NHL Game Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Canucks - Mar. 4, 2021


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    Jake Virtanen scored twice as the Vancouver Canucks beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1.

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    1. Terry M

      The leafs proved that they are trash. You beat the Oilers then literally crap the bed against the lowly Canucks. That’s why this team will never win in the playoffs. It’s the same darn thing year after year.

    2. West coast

      That's the frustrating thing about Jake v all the tools but only flashes. You know once we trade him he'll suddenly figure it out

    3. Flowmasta Flam

      friggin benn denied jake his turkey

    4. Law of the UniVerSe

      The Leafs Suck... They can't even beat Vancouver...They will lose in the first round like they always do because they are the Leafs and the Leafs Suck because they Suck...

    5. Cobra8529

      2020 Playoff Demko was back in force

    6. GateKeeper

      Demko is gonna be a elite goalie. Every move he makes is smart and calculated.

    7. Clifford Taylor

      All Sports Are Rigged 😂

    8. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

      So is no one going to comment about how sportsnet didn't release a gotta see it video or just a video in general about Matthews scoring a goal on his own net? No? That's just for superstars on other teams, huh? Ok. Leafsnet...

    9. James

      Leafs missed so many chances

    10. Paul Thompson

      it's almost like if you shoot it straight at the goalie the puck doesn't go in the net or something...

    11. TJ F

      holl looks like his name should be Cleetus

    12. Doodles666

      Man how is sportsnet uploading at 720p still its 2021 for crying out loud lol

    13. Sverige

      Boring game! 👎

    14. Daniel Deng

      Hey Canucks, let’s beat them again this Saturday!

    15. popeye sailor

      Jakes second goal with a beauty

    16. GoldCraft55

      Where's Elias? That's the one I follow in Vancouver and I didn't see him at all. Well...by follow, I mean he's the reason I look at Vancouver highlights

      1. Dtrain 99

        @GoldCraft55 it’s day to day so nothing serious it sounds like

      2. GoldCraft55

        @Dtrain 99 ouch, what happened?

      3. Dtrain 99

        He’s injured day to day though

    17. J Bear

      Good game Canucks! Demki looked great. Go leafs go!

    18. Adam FW Thompson

      That second goal by Virtanen wow. Hutch still made some great saves that he normally wouldn't have last year. Demko was an ace and we were tired from the effort given in Edmonton. Shake it off and come back strong Saturday boys!

    19. Mark Spark


    20. javier book shadows contributor du

      267th comment

    21. Injun Average

      Covid hockey is glorified pond hockey. Go Leafs.

    22. Wowtepentepz Wow

      Lets see how the canucks do against a rested leafs team on saturday...good loss to snap our boys back to earth...

    23. Carm Capo

      Shutdown and shadow the leafs top line you will beat them. I don't know why teams don't shadow and cover Matthews and Marner more often.

    24. betterdays

      Wtf was Campbell not in net???

    25. TrueNorthGaming92

      Ilya mikheyev

    26. --

      Gg canucks I was tired of winning

    27. Blair Bailey

      Ok relax they just came off a 3 game series let's see them get em after a days rest.

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        @Blair Bailey Oh, man. Besides the fact that your name already makes you sound like a clown right there with me, I'm also not even going to point out what in your comment makes you look stupid too...

      2. Blair Bailey

        @Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK makes me feel like your a clown 🤡🤣😂

      3. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        @Blair Bailey Oilers miss the playoffs for a decade and still have more playoff series wins than the Leafs in the last 17 years lol. How's that make you feel? Enjoy the first round exit lolol

      4. Blair Bailey

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good one salty oiler fan you guys should try for another 1st round pick and still suck 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      5. Matt Oilers12

        Cry leaf fan cry

    28. breakaway2x

      I guess you can't win em all. It just always seems like the Leafs lose to the lowly Sens, the lowly Flames, and now the lowly Canucks when those teams were all struggling, but then dominate the hottest team in the NHL (Oilers) 13-1 over 3 games lol. I guess Leafs just trying to help all the sucky teams out and giving them free points. We always seem to want to help the last place teams. Buffalo wishes they could play against the Leafs. We'd give them their mojo back.

