NHL Game Highlights | Jets vs. Canadiens - March 04, 2021


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    Pierre-Luc Dubois scored at 4:29 of overtime to give the Winnipeg Jets a 4-3 victory over the Montreal Canadiens.

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    1. DanM101

      here cones another streak of 8 losses in a row, mtl stuck in a quick sand that is price and weber

    2. Geoff Euverman

      Let they let him score

    3. Geoff Euverman

      Terrible D on Dubois goal.

    4. Spooks Dinat

      I'll admit that I'm a little superstitious when it comes a number of things, and I'm starting to believe the canadiens' Reverse Retro jerseys are bad luck, they re 0-3-1 when wearing them, and are outscored 15-8, so far

    5. andrey andrey

      в Монреале какие-то туповатые ребята

    6. Samuel Attias

      Ce n'est qu'un Jeu

      1. TRU Winnipegjets

        plus comme trois défaites d'affilée contre les Jets.

    7. Stephen Pruszenski

      Best reverse retros in the league for Montreal.

      1. dty paleblue

        Definitely. The best by far...

    8. javier book shadows contributor du

      140th comment

    9. didheisa

      montreal is dogshit another year

    10. Olga Zelman

      A commenter on one of the previous highlights videos said that Price needs to be glued to the bench. They apparently saw this comment and that is exactly what they did and they still lost. This is proof that the Canadiens have bad luck.

    11. Χαράλαμπος Ξένος

      Hi everybody! I'm Bobby and I live in Greece. Can anyone tell me why the Montreal Canadiens changed the colours of their jerseys? The only thing I knew by the time I lived in there, is that the historic jersey of the Canadiens never changes colour. Thank you.

      1. WALLEYE

        @apple tile LOL

      2. apple tile

        The owner probably lost a bet......so the team has to wear the clown suits

    12. maudit Poète

      Baon, Montréal qui se fait battre par trois Québécois. Stastny, Perreault et Dubois. C'est beau les gars! ... Euh, je veux dire : les traitres.

    13. Olga Zelman

      When the Habs WIN in OVERTIME or a SHOOTOUT it's a miracle. Not expecting much anymore. Good win Winnipeg Jets!

    14. The Cando Railfan

      Another game in a row Hellebuyck allows 3.

      1. The Dude

        @The Cando Railfan you are an idiot those were all fluke goals. he played great

      2. BoneBoys

        @The Cando Railfan you think stopping Ovi’s one timer is a simple task?

      3. BoneBoys

        @The Cando Railfan “simple task”. Lol you try to be an NHL goaltender

      4. The Cando Railfan

        @The Dude it doesn't matter how they went in, Hellebuyck failed his simple task 3 times.

      5. The Dude

        Bro 3 of those goals were lucky goals look again.

    15. Mike S

      Those Blue jerseys are a curse for Montreal.

    16. chris ireland


    17. /-GUMBY-\

      2:26 I'm surprised they didn't call goalie interference agaisnt Tofoli on that one.

    18. Adorel Yakhnis

      Honestly the Habs had all the momentum going into OT but for some reason they're not good in overtime this season. Still got a point so it could be worse, but man we have to go on a winning streak, we can't rely on Calgary losing all the time. On a brighter note, Drouin has been looking good these past few games, hopefully he goes on a streak he deserves some success here.

    19. Gout Burnell

      Great chemistry on that OT goal. Looks like Dubois is starting to get comfortable in that second center spot. And Stast is looking really comfortable on the wing.

      1. Darrion Roberts

        Gonna be a force come playoff time. 3 headed monster at center. 4 if you include Lowry.

    20. НХЛ по РУССКИ

      *Подписывайтесь на канал с русскоязычным обзором голов в НХЛ*

    21. L D

      Another OT loss... can’t blame the new guys doing their part. Perry earning his 750k!

    22. TheHockeyFan

      We need a Forsberg

    23. Greg White

      When the Jets move in and control the puck it's like they're playing chess. They're trying out different gambits and playing with the defence. It's a real pleasure to watch. Go Jets!!!!

    24. cordudemax

      Can you NOT put the final score in the description??? I come here to enjoy highlights of games I miss, and I don't even get to click on the video before I read "Luc-dubois scores in 4:29 of OT to give 4-3 victory" like MAN.

      1. cordudemax

        It’s pretty difficult to avoid reading things that are within your direct line of sight, the description was written beside the thumbnail when I searched the highlights

      2. The Cando Railfan

        Then don't read the description, lol.

      3. Connor Turner

        Relax dude, close your eyes next time

    25. Toronto Maple Leafs

      lol some idiot on sports net asked another idiot who is the biggest threat to the leafs showed all the teams in canada he said none of the abvoe only the habs can give the leafs trouble, obviously a blind biased make me laffs fan, just disregards the Jets who are 5 points clear of the habs, i guess i found an idiot :D

      1. Toronto Maple Leafs

        and obviously the Jets are the leafs biggest threat. no ifs ands or buts.

    26. Mavrikwall238

      At this point, we're just pros at losing in extra time....

