NHL Game Highlights | Coyotes vs. Kings - March 03, 2021


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    Clayton Keller and Nick Schmaltz scored power-play goals in the second period, and Antti Raanta made 40 saves in the Arizona Coyotes' 3-2 victory over the Los Angeles Kings.

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    1. Malagoo

      Cool Content, Keep the Grind Up!👑

    2. Gogalen789

      Kings within 1 goal :)

    3. MrOstrom002

      Härligt Johan!!!!

    4. Se Un

      I know Kings swept 2 games at Arizona, but tonight it was the Yotes' turn to return the favor. LOL!

    5. Derps []

      malcolm subban is black also raanta still showing how elite he is still

      1. Slammin' eagle babies

        @Alex H I think Derps has a few loose screws.

      2. Slammin' eagle babies

        "Malcolm Subban is black." Ok?

      3. Alex H

        Jesus christ do you ever get tired of this? It was funny the first 1 000 000 times

    6. НХЛ по РУССКИ

      *Подписывайтесь на канал с русскоязычным обзором голов в НХЛ*

    7. SteveWK

      Great game Raanta!

    8. javier book shadows contributor du

      5th comment

    9. Руслан Болдырев

      Койоты молотчаги! Хотя ЛА не ахти какая команда.

    10. Dylan Levy

      I've lived in LA my whole life been to many games.. did the goal horn get epilepsy?

      1. Goal Horn Geek

        @Troll #1322 here in Carolina, we have 2. One of them is our main guy but the other one is a girl and she does it a few times in a season. Her first time doing it, she accidentally did 2 blasts instead of 3

      2. Daniel McMuffin

        @Troll #1322 yessssssss

      3. Troll #1322

        @Daniel McMuffin you know only one person controls the horn right?

      4. Daniel McMuffin

        yall abuse it too much, please stop scoring /yotes fan

    11. jonathan malka

      I'm glad doughty is doing well, some people dont put enough respect in his name

    12. Troll #1322

      Vilardi looking great for the future, glad Doughty got on the board. GKG

    13. Monsieur Stalin

      Go yotes