    29. Simon Selling

      demko is going to be the goalie of the year

    30. GiZ

      Заебали проёбывать аутсайдерам. Сто процентов договорняк очередной.

    31. LoudPack Bronny

      Leafs are in trouble if they face some great goaltending in the playoffs

      1. Gordon Graham

        ( insert team here ) are in trouble if they face some great goaltending in the playoffs.

    32. Levi Palmer


    33. greywolf0167

      stupid penalties

    34. TN ELLIOTT

      All I heard was what a save , and great save by Dempko

    35. SteveWK

      Hutch played great...but where's Freddy?

    36. Impulset0

      Leafs looked tired. Even still they had some incredible chances on Demko who shut them down bigly.

    37. B Att

      They knew we weren’t watching

    38. Shawzy Boy

      Canucks needed this man.

    39. iPermanently

      No Pettersson? No problem Demko said!

    40. edboy484

      I started watching partway through the game and had just finished shotgunning beer #1 when Jake scored #2

    41. Ryan Brett

      Can't be too hard on Hutch, no one is harder on him than himself. We can't discount the good looks he had tonight despite the few he let in

    42. Baby Yoda

      I guess the laughs I mean leafs aren't so good anymore LOL all this talk about being a Stanley Cup contending team is a joke. Can't even beat a team like Vancouver when a team like the Jets beat them five to two.

      1. Dtrain 99

        @Mean Bean lol you nice try kid couldn’t be more wrong even if you tired

      2. Mean Bean

        @Dtrain 99 any game Vancouver wins is a steal, ye have Myers on your 3rd pairing making 6 and let’s not talk about Louis eriksson

      3. Blair Bailey

        Leafs just came off a 3 game series and now in Vancouver your a clown 🤡🤣🤣

      4. --

        Baby Yoda who is your team?

      5. Dtrain 99

        @Mean Bean what 3 times the first 2 yes but the third game Fredrick Anderson stole them that game

    43. Rowdy_Roddy67

      Leafs lost a game after winning four straight and this is the second game of a back to back and the Leafs are tired and all the Leaf haters are saying they are terrible again?! Chill! Leafs can finally get some much needed rest and Saturday will be a different game. GLG and also R.I.P to Walter Gretzky 1938 - 2021

      1. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        @Rowdy_Roddy67 Your Leafs constantly play two teams that would be last in their own respective divisions if it was a normal season... And the Leafs have lost to those teams three times aleady... Only reason you Leafers get trolled is because you Leafers become absolute scum when you win, and then you all whine and make excuses when you lose. Leaf fans have turned the entire north division against their team... Which is truly an accomplishment given how much Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver hate eachother. Congrats...

      2. Rowdy_Roddy67

        @Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK See unlike some common Leaf fans, I give the other team their due diligence. They played a grittier game like Ottawa and came out with the win in the end and it's commendable to say the least and is probably the sort of style that teams should employ when facing the Leafs because it completely throws off their game entirely. In saying that, I would like to note that the Jets lost to the Habs who are the next closest team to us in the standings and the Leafs are above them by 7pts with a three game series beginning next week so to say the least I'm not worried yet? Key word there is " Yet " if by next Saturday the Leafs have dropped the first 2 games against the Jets and they see that cushion lead in the division diminish from 7 to 3 in the matter of two games then yeah I'd start to get a bit jittery considering we'd officially be at the halfway point of the season so it'll be make or break for some teams. Plus, with all the trade talk around and about anything can happen because we'd be one month away from deadline so to skip the 2 weeks teams probably would start to make deals now to skip the 2 week waiting period and get some decent reps in for players in a new system. So, again I repeat to the Haters and Leafs Trolls. Chill the hell out.