      1. Mavrikwall238

        @Graeme Fortlage and 2 of those are against Montreal...

      2. Graeme Fortlage

        Jets are also almost unbeatable in OT... They are 5-0

    27. TinnieTa21

      Not a Jets fan, but I feel like this team definitely has a shot at making it out of the North especially if they trade for a top 4 defenseman. Their offense is absolutely sick even after trading Laine. They should have got a defenseman back from that trade... Edit: They should see how much Nashville wants for Ekholm.

      1. TRU Winnipegjets

        @ladyballs Bruh you deleted the whole comment section what are you not understanding here, you can say you didnt but I know for a fact you did. lol Because I made you soo upset the last time we talked, I'm not a lil crybaby like yourself who takes everything said on FIblock to heart. Cry more lil boy I know you deleted it because of me can try say you didnt all you want.😂

      2. TRU Winnipegjets

        @ladyballs Actually you did kiddo went back to try respond and you deleted it all. lol How could I delete you're comment section??

      3. TinnieTa21

        @TRU Winnipegjets You mean "I've seen you" and "don't even try talking". He correctly used the word "people". Saying "you're by far one of the most annoying person" would obviously be incorrect grammar.

      4. TRU Winnipegjets

        @TinnieTa21 I'd want Ekholm on the team would be a solid pickup for the Jets IMO.

      5. TRU Winnipegjets

        @ladyballs hey you, I seen you deleted you're whole comment section cause of me last time we talked. Leafs lost to the Canucks dont even try talk rn. Also I'm not "People" one person kid. lol

    28. JS Horic

      Habs picking up the crumbs... They just can't pull it off after regulation time. What a shame

    29. Tyrone Herro

      Pierre wee wee

    30. Nords DARKLORD

      Go Jets-I'm ready for a Cup run!!!

    31. Commentary

      Habs: Screw the Blue!

    32. Habs Sznnn

      We have no one to score in OT that’s why we lose we need to create less turnovers

      1. apple tile

        If they had a Kovalev again who could bring a puck in at will that would change their entire culture.

    33. Nolan Hockey Podcast

      Jets in OT get to spam our stars and I'm all for it. Great W boys and GG MTL

      1. Nolan Hockey Podcast

        RandomPlaceHolderName lol maybe you're right but lets not take any chances

      2. RandomPlaceHolderName

        Fun fact: you wouldn't have needed your stars to score in OT vs MTL.

    34. Liam Mcphail

      I love how it didn’t show hellebuycks Incredible save

      1. Ay Wsup

        @TRU Winnipegjets Yeah... jk no absolutely not! Lol

      2. TRU Winnipegjets

        @Ay Wsup That a problem?

      3. Ay Wsup

        @TRU WinnipegjetsYou represent really hard eh? Lol go jets

      4. Daniel Robinson

        @TRU Winnipegjets Nah, I realized by the end of my comment that yeah they def should have showed it. I was just saying it wasn’t an amazing save. It was a nice save, I just don’t feel it was lights out crazy. Like I said though, you’re right that it should have been showed.

      5. Daniel Robinson

        @nathan zettergren lol

    35. isthatyoubetha

      Turns out that building your team with zero top line forwards isn't a good strategy.

      1. apple tile

        You mean building it around a goaltender......which is plain insane.

    36. carl roberts

      i know times are tough but the guy doing play by play analysis sounds like they went out into the street before the game and picked someone to take the mic

    37. Bender Bending Rodríguez

      Pauly Walnuts, Frenchie & Vezinabuyck keeping us in the game! Duby Duby Doo wins us the 2 points with a snipe shot on a rolling puck, this man is a fricking NHL NHL Jets and I love it!!! Go Jets Go✈

      1. Darrion Roberts

        Nuts!! Love that nick name.

    38. El Dudearino

      All Jets goals were from Quebec born players 😂😂

      1. Costa Angelatos

        @Darrion Roberts Nope not necessarily, but it certainly could mean the shots aren’t high quality, and that’s why you have to watch the game too. Hellebucyk was absolutely fantastic in game 2 where shots were lopsided, and solid in game 3 where the game in terms of play was a lot more back & forth. I didn’t see a lot of perimeter, low quality shots. Jets goalie is just that good. Likewise though dude, enjoy the season while it lasts ! Here’s hoping both teams make it through the season healthy. They should both be locks to make it if they do.

      2. Darrion Roberts

        @Costa Angelatos I know but thats kinda my point is that if they're out shooting the Jets but still losing then the quality of their shots obviously isn't great. Very small sample size but if the trend continues that tells you all you need to know. Jets are getting to the high danger areas and making their shots count. Best of luck the rest of the way. Habs are one of the few teams I root for.

      3. Costa Angelatos

        @TRU Winnipegjets You don’t even know what I’m arguing still & it’s just baffling at this point. I hope you’re a kid, and I’m actually assuming you’re a kid. Last reply. Enjoy the season, I hope both teams make it & can’t see either not if they can stay healthy.

