NHL Game Highlights | Flyers vs. Penguins - March 04, 2021


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    Claude Giroux scored his second goal of the night on a tap-in with 2:08 remaining and the Philadelphia Flyers recovered from an early Pittsburgh deluge to slip by the Penguins 4-3.

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      Good game! Go Flyers!

    2. Sergei Michalich

      Кажись пингвинов отцепили от спасительного четвертого места. Безхребетные птицы.блин!

    3. Krotiz

      Although it's never a bad day to see Pens lose, I feel like Flyers aren't as good as they think they are. I swear Flyers were legitimately scary last season, absolute monster of a team. This season? Eh, just because they came back this game doesn't mean they're going to go far this season. Although Flyers fans can correct me if I'm wrong.

    4. supremee 23

      Shittsburgh choked haha

    5. Сергей Андреев

      Не нравится Пингвинз из-за Пархатого пингвина малкина

    6. B-DiZzLe

      Pens r just a trash team. Don't expect much. Be grateful they got 3 goals.

    7. redwineisfine

      Pissburgh up 3-0 and the announcers already start making excuses for the Pissburgh loss

    8. Left Leg Cemetery

      WHAT. A. FCKIN. COMEBACK FLYERS!💪I'm so proud of the way they battled back. LET'S GO FLYERS!

    9. Stalkingwolf

      friedman scored and then got send back to his ancestors by patrick ... twice

    10. Nunya Bidnis

      I hope Hextall doesn't think this team can compete for another cup. Start the rebuild now. This was as bad as it gets. 3 goal lead, at home, every point matters and they fold.

    11. Валерий Волков

      супер комбек

    12. Михаил Стасов

      М-да 3:0 выигрывать и так обосратся.

    13. Roman Russia1989

      Outstanding comeback!) Flyers, congratulations!

    14. Ken Arthur

      Pens do way better when Crosby on Covid-19 list. 🤣

    15. javier book shadows contributor du

      69th comment hope pittsburgh ends their long cup drought one day.

    16. L2112Lifz

      Those Penguins jerseys are awful, but at least they won't stain if you get mustard on 'em.

    17. Everest Tommy

      So I guessing the nunes are in the playoffs I hope so cause they suck . The nunes I mean penguins 🐧🤣

    18. Dood B

      Is Jarry the emergency netminder??

    19. Wilgoat

      Dang it

    20. flyinhigh50

      Giroux with an incredible game

    21. Eirik Røsland

      Gm pitt an old fool.

    22. Timur Gagloev


    23. Douglas Schultz

      The sooner you fall behind the more time you have to catch up. Great win Flyers!

    24. Irish Ron

      BREAKING NEWS............Claude Giroux is pretty good.....

    25. Michael McKenna

      1:39 is that right bud 😂 . These announcers stink.

    26. Dzhafdet Mahor

      Нормально. Вели 3:0 , но их всё равно натянули...

    27. Игорь Шадрин


    28. Петрович sarai-servis

      Голодные Пингвины, 3 банки закатили! Но в перерыве, Покушали сардины! Уснули прям на льду, Профукали игру!

    29. Al Strapone

      проебать бездарно. пингвины превратились в гусей

    30. Ian Williams


    31. Random Content

      Penguins: go up 3-0 The Flyers: we got em right where we want em.

    32. carson wentz11

      Great comeback Flyers!

    33. Zack Todd

      Atta boy G.

    34. Happy Thoughts

      Why would you guys upload an epic comeback win like this... with the losing team's announcers? This is terrible.

      1. Robert Fullam

        They normally use the home teams commentators

    35. Hazardous 088

      Ah, classic penguins. Ruthless for the first three goals then just craps the bed the rest of the game.

    36. Hakan Otan

      LOL this pens team is such a joke

      1. Eirik Røsland

        I know, they suck so bad

    37. Caden Converse

      Welcome to Choke city

    38. abdouldmml

      Seriously who is the defensive coach at pittsburg? Marino is regressing as a defender since coming from harvard every game I watch this team and think beer league teams are better defensively and now Crosby and malkin can't put them on there back to save them

    39. Chase Candeub

      Great comeback!