      3. Odoacer of the neo Roman Empire OK

        Rowdy_ Roddy67 Aaaaand... It was even worse on Saturday lolololol. What's the excuse now???

      4. Matt Oilers12

        Blah blah Leafs are trash

      5. Blair Bailey

        All this is Very true

    44. maudit Poète

      Bravo Vancouver! 🙃😎🙃

    45. Chris Cote

      No more Braden Holtby please

    46. Andrew Persaud

      Leafs decided it would be wise to shoot at the goalie today instead of open areas of the net. Ah well can't win em all.

    47. Ryan G

      Wtf... how?!?!

    48. Irfan Khan

      We can't win em all .. that's ok next game new chapter Go Leafs Go

      1. Blair Bailey

        Exactly what I said lastnight let's see them after a days rest man they just came off a 3 game series

    49. VanCityCanuck

      Just...play...Demko in night.

    50. Whitebird03

      A superb performance by Demko and the Canucks and another classic example whereas in any given game one team can beat another no matter where they are in the standings.

    51. Tom MacIntyre


    52. The Scare Channel

      I knew leafs were gonna lose this one, I know hockey oh too well. Whenever Leafs play these back2back games they lose em. And the weird late games like this always mess with the leafs motivation. Gotta be hard getting your legs going so damn late at night. I was still impressed they didn't just give up, they showed true effort even though no bounces going there way. Good game Canucks, u guys won this one fair n square, no excuses.

      1. Impulset0

        @Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre definitely.

      2. Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre

        @Impulset0 excuses,excuses......Maple laughs were outworked and played a soft game.

      3. Impulset0

        It probably would've been 6-3 Leafs if Demko wasn't on crack cocaine tonight.

      4. Dtrain 99

        @Mark Mata they also played pretty solid the first 20 I’ll give it to the leafs but after that not so much

      5. Mark Mata

        @Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre bro, only reason why the Canucks won was because of Demko. Guy was unreal last night. Ggs though.

    53. Jeffrey Adams

      Someone explain why hutch and not Campbell? And why hutch in any case?

      1. Dtrain 99

        @Blair Bailey he’s hurt it said he got a wrist injury last Saturday

      2. Blair Bailey

        Only thing I could think of is Campbell was sick or hurt 🤔

    54. Billy Bob Mirango

      Virtanen FINALLY goes to the net...... wow, I thought it was a mirage

    55. K HAM

      Ok im not gonna lie as an oilers fan this makes me feel sick to my stomach. Why god?why?

      1. Blair Bailey

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok bud good one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Fissey Gaming

        @Blair Bailey also atleast we can make it past the first round bud

      3. Blair Bailey

        Enjoy your 2nd win since like January you guys can have that one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. Blair Bailey

        We will see Saturday bud 🤣

      5. Dtrain 99

        @Blair Bailey both teams have played the same amount of games this week 3 games in 4 nights a one day isn’t that much of an advantage lol

    56. Seamus O'Leary

      Even the worst teams can sometimes pick off 'the top teams'.... it all starts with stellar goal tending... nice to see.

    57. Civil Brawl

      I thought Canada's team was unbeatable for the Nucks this year

      1. Dtrain 99

        @-- really they played team Canada a make up of the best Canadian hockey players our international team but they wear red not blue well you are dumb lol that was the leafs not Canada’s team

      2. --

        @Dtrain 99 yes they were

      3. Dtrain 99

        Well they weren’t playing Canada’s team

    58. ZWM.

      Ванкувер , Демко браво !!!

      1. Bombkar T

        Vancouver Demko bravo.

    59. Derps []

      not gonna do my malcolm subban stuff today y'all... not important. what really is important is that we honour mr. walter gretzky, and give our condolences to wayne and his family at this time.

    60. vedicardi

      demko was great but hutch had some great saves here too

    61. Trevor Philips

      Canada’s team wins again led by Roxy legend ‘Shotgun’ Jake and Thatcher ‘Goes To Bed Early, Eats The Right Way’ Demko

      1. Mandolorian1001

        @Sean Fraser im actually an oilers fan but whatever

      2. Sean Fraser

        Haha all the Leafs fans here are confused about the score and this comment.