      4. Costa Angelatos

        @Darrion Roberts Totally agree with you, but I’m not arguing who better team on paper is here. This all stemmed from a disagreement I had with a statement “The habs better not run into the jets in the post season.” That suggests the Jets have had their way with the habs & they haven’t. If you wanna dissect a small 3 game sample size; doing it honestly you’ll clearly see the habs we’re not only in the games, but at times dominated the play. 3 games where two of them went to OT & had lopsided shot clocks doesn’t suggest the Jets would have their way. It suggests it would be a close series. There’s also no 3on3 OT come post season.

      5. Darrion Roberts

        @Costa Angelatos Habs are good but they lack a legit first line center. Danault certainly isnt one.. Maybe a 2C at best and Suzuki and KK ain't quite ready. Jets are just at a different stage of development with their core.

    39. TRU Winnipegjets

      Beauty goals by PLD, Perrault and Stastny. 3-0 against the Habs Go Jets Go!!

      1. TRU Winnipegjets

        @maudit Poète Les Jets sont bien meilleurs avec ou sans joueurs québécois. Go Jets Go!!

      2. Toronto Maple Leafs

        @L TL actually not that many maybe 2.

      3. maudit Poète

        Cette équipe ne vaut rien sans nos joueurs québécois.

      4. L TL

        @Toronto Maple Leafs I wouldn’t say no future lmao. Even with limited nhl knowledge you’d know that the Habs have a top 5 future in the league but go off

      5. Toronto Maple Leafs

        @TRU Winnipegjets he only look sat the past cuz he knows his garbage habs have no future :D

    40. Glenn Hammond

      Jets defense need to start hitting, bring Stanley back

      1. TRU Winnipegjets

        @therealsilentHIL411 Everyone who knows Canadien hockey history knows that those two teams have the longest droughts, you people are morons for not knowing not my problem, Now move along already kid. lol Also all the other canadien teams havent won a stanley cup in quite some time anyways so idk what you're issue is here? I'm not wrong about it.

      2. therealsilentHIL411

        @TRU Winnipegjets So let me get this straight, In some other video among the millions of video on FIblock, you stated that the Leafs and Vancouver haven't won a cup in 50 plus years. Now, fast forward to this video where you didn't mention those teams at all, you're calling us "morons" and "dumbass" because you "stated elsewhere the Leafs and Van only". I mean if that's the case I'm sorry I haven't kept an in depth log of Mr.TRU Winnipegjets comments across FIblock. You know there is a saying that I think perfectly illustrates this entire situation. When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME.

      3. therealsilentHIL411

        @D Martin WOW, it all makes so much sense now ahhahaa

      4. D Martin

        @-- this whole conversation started because guy said Jets need Stanley back. He didn't mean the cup. He meant Jets rookie defenceman who is 6ft7

      5. --

        @D Martin ???

    41. *

      Thanks jets for taking out the trash

      1. maudit Poète

        "Trash" ? C'est pourtant les Canucks qui ont sorti les vidanges à souèr...

      2. Arnaud Cardinal

        @Josef Berniquez he’s a canucks fan

      3. Josef Berniquez

        Why so much hate little clown?

    42. David Doe

      To many giveaways that turned into goals.

    43. Symplyy Market

      That OT was so crazy

    44. EmperorTaebok

      And with that, the Habs one game win streak is over.

      1. Josef Berniquez

        In general people love to hate the habs

      2. TRU Winnipegjets

        @Josef Berniquez I'm not hating at all, I have much respect for the MTL Canadiens, very good team with great players aswell.

      3. Josef Berniquez

        @TRU Winnipegjets True they need to be better. Dont believe they will lose evry game this year tho. People juste love to hate the habs

      4. TRU Winnipegjets

        @Josef Berniquez They wont finish 4th just getting a point a game, CGY can easily take that spot from them.

      5. RandomPlaceHolderName

        @Josef Berniquez Just correcting your mistakes. The Habs aren't young and Suzuki isn't 20. Want help with your spelling too?

    45. Khuong Khuu

      Montreal Canadiens on RDS, 98.5FM Montreal and TSN 690 Montreal (ESPN RADIO 🇺🇸) 98.5 Montreal: Le But, Wheeler 🇺🇸 But, 1-0 Le Jets Winnipeg. RDS Broadcaster: LE BUTTTTT, Gallagher 🇨🇦 But, 2-1 Winnipeg. TSN 690 Montreal: HE’S SCORE, Toffoli 🇨🇦 Goal, it’s a 2-2 Game. 98.5FM Montreal: Le But, 3-2 Winnipeg. RDS Broadcaster: LE BUTTTTT, PETRY 🇺🇸 BUT, CODY RHODES VS SHAQ on AEW DYNAMITE, 3-3. 98.5FM Montreal: Dubois But, 4-3 Le Jets Winnipeg.

      1. tib

        Au début tu me gossais mais je commence à t'aimer

      2. Shark o Shak


    46. P O

      Well played jets and habs

    47. Lionel Puri

      FIRSTTT lolll

      1. Lionel Puri

        Oh yeah rip

      2. Shark o Shak

        Sadly you are not one guy was before you rip

    48. Ryan Gorbunov