    40. Sage Derrig

      >it was 3-0

    41. Jared Hicks

      2 of those goals are on Marino, 1 on Jarry, the 4th is just a good goal on a screen. Aka, Marino cost the game, should’ve been 3-2

    42. Влад Бондарев

      Даёшь финал Филадельфия торонто

      1. Александр Архипкин

        Не а. Лучше Торонто айерндлес

    43. Влад Бондарев

      Flyers go..Giroux Best

      1. Влад Бондарев

        @Joseph Baker Giroux and Lindros super star..lets go filly

      2. Влад Бондарев

        @Joseph Baker es i love flyers

      3. Joseph Baker

        Your absolutely correct about that, what a heart and soul he's got

    44. daytonhockey 18

      Steve Mears has got to be the worst announcer in the NHL, do Pittsburg fans actually like him

      1. Hazardous 088

        No, most fans either hate him or just feel “meh” about him.

      2. Eric Adams

        Of course not. We went from Mike Lange, who was an institution and always entertaining, to some of the worst "broadcasters" I've ever heard. Tough shoes to fill but still, there has to be better talent out there than this.

      3. Austin

        He’s awful. Steigerwald was a doofus but at least his voice was somewhat tolerable. If Mears isn’t the worst PXP, then Brain Bruise Bob Errey is definitely the worse color commentator in the league. Idk how many documented concussions he had but I bet it’s half of what the real number is

      4. penguins back2back

        l always change to the other teams announcer, l cant stand mears.

      5. Random Content

        @abdouldmml Edwards at least shows real emotion every game. This guys just sucks

    45. юра толстых

      Пингвины лохи

    46. Coeus Darksoul

      Best quote: "And the Penguins are putting up the wall at the blue line!" followed by a Flyers goal.

      1. James Sweeney

        @redwineisfine nobody like them Boston douche bags

      2. redwineisfine

        Worst Homer announcer crew next to Boston on the east coast

      3. James Sweeney

        Good catch by you. Cause he was so enthusiastic when he said it.

    47. southsidesky

      Hockey needs better announcers.

      1. Coeus Darksoul

        @Rob Manfred I forgive ya pally, but as-is tradition, F the Pens :P

      2. Cletus Biggum

        The caps have a great team and there’s others that are great also but the pens ones are not so much

      3. Rob Manfred

        @coeus pens fan here. I also like the caps announcers. Don’t like the flyers announcers though, also if I’m being honest I don’t like the penguins commentator either

      4. Kirk Jamison

        what happened to the "Jagr puts the biscuit in the basket" guy?

      5. Coeus Darksoul

        Flyers homers are more entertaining to me (Flyers fan obvi) but I don't know if that's just bias. I like the Caps homer announcers most of the time too.

    48. Matthew Adam

      Go philly

    49. Daisuke Matsuzaka

      Penguins Fans = 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    50. Dylan Hanson

      Ah hey its another choking a 3-0 lead *coughs* anaheim

    51. Jack Johnson

      The pens are not making the playoffs.

      1. abdouldmml

        @Willayyyee worst defense it the league and malkin and Crosby are fading...won't make it out the 1st round but with the fixtures they have left and those teams likely tanking soon pens will make the play offs

      2. Willayyyee

        @abdouldmml bro they suck just admit it

      3. abdouldmml

        They will though lol...they haven't played a single game against the sabers or devil's yet

    52. frederic sarrazin-paquet

      flyer noob

      1. Joseph Baker

        Go flyers go. What an awesome Come back. Looks good on the pesky fn pens

      2. Chris Bryz

        Splat attack

      3. Антон Ознобихин

        Филадельфия - это сила

    53. Алекс Картиоти

      Филадельфия на характере обломали 🐧 клювы.

      1. Влад Бондарев

        Флаэрс красавчики Жиру монстр

    54. ducky

      I hate these jerseys. They look too yellow

      1. Trevor Forever

        Me too

      2. Brendan Fisher


    55. Chris Bryz


    56. Freaky Destroyer

      Wish I could say I’m shocked

    57. Captain Cortez

      If only Penguins knew that Flyers know how to come back from a 3-0 deficit in the first (2010, ECSF, Game 7 @ Bruins)

      1. Joseph Baker

        That was a classic! !!

      2. Trevor Voigt

        2012, ECQF, Game 1 @ Pittsburgh

    58. Potty The Parrot

      Flyers 3-0: Aight Imma Head Out Penguins 4-3: Aight Imma Head Out

      1. mj_hockey89

        @Matthew Adam yeah lol 😂

      2. Matthew Adam

        I think you mixed it up