Wifi collapse :D Yeah it is a very bad rule. What an iPad, call the staff and call it... such a political way of do sports, its so silly, most be the most silly thing in sports. Ever.

      2. Frogii127

        @Noah Schuster True and it's booring to the viewer when you see that okay it's gonna be ruled off anyway no matter what they do. And you just watch pointless hockey for 2 min.

      3. Noah Schuster

        The offside goal ruling's are the worst. Especially since they can go however many minutes they want back to when the play was deemed offside. Such an unfair rule.

    24. loll1pop

      Nashville's window has closed if it wasn't obvious already. What has this team become...

      1. Elliot Farr

        So much for Roman Josi winning the Norris

      2. Truth Triggers

        LOve seeing them suck! ---Hawks' fan here

      3. WittyBanter 96

        @SteveWK I think you're referring to the officiating last night

      4. SteveWK

        A dumpster fire

      5. L Jones

        It’s become the team it always is.... terrible.

    25. Coyotefreak

      Nashville got outplayed

      1. Patrik Lindfors

        @ak41 cards lol no

      2. ak41 cards

        By the refs

    26. Jordan Melvin

      Let's go cats!

    27. Let’sMathsDebate

      Ekblad is a big human.

    28. ak41 cards

      The panthers couldnt of got more sucked off by the refs

      1. j0hn j0hn

        @WittyBanter 96 intent was there and maybe it only touched him a little bit, ref saw it and boom.

      2. WittyBanter 96

        @j0hn j0hn Whacked Gudas? He never even touched him dude. What are you referring to?

      3. Oh Yeah Mr Krabz

        Bruh i saw you saying the same thing about this game on the NHL YT channel

      4. ak41 cards

        @j0hn j0hn he didnt hit him if u look at it

      5. j0hn j0hn

        preds sucked like 40 mins, josi got mad and whacked Gudas with a stick, only yourself to blame.