NHL Game Highlights | Senators vs. Flames - Mar. 4, 2021


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    Dillon Dube recorded his first career NHL hat trick as the Calgary Flames beat the Ottawa Senators 7-3.

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    1. Mr. David

      Let these two battle out for fifth with the canucks.

    2. Daniel West

      Haven't watched a hockey highlight all year. Picked a pretty exciting place to get started...

    3. ckendall67

      At least the Flames gave coach Geoff Ward a victory in his last game behind the bench before Darryl Sutter makes his return. ;-)

    4. R.D Nutz

      What about Mr George Mangiapane?! How come he didn't get a hatty? 🤔

    5. vedicardi

      the sens lol

    6. Gogalen789

      Flames were flying on the ice in this game more than who knows when.

    7. Damien Chance

      @:21 i wonder if Andersson passed the puck to the sens player and then scored...that's going to be a dang it

    8. Jake Armentrout

      If only Brett Ritchie played like that in Boston

    9. javier book shadows contributor du

      41st comment flame on

    10. Shasha May

      Murray is dust.

    11. Anonymous

      Why would ya fire the coach after a win like that? Wtf?

      1. Maurice Del Taco

        The move has been in the works for a while. Darryl only has to quarantine until Monday. Decision was likely made when they were getting destroyed by Ottawa making last night’s game inconsequential.

      2. Riot U7

        Inconsistency. They blowout a team, and then get blown out. Back and fourth, hopefully they keep Ward in the organization but keep him away from coaching

    12. Johnny Fountains

      I prefer the Hitmen to the flames.

    13. Maurice Del Taco

      Sutter back in the ‘dome! Keep him for the full three years and trade anybody that he views as a problem. These lazy spoiled brats are in for a rude awakening. About to learn a thing or two about hard work.

    14. Maurice Del Taco

      Malcolm Subban is black. And this was a big win for Canada’s team!

    15. Heinrich Patan

      I wish the sens would have solid goal tending

    16. Bender Bending Rodríguez

      What is goaltending?

    17. Shelby 1


    18. Connie McFairy

      Monahan will demand a trade the second Sutter yells at him.

      1. Chris T

        hopefully. i think a lot of calgary fans would be pleased with that decision.

    19. Floyd The Barber

      Sens need to improve their D, goalies getting shelled

    20. BRT Life

      Mr. Melnyk, you're making a big mistake by not giving me the contract of director of hockey operations. Because you're depriving yourself of the Stanley Cup.

      1. Maurice Del Taco

        Well said. I’ve always felt that way too.

    21. JuanTurks27

      Sens are soft. The roster is too young, they need a better vet presence to get some balls in that locker room besides Brady and Whitey. They get manhandled and it’s embarrassing honestly

      1. JuanTurks27

        @Jeremy Neal How so? Not that I'm disagreeing I'm just curious. My point was kind of along the same line in that they don't necessarily have the "right" veteran presence right now.

      2. Jeremy Neal

        As a Sens fan I can say that its actually the Vets that have been the problem for the most part

    22. Derps []

      not gonna do my malcolm subban stuff today y'all... not important. what really is important is that we honour mr. walter gretzky, and give our condolences to wayne and his family at this time.

      1. Maurice Del Taco

        Don’t worry I got you covered bud

    23. Robert P.

      Ward gone!

    24. rbrucerye

      Flames win. Then they get a new coach. What a weird night.

      1. ckendall67

        @CanadianChaos Last time Darryl Sutter was their head coach they went to the Finals in 2004. Not sure I see that happening this time around though.

      2. CanadianChaos

        Or rather the old coach from 2003. They went full retro tonight.

    25. Musicrecords10

      Now the coach is fired

    26. Christian Kiyawasew

      member when people were saying Murray was better than Fleury? Lmao. Yikes.

      1. STOP

        @Chase there where alot of pens fans saying murray is better when flower was picked up bye vegas lol

      2. Heavy4th

        @Chase There has been a few of those im afraid. Atleast back when he was announced for Vegas.

      3. Chase

        Literally no one has ever said that

    27. Thee KitKat

      Man Murry is just 😬

    28. Matt Oilers12

      A day of mourning rip Walter Gretzky love you hockey world.

      1. Aydin The Blazer

        @Connie McFairy just bc hes an oilers fan doesnt mean u have to be that disrespectful

      2. Daniel Krilov

        @Connie McFairy have some respect

      3. Connie McFairy

        Who cares

    29. Sports All day

      Dzingel looked like 2018-19 Dzingel. If he continues this that would be one of the better moves dorion did, especially considering the great value he got from him

    30. ZWM.

      Калгари с победой !!!

    31. Русаков Сергей

      Русского хорошего вратаря Оттаве явно не хватает, глядишь и нападающие стали бы забивать по чаще.

    32. Sports All day

      In this series, whoever wins by a large margin

    33. Rich N

      Every time Sens vs Flames, it is going to be high scoring, whether it’s the Sens, or the Flames

    34. Troy W

      Dube with the hatty LETS GO

    35. FrequencyVibrations

      Ryan Dzingel revenge tour 😈

    36. offbeatfn

      Rest in peace to Walter Gretzky

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    38. Anthony Wozniak

      Hey look the Dr.Jekyl flames showed up!

      1. Doge Gaming

        Flames be like: *Oh yeah we're actually good I forgot*

    39. Gabe and Kalan the friends forever


      1. Alex Tran


      2. DavoPlayz