      3. Mandolorian1001

        Put down the weed. You've had enough

      4. uppity

        HAHAHAA Canada's team .. please.

    62. Quons Lecn

      So the leafs beat the Oilers three in a row, but can't win against this minor league team? WTF

      1. Dtrain 99

        @-- who are you calling an idiot is the guy that cheers for two players and AHL team behind them?

      2. --

        This is their second game in a row you idiot

      3. Dtrain 99

        Well they didn’t play a minor league team so I wouldn’t say they can’t beat one never seen them play one

    63. BzInEo

      So Oilers lose 3 in a row to Toronto and get outscored 13-1. And Vancouver does this? You kidding me?

      1. Blair Bailey

        Don't worry Leafs were tried watch Saturday game's revenge on a BBQ comeing up

      2. Dtrain 99

        Yah pretty much

    64. Taylor B

      Wonder what the Russian people are saying in the comments

    65. Parker Threlkeld

      Jonathan Turnover Miller 2:50

    66. НХЛ по РУССКИ

      *Подписывайтесь на канал с русскоязычным обзором голов в НХЛ*

      1. Bombkar T

        Says this is the best channel for Russians to see nhl goals.

    67. Apex

      Lackluster loss for Leafs

      1. Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre

        @-- GUARANTEED.....you or grandkids won't see a Maple laughs parade in the 6. cursed Franchise.

      2. --

        @Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre stop hating and get a life you clown 🤡

      3. Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre

        @-- The truth hurts......loveable losers the Maple laughs. 1967 that's long long time ago.

      4. --

        @Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre get out of here I see you every time saying the same thing, do you have anything better to do with your life?

      5. Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre

        excuse, excuses......1967 cursed Franchise.

    68. Erin Butler

      That was a phenomenal pass from Schmidt to Edler on Horvat's goal!

    69. The21abc

      Demko clearly stole that one.

      1. Alex E

        Demo and Virtanen. Someone has to tho. We are missing Pettersson

    70. Ryan N. 95

      Are the Leafs really even good? They have the best record but they’ve only played Canadian teams because of the Covid situation. They haven’t seen Boston, they haven’t seen Tampa, they haven’t seen Pittsburgh, they haven’t seen, Vegas, they haven’t seen Carolina... even Florida is impressive this season and they haven’t played them either.

      1. --

        How are the penguins good?

      2. Northlander

        Pittsburgh ??? joke of a team !

      3. James Anthony

        When the Leafs play *TEAM DEFENSE* , and smart hockey they're good.

      4. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

        Yeah they’re good, every team has a bad game here and there. I mean, if a team like Boston could lose to the Red Wings last year then that just proves my point lol. But seriously, they’ve improved heavily and that series against the oilers pretty much proved it. Is there room for improvement? always, are they better than florida? 100%, could they match the other top american teams? debatable but I could see them giving them a run for their money.

    71. Chris Armatage

      It's fine...they kind of beat you at your own game. Demko played well. Enjoy some time off and...

    72. олег коршков

      Ванкувер молодец! Так и надо обыгрывать золотых мальчиков.

      1. Bombkar T

        Asking about Trymakin.

      2. Billy Bob Mirango

        Когда КХЛ вернет нам Никиту Трямкина?

    73. Hockey is life

      Leafs got smacked by a bottom tier team. Ouch.

      1. Tay

        You clearly didn't watch the game hahaha

    74. camelCase

      Sometimes you just run into a hot goalie. Just how it is.

    75. Energy Vampire

      And that was without Elias Pettersson. GG Canucks!

    76. AGuitaristBoi

      We haven’t had a win streak since the Senators. Fingers crossed we can pull off another win. 🤞🏼

    77. AJ Yu

      "Demko is a downgrade over Markstrom"

      1. G Mod

        At this point maybe so but in a year or two who knows. Demkos ceiling is high.

