NHL Game Highlights | Avalanche vs. Sharks - March 03, 2021


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    Mikko Rantanen scored twice as the Colorado Avalanche blanked the San Jose Sharks 4-0.

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    1. alida flus

      Hope Nate is ok

    2. doliio volay

      джонсу пора на пенсию

    3. R G

      Sharks fan here, It sucks really didn’t want an injury on any avs player. Whatever comes to blichfeld will come and I hope it makes a positive change. If that’s even possible Also Unrelated but Um what happened to marchesault 2 weeks ago for the Radim simek hit to the head against he boards ?? Oh yea no penalty no fine. Coool thanks refs and player safety

      1. avshockey66

        Avs are saying Mackinnon is okay and should be available tomorrow for the game against the Ducks.

    4. NHL Edits

      that hit on mack by bitchfield was bs im so glad avs got the W

      1. XExOtiCs_fur

        Whenever they scored the last two goals, they didn’t seem happy because they potentially lost thier star for who knows how many games

    5. zamboniman69

      That "crowd noise" was brutal. I had to turn off the sound. It sounded like a soccer chant was starting

      1. doliio volay


    6. Derps []

      malcolm subban is black also i guess now that they won colorado is going to get overhyped again

      1. k m

        nah, the boys test is in the playoffs (or making it considering their injury history)

      2. Alex Schroeder

        Dude stop it was one game Colorado is being heavily criticized right now

    7. StOnEMoVe420

      I think we saw one of the best glove save of the season, yet i had to get involved and do it myself to see it again and again . . .. .?!

      1. alida flus

        СХ сдулись, пора в состав брать молодую кровь

    8. Jacob Hallberg

      Last game the Avs lost 6-2, and now they won 4-0... What changed?

    9. Florian Deing


    10. Nick Cybulski

      Anyone else super excited for playoff hockey

    11. НХЛ по РУССКИ

      *Подписывайтесь на канал с русскоязычным обзором голов в НХЛ*

    12. Dood B

      Really, who puts these highlights together? They need a talking to.

      1. StOnEMoVe420

        man i was telling myself the same thing with the amazing save with the glove, not a single replay, one of the best glove save i can think of right now. And of course its not the first time i watch their compilation and tell myself the same..... Something's fishy

    13. Red

      god if only Rantanen could play like this every game

    14. javier book shadows contributor du

      29th comment


      sharks are a bunch of little bitches

    16. RED ALERT


    17. Руслан Болдырев

      СХ сдулись, пора в состав брать молодую кровь

    18. C R


    19. Landon S

      Sharks fans the other night were like " Stanley Cup favorites " ( regarding to the AVS of course ) after beating them .. Then proceeds to get shutout lol

    20. Ismael Fusco

      0:43 bed.ind.in

    21. Amethyste GD

      My Fantasy Team: Struggling Landeskog: hippity hoppity this win is now my property

    22. Eric W


    23. Макс

      джонсу пора на пенсию

    24. Gage Angle

      wE nEed tO gEt rID oF GruBaUeR

      1. Gage Angle

        @avshockey66 he also has a massive schlong and a sweet beard

      2. avshockey66

        He has a .920 save %, 2.07 GAA, and 3 shutouts. Yeah, let's get rid of him.

      3. Eric W

        I can't understand you 😳

    25. Alex Schroeder

      I hope Bitchfield’s charger only charges a certain way

      1. R G

        Hahahahahah I love that

    26. Se Un

      Jochim Blichfeld will be suspended. Every time a player gets a match penalty, Department of Players Safety will review the tape. I hope MacKinnon will be okay. He left the game and didn't return.

      1. rickatencio74

        I was listening to the game and they were saying they saw some blood coming out of Nate’s nose. With him being a superstar I’m sure they will be extra cautious with this head injury. The Avs have too many guys out due to injury. I’m worried Calvert might have to hang up the skates because of all his concussions...

      2. kryt xps

        Dont mean to offend anyone, but compered to other hits that people usually call 'clean', this one didnt look as bad, hit wise. obviously, i hope mackinnon is fine, just thought maybe the game misconduct was a little biased because of who mackinnon is?

      3. Cj Bautista-mendoza

        He will be ok I think, they were being extra cautious with concussion protocol

    27. Jesus Christ

      They didn’t show the hit on Mack? Why not?

      1. Derps []

        why would they, they already made a video about it before the highlights

    28. DarkDays

      Avalanche are cursed when it comes to injuries. Do they eat doritos and drink mountain dew in the off season or something?

    29. hockeycub19

      Hope the sharks catch covid

    30. Fresco L

      Whatever happen to Dubnation?

      1. Mike S

        pretending to be injured.

    31. Mike S

      Gotta love Martin Jones being Martin Jones, best goalie in the league by far!

      1. XExOtiCs_fur

        @Egg Man @youdidntgetthejoke

      2. RawZuccSauce420

        He wasn't even bad this game lmao. Played like an NHL goalie through 2.5 periods then dropped off a bit. But still this game is nowhere near his fault.

      3. Derps []

        what is with morons who just constantly blame the goalie for everything... even if he was god like, his team didn't bloody score. you need to apologize.

      4. Dominic Wilson

        @Mike S no problem 😂

      5. Mike S

        @Dominic Wilson thank you.

    32. Mike S

      Lol San Jose just being the Chokes. Got damn they are bad!

      1. J Canfield

        Imagine if they didn't have Karlsson and Burns eating up minutes on the backend.

    33. Xerdoz

      How the hell Donskoi ended up getting a penalty?

      1. Cj Bautista-mendoza

        Because the refs hate SJS so bad, they will even penalize former players

    34. XNine


    35. jonathan malka

      Hope Nate is ok