NHL Game Highlights | Red Wings vs. Hurricanes - March 04, 2021


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    Jordan Staal and Jesper Fast scored a pair of goals early in the third period to help the Carolina Hurricanes take over and beat the Detroit Red Wings 5-2

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      Good Game! Go Canes!

    2. David Short

      Maniacalco needs to take it down about 15-20% on our goals and add that into when the other team scores. I do not want a hometown broadcast that downplays the other team’s work. Forslund never did it, and it should not become a thing.

    3. Qenai The Custodian Guard

      Holy what a filthy shot from necas.

    4. Денис Савченко

      Свечников молодец!!

    5. javier book shadows contributor du

      38th comment

    6. Alan Van Asch

      Nobody going to talk about the wings pulling the goalie with over 5 minutes to go and failing spectacularly?

      1. Notree

        Better off without Bernier in net.

    7. Cole Betancourt

      everyone was talking about svechnikov on svechnikov but the staal brothers played each other cus marc went to detriot in the offseason

      1. chase fire

        Ya true

    8. Al14stroy Al14stroy

      Детройт дно!! Уже сука смотреть больно на эту защиту! Если нападение соперника ничего не может сделать, а пх, мы сами привезём

    9. David Mushinski

      Get rid of the jerseys, I have enough things to complain about the wings

    10. Петрович sarai-servis

      Старший брат Свечникова, в Детройте кажется играет, что не видать его...

    11. Philip Karlsson

      Why the hell would they dress the Red Wings players in practice jerseys? Looks ridiculous

    12. Bender Bending Rodríguez

      Red Wings jerseys are so garbage

      1. Black_Panther527

        The RRs are garbage but the home and away ones are alright for me

    13. Dennis Burgess

      Terrible coverage. Spent an entire minute on carolina’s first goal alone.

    14. jon smythe

      Detroit looks like they're wearing practice jerseys out there

    15. Ian Mudd

      This was for having the audacity to wear practice jerseys in a game

    16. Highzerman

      For the love of god fire Blashill already. Let Gallant come in and establish some actual systems and get to know his players before next season begins.

    17. НХЛ по РУССКИ

      *Подписывайтесь на канал с русскоязычным обзором голов в НХЛ*

    18. Голевая статистика русских в НХЛ

      180 гол Анисимова в регулярке

    19. R P

      Blashill no class, where was svechnikov's start against his bro?

    20. JD Mayo

      Andrei Trocheck and Nino will lead this team to the cup!

    21. Jared Kiser

      Detroit has a lot of speed on their team. Unfortunately speed without coordination means nothing.

    22. Civil Brawl

      one of the most boring jerseys in Red Wings history

    23. Рома Серго

      Когда Свеча в поряде, в поряде и Каролина 🤗

      1. Matt Ender

        Svech is awesome.

    24. ITAIOMAX

      Вы не скажите зачем Детройт на лёд выходит????

      1. Петрович sarai-servis


      2. илья дудкин


    25. Baber

      this was the lowest sum of effort between two teams I’ve ever seen in an NHL game. Kinda funny tho

    26. Marc D

      Wings played well...they were just overmatched against Carolina

    27. Xerxsion

      Rough opening 40mins despite managing to keep it tied afterwards. Thankfully gang came out running in the 3rd. Good win, keep it up guys!

    28. Free Walker

      Svechnikov 2pts vs Svechnikov 1pts. Hmm :)

    29. BlazeMasterGaming


      1. Goal Horn Geek

        @Brady Babineau that reminds me of a meme I saw instagram.com/p/CLmyVx1gz5g/?igshid=ysunoklx5zp8

      2. Brady Babineau

        The Futures so bright I got to wear shades!

      3. BlazeMasterGaming

        @Big Daddy someone's salty lmao hey here's a hint - you need to have won a Cup in the past 20 years to join the conversation

      4. Big Daddy

        Hill billy

      5. Goal Horn Geek

        @BlazeMasterGaming they did. Tonight was first night allowing fans. However, tickets are super hard and expensive to get. Some tickets were higher priced than tickets at MSG this season at around $800 each. Tonight’s game was a sellout at 2,924 (15% capacity). I got lucky and got tickets for the next game which is also supposed to be a sellout

    30. Christian M

      Great stuff boys! Keep it up!

    31. Nolan Rossiter

      Necas better play well this season, I’ve got his UD portraits rookie card and this season could skyrocket its value till he retires

    32. ArtNewbie

      ITs been 15 years since Carolina had a team this good

      1. Goal Horn Geek

        This is actually the best start in hurricanes history through 23 games at 16-6-1. 2005-06: Goals For Average- 2.77 Goals Against Average- 2.45 2020-21: Goals For Average- 3.52 Goals Against Average- 2.70

    33. Slicc_editzz

      LETS GOOO CANES big win



      1. Dennis Burgess

        Why do you care?