      2. Drew Jenkins

        He 100% is though ... played good tonight ... but that doesn't prove your point.

    78. Adam Rutkowski

      Virtanen finnaly shows up and Demko kept on robbing Toronto.

      1. Rose Spring

        he wakes up and makes goals. leafs get matthew back and loses their wining streak. hmmmmm.

    79. General Destiny

      Virtanen had the balls to pull that power move cause he knew that the Leafs are soft

    80. Toronto Maple Leafs

      canadas team wins tonight in overtime and the make me laffs lose, doesnt get any better.

      1. Tay

        @TRU Winnipegjets I’d be salty too if my city couldn’t prevent a relocation to Phoenix 🤣 You’re impressive. Team hasn’t won a thing and you can talk 🤡

      2. TRU Winnipegjets

        @Dtrain 99Clearly you dont know the Canucks dont have a cup either and they've been around since 1970, So dont try talk bud.😂

      3. Toronto Maple Leafs

        @Wendel Clark’s Moustache yeah was the jets more before than quebec but now eveyrone wants the nords back

      4. Dtrain 99

        @TRU Winnipegjets Yah but a team that got relocated to the desert and has no cups yah the laughing stock of Canada is the jets

      5. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

        @Toronto Maple Leafs The Nordiques since they seem to be the one Canadian team every Canadian seems to actually miss.

    81. John Smith

      Canada's team walks out with the win

      1. huuu Ha

        @Landen Denisenko sb indeed

      2. Dtrain 99

        @Toronto Maple Leafs no their is no Canada’s team

      3. Toronto Maple Leafs

        nah canadas team won in overtime tonight.

    82. Slammin' eagle babies

      Virtanen's trade value went up. Keep it up Virtanen.

    83. Влад Бондарев

      Не повезло бывает

    84. Jordan Monahan

      Thank god for Virtanen and Demko! Solid effort all around. Hawryluk and michaelis hopefully here to stay

    85. BOStudios1

      Did Pettersson not play this game?

      1. Marcus Apchin

        @BOStudios1 No problem!

      2. BOStudios1

        @Marcus Apchin ahhh I havent seen it, thanks tho

      3. Marcus Apchin

        Day-to-day with an upper body injury.

    86. нυмαη ƒєllα

      Demko and this core of Horvat, Petterson, Boeser, and Hughes will be a big part of the Canucks' future in a couple years when they're contenders. Even when they lose the Canucks are always a fun team to watch.

      1. James Anthony

        Canucks' *Goals Against* is next to last in the league last time I looked. They have pieces, yes, with Hughes, Petterson (been invisible at times), Boeser and Horvat.

    87. ryukiT3

      if that was holtby they would have lost 7-3

      1. Robert Tang

        @Breaking Point Holtby haven't been good since the 2016-17 season and 2018 playoffs

      2. Breaking Point

        Yea holtbys been a disaster

      3. jim Boi

        Sad but true

    88. K Wright

      Great job Canucks against a "tired" team. Wait.. Canucks have more GP... I think we are the tired team...

      1. K Wright

        Wasssssup tonight guys. What's your excuse for tonight's loss

      2. Blair Bailey

        @Tay oh yeahhhhhh 😎🥳

      3. Tay

        @K Wright No one’s upset 😂 We’re first in the league

      4. K Wright

        All I see is butthurt Toronto fans that keep getting beat by last place teams. IE Vancouver and Ottawa

      5. Blair Bailey

        It's OK Vancouver won only 1 game all of last month 🤣

    89. Jack Edwards


      1. Rowdy_Roddy67

        @Jack Edwards definitely convinced that your a troll. Also if your saying mommy help for me I turned 22 on March 1st bud come at me

      2. Jack Edwards

        @Rowdy_Roddy67 MOMMY HELP

      3. Rowdy_Roddy67

        @Jack Edwards Leaf Hater absolutely prone to not listening to common sense

      4. Jack Edwards

        @Rowdy_Roddy67 STILL MULCH

      5. Rowdy_Roddy67

        Bro they lost a game after winning 3 straight and are playing a 2nd game of a back to back chill

    90. Lui Cordero

      Stanley cup here we come!!!!

