NHL Game Highlights | Blue Jackets vs. Stars - March 04, 2021


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    Boone Jenner had a goal and an assist, Oliver Bjorkstrand and Eric Robinson added third-period goals, and the Columbus Blue Jackets held off a late rally attempt to beat the struggling Dallas Stars 3-2.

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    1. Fingur Blaftur 9000


    2. javier book shadows contributor du

      22nd comment Dallas cup final app hangover is for real.

    3. javier book shadows contributor du

      22nd comment Dallas cup final app hangover is for real.

    4. 15% Battery

      I can't front the Stars Stink right now... What a difference from last season...💩🚾

    5. a.makarov makarov

      Что происходит !!!

    6. Дмитрий Ванин

      Без Радула Даллас сдуло.

    7. TinnieTa21

      You know what's funny? Laine complained about not playing with Scheifele on the top line in Winnipeg. Well, now he's playing with Roslovic who was what, Winnipeg's third-line center?

      1. MJC

        Ya and look how he is playing he hasn't done much for 10 or 12 games , 3 goals in 12 games scoring , in only 2 of those 12 games he gets his 7 mil a year to score but doesn't seen to have much fight in his game

      2. Brayden Koons

        Well Roslovic is playing a lot better with the Jackets then he was with the Jets

    8. Tiger58

      Oof Khudobin's five hole was the difference between winning and losing

    9. Александр Ляшенко

      Зашевелились в конце третьего периода. А до этого времени не было.

    10. Derps []

      not gonna do my malcolm subban stuff today y'all... not important. what really is important is that we honour mr. walter gretzky, and give our condolences to wayne and his family at this time.

    11. Владимир Первушин

      Даллас непонятен и сумбурен🤯👎🤢🤢🤢

    12. Vitaliy Khal

      пенсионерам премии не платят, даллас вообще не хочет забивать,,????

    13. Owen McGlone

      Bjorkstrand is the most underrated winger in the Central.

    14. Рома Серго

      Даллас имеет все шансы пролететь мимо плова. Кто знает, почему раду не играет?

      1. Рома Серго

        @Ivan Kvasov спасибо

      2. Ivan Kvasov


    15. Κώστας[GRE]

      2:36 That's a dang it!

    16. 9FIVE

      What a goal by Boone. Holy hell that was awesome.

    17. Chris Zimmerman

      The stars are a bunch of bullies

      1. S.A.Cmajor

        yeah they gooned there way to the stanly cup along with the refs help then got slapped, glad to see them in last place.

      2. King Los

        Lol they’re getting bullied by the entire division

      3. Alex Chen

        Excuse me? How?