NHL Game Highlights | Sabres vs. Islanders - March 04, 2021


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    Matt Martin scored two goals to help the New York Islanders beat the Buffalo Sabres 5-2.

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    1. melandq 87

      Man oh man.... hows that 1st overall defensemen the sabers picked lol . He looks awful out there

    2. A. Abram


    3. Mikael Hedqvist

      What is Dahlin doing nowadays? Not playing hockey anyway

    4. Viktor Nikanoroff

      У Баффало защитники вероятно уснули. Сорокин не виноват в 2 пропущенных шайбах. The Sabre defenders had probably fallen asleep. Sorokin is not to blame for the 2 goals conceded.

    5. Kian

      Dude dahlin is so bad

    6. javier book shadows contributor du

      50th comment buffalo score a goal wow

    7. Ариан Назаров


    8. Wade Gault

      Fire Coach Trade for players that play with balls and some kind of urgency. Disgraceful and sickening to watch.

    9. Thomas 678

      The Sabres are the biggest joke of the NHL

    10. kriss monte

      Great to see Anthony back. 😳Happy Matt finally got rewarded big time😲 for all his hustle nice grill shot 🤕on his first goal. And Mr Hall. Buffalo has nice uniforms but you know you should be wearing one of those other beauties😁 go Islanders keep proving all the critics wrong again this year. And a big shout out to my man Barry. Trotz

    11. Ian Mudd

      Buffalo should just play in the AHL for a couple weeks.

      1. Ian Mudd

        @SteveWK Don't hurt the fans lol

      2. SteveWK

        Buffalo should move to Quebec City.....;)

    12. Jarl Varg

      Total domination. Sad days in sabreland.

    13. Hare Brahs

      East Division is very defensive, boring and trappy.. Buffalo doesn't have the mustard too cut through most of the teams in it..

      1. Hare Brahs

        except for one team, NJ.. who ironically doesnt play the trap.

    14. Mulph 77

      Ristolainen should not try stuff like that, he can't skate at all, too bad

    15. FractionTwo

      Keep on chugging islanders

    16. Аleksei Vidanov

      Пажо и Барзал красавчики конечно, игра у них выделяется. Сорокин молодец вкатился в лигу, с каждой игрой у него всё будет лучше и лучше. В целом очень нравится как играет НЙ.

    17. Silentbydeadly

      Matt Martin must have sharp eyes to thread the puck thur that small space like you would thread a needle but in this case it's the puck thru the small space to get by Buffalo's goalie on the second goal of the game.

    18. ItBeMike

      I’m a sad sad sabres fan

      1. joey s


    19. Antonio DG26

      Take it easy on the Sabres. Let us not forget, we're in a pandemic.

      1. Antonio DG26

        @Jason14... They have different pandemic.

      2. Antonio DG26

        @Mats Mekker... The covid has been in Buffalo since 2011, then spread over the years

      3. Mats Mekker

        What about the last ten years or so you missed the playoffs? 😂

      4. Jason14

        so is every other team...

    20. Khuong Khuu

      Buffalo Sables Broadcaster / MSG NETWORK Western New York. - Dan Dunleavy - Sabres play-by-play announcer Danny Gare - Sabres fill-in analyst Rick Jeanneret - Sabres play-by-play announcer Rob Ray - Sabres color analyst - Key Bank Arena in Buffalo, New York.

      1. Antonio DG26

        I'm à lawyer.

    21. gj Beaudry

      Anyone else notice Eichel WATCHING THE GAME!!! as he's skating off the ice??? @ 2:33... WTF?!? How are Sabres fans not disappointed with him??? I AM... Everyone but Okposo, Ullmark, and the poor new kid Johansson!.. that Martin goal was just RUDE!!!

      1. Per A

        Noticed it now, just dreadful..

    22. Алексей Деришев

      Good play Sorokin....Islanders lake me more and more....

    23. Sig_77

      Isles need to get rid of those jerseys. Bring out that cool lighthouse.

    24. gj Beaudry

      Dahlin is my favorite winger for whoever Buffalo plays against!!!

      1. Hare Brahs

        buffalo is a garbage team.. offensive defenseman on garbage teams never excel.. buffalo needs forwards who could actually sustain pressure in the offensive zone, that would be a start... they are also playing in the most defensive division, are any offensive defenceman thriving in the East? not really.. Dahlin is the least of that franchises problem, but i wish for his own development he gets out of Buffalo.

      2. gj Beaudry

        I made this comment before watching the video... The fastest Dahlin skated all night was at 5:08, he was trying to get off the ice after being on for every goal in the video!!! I missed the 4th Isles goal, did they even show it??)

    25. Charles Hood

      Can we please be done with the soccer experiment?! Sabres are awful night after night! Making the same mistakes shift after shift every game! Where is the coaching to fix these mistakes?! Maybe they could throw a soccer ball out there! Perhaps that would help

    26. GateKeeper

      That second goal was sick 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌💯💯💯👀


      That goal off the mask has to be the dirtiest goal I've seen in a long time.

      1. Kuntzy 8

        @ItBeMike that’s a hat pick

      2. ItBeMike

        That’s a dang it

    28. Bryan H


    29. Gabe and Kalan the friends forever


    30. Laszlo Szurly

      Matt Martin has more goals than Eichel, Skinner, and Hall combined

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        I used to feel a bit bad for Eichel, but the guy has 2 goals in 19 games. Some of these losses have to be put on him not producing. He makes 10 million a year. He should be scoring at least 20 goals in this shortened season.

      2. GateKeeper

        @Per A Buffalo has got a huge mess to clean up. 9 mill guy has been scratched and the other two are not producing. This is a coaching problem, indeed.

      3. Kian

        @ C S I don’t think they are over rated. Skinner is way overpaid and sucks but no one things he is really good everyone knows he sucks. With hall he is having scoring troubles so now maybe he is a bit over rated. Eichel is one of the best in the league he is just in a slump

      4. Per A

        Well Martin is a hockey soldier, not a overpayed "star". He does his job every night for one tenth of what Eichel Hall and Skinner earns, he's the kind of player every coach would love to have in their team...

      5. C S

        @GateKeeper nowhere near fully the fault of coaching. Any 3rd l8ner would do better

    31. Sukhshan Narwal


    32. Landon Hedlund