      1. Blair Bailey

        🤣 yeah I was even cheering for Vancouver in my sundin jersey like what the hell happened even up 2-0 in that series

      2. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

        You could get arrested in Vancouver for shouting that, last time you guys said that... jesus I don’t even want to remember.

    91. Prabhkirat Suri

      At a point leafs looked like they were playing in slow motion. This lose wasn't a bad one, I mean hutch was off today, back to back road games. Leafs were due, they get bout 3-4 wins then have that one weird slow loss. Its fine, lets get back at it on Saturday. Ggs Nucks, yall played a great one.

      1. Prabhkirat Suri

        @Bjorn Lothbrok How is the fact that the leafs played 2 back to back in difference provinces and they played slow an excuse. Isn't that how u lose, by playing bad? And if you taka a look at the games you'll see that we win 3-4 every singe time and then lose one bad one. I dont get whats so hard to understand about that, theres literal evidence. If you have nothing to say that makes sense then just stop talking.

      2. WarshawGamesHD

        ​@Ryan DeBoer Canucks made it further in one playoff run last year than leafs have in a decade and a half. I don't see what hate you were talking about the "Nucks fans giving" Mans pointed out a fact, he said it was a good game by nucks, so why the need to make all those excuses? All thats needed is a GG.

      3. Dtrain 99

        @Ryan DeBoer it’s funny same situation for the Canucks when we played the leafs Im fine with the excuse it’s a factor the back to backs where the problem comes in other leaf fans saying we’re making excuses well now the leafs got small taste of what the Canucks have had in this first half of the season

      4. Ryan DeBoer

        Wow, seemed like a pretty fair assessment of the leafs tonight to me. Why all they hate nucks fans? We can afford a slow night. Sure we didn’t get two points, but we don’t mind giving bottom feeders like yourselves 2. If we lose, it’s better to give up the point to you then any of the top 4 atm. Have fun catching the flames lol.

      5. iR Clan

        @Bjorn Lothbrok leafs suck ass

    92. Alex E

      2:55 Now thats a hat pick!

    93. Shabaz Patel


      1. Cobra8529

        Defense needs to tighten up. Cant expect a goalie to play that amazing every single game. Especially with the little break they get between games.

    94. kenny


    95. sasha hart

      PLEASE it would be so much smarter to put Demko as the starter and have Holtby as backup. Demko's only going to get better and Holtby is only gonna get worse from here, not to mention how static he is in net

      1. Dtrain 99

        @sasha hart Holtby only started Tuesday because of this game rest Demko for this one and Saturday

      2. sasha hart

        @Sam since when

      3. Sam

        This is already the case

    96. Rich N

      Hey Loui Eriksson!!! Where are you?

      1. Loui Eriksson

        @Wendel Clark’s Moustache Not true, Im real popular at the bank

      2. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

        @Loui ErikssonOff topic but I just realized your meme account is probably more popular than the actual IRL dude. That’s kinda sad lmao

      3. Loui Eriksson

        @Wendel Clark’s Moustache your just another kid trying to bite my style. doesn't work with boomers bro

      4. Wendel Clark’s Moustache

        @Loui Eriksson I, the moustache of the saviour known as “Wendel Clark” am more powerful than you, King Louie. Back down or I will have no choice but to use 5% of my power.

      5. Loui Eriksson

        @Wendel Clark’s Moustache lol "series", you talk like this is the first rd... oh wait

    97. SluggerStark

      Great game by Jake the 🐍🐍

    98. faze jeep

      finally i can watch another LFR tomorrow

    99. Moe Motala

      can’t win em all, back at it again saturday boys

    100. Jon Snoff