NHL Worst Plays Of The Week: YOU LOST TO YOUR OWN ZAMBONI DRIVER! | Steve's Dang-Its


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    8:02 Emergency Backup Goalie David Ayres
    Steve Dangle shares his picks for worst plays of the week in the NHL including a questionable hit by Jamie Benn, an unlucky bounce for the Minnesota Wild and emergency goalie David Ayres putting on a show in Toronto against the team that employs him.

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    1. Wyroba

      The Leafs...Lost...To...A 42 Year Old Zamboni Driver ...Who Works for them. Name a bigger Dang It

      1. Jon Whetter

        @Oliver Heck the only thing that makes the leafs the worse one is the fact that Ayers works for them

      2. Grant Bailey

        Buffalo Sabres

      3. SportsCast1


      4. Samarth Rai

        worst dang it of all time

      5. Michael Masi

        Vesa Toskala 197 Feet

    2. Josh Dworman

      15:09 obvious pick

    3. GunlockerGlock

      We need a supercut of Steve yelling that over and over again.

    4. Michael Shrute

      12:32 his blocker has the leafs logo lol

    5. David Stewart

      Let's be fair. The Hurricanes played like it was a Game 7. And so did the Leafs.

    6. Wonderdavy

      Ok everyone, all together! “They lost to a 42 year old Zamboni driver who works for them!!!”

    7. Jay D

      IMO ... the silence to Luongo's tweet is a better reaction because it's the ONLY reaction humanly possible on this planet. A planet on which the Toronto Maple Leafs lost to a 42 year old zamboni driver ... WHO WORKS FOR THEM.

    8. Hockey Shorts

      I love how u said he's a ninja LOL

    9. Shawn Gavin

      This video hits funnier after the video with David 😂

    10. Isaiah Scobel

      17:55 for the zamboni driva

    11. John Albrecht

      12:33 look at the blocker it has a leafs symbol on it

    12. phen

      "If Patrick Mahomes goes up against the dude who paints the lines on the field, who are you picking?" Great googily moogily.

    13. Kathryn Kunz

      DANG IT!!!!

    14. Kurtis Workman

      Is anyone else fascinated by the fact that the Canes had a jersey made for him ahead of time?

      1. Spleenface

        They didn’t. They just have a blank jersey, some letters and a sewing kit. Sorry to disappoint...

    15. C. K.

      0:36 Draisaitl’s Dang It was also funny

    16. faze jeep

      anyone else love how sportsnet put a timestamp for david ayres

    17. Noah Siegal-London

      "The Leafs have an employ-EEEEEEEE"

    18. Eazzy

      'They can't beat their employees!' Out of context thats great

    19. Isaiah Scobel

      You know whats the difference between the 2012-2013 avalanche and your maple leafs? They don't injure the other teams goalies. THATS HOW YOU GOT YOUR A^&@# HANDED TO YOU

    20. Epic Gamer

      I remember watching this live and just laughing out loud when the Canes won.

    21. JT Shark

      The fact the Canes had to point him to the right net is funny

    22. Adam Dobrer

      Happy belated Ayresiversary!

    23. Call me Car bomb

      1 year ago today never forget

    24. Orlando Jackson

      He's wearing blue pants! No Hurricanes goalie has ever worn blue pants, not since they were the [Hartford] Whalers!

    25. Oscar Abel

      15:16 sound is the best!

    26. Double Double 4G

      Ah, almost a year ago and still as funny as if it were yesterday... unless you're a Leafs fan XD

    27. kwilson20021

      1 year later, still just as awesome

    28. leoberget

      W 😂😂

    29. Logan Page

      Ayers did legitimately play good hockey though, well in the second half of his play.

    30. Hayden Ellis

      Who else is here in 2021 😂

    31. Confused Cas

      Hearing the EBUG story from a leafs fan might actually be the funniest thing I’ve ever heard 😂😂😂 as a canes fan and a bruins fan? This was such a great moment xD

      1. james ward-gwilliam

        Did you watch Steve's LFR on it. It's even better because its pure game reaction rage before he calmed down 🤣

    32. Noah Overby

      No that’s not slashing it only broke a guy’s bone

    33. Robert Thiesen

      Comedy Gold.

    34. Andrew ONeil

      Amazing stories die in flames as soon as they play against your team

    35. Jay D

      Luongo's tweeter is a gold mine sometimes.

    36. Scott Langley

      Steve, your reaction is a dang it

    37. Scott Langley

      As a Stars fan I'm good with the 5 minute major and game misconduct.

    38. Tarquin

      This just never stops being funny.

    39. Nolan G

      This video doesn't get old

    40. Antti Syrjälä

      Just think. If Mrazek would have went the Hasek vs Gaborik route, the Leafs wouldn't have lost to a zamboni driver. Good thing he didn't do it because now we can always bring up the fact that the Leafs lost to a zamboni driver!

    41. Duke Anderson

      Steve is awesome, give him his own channel

    42. Chris Ramsteck

      How old was the Zamboni driver again?

      1. englenn806

        He was 42 years old last season but turned 43 recently

    43. Mark Kuszelewski

      Timbits hockey played after the 2nd intermission so that's why leaf's played like minor hockey against the Zamboni goaltender. I went there that game is embarrassing staff members paid 500.00 dollars to a 42 year old Zambonie Driver of course. So he's happy with his pay cheque.

    44. Mark Kuszelewski

      Clifford punched Mrazek jaw straight onto the the helmet chin strap so its likely a goaltender inference for two minutes.

    45. Mark Kuszelewski

      its not an infraction no blood spill

    46. Coach Steve

      best video on the internet

    47. Tristan Bell

      NHL refs are an absolute joke, completely incompetent clowns.

    48. Darnokman

      I was at that leaf game hahaahhhaha

    49. Jtromm

      That slash looks like the one that Adam Banks took in the mighty ducks movie

    50. The Chonky Duckling

      Okay based off the video I think he’s hinting towards the fact that the leafs lost to there own Zamboni Driver

    51. Keefer Smotherland

      the last 4 minutes of this video made me laugh so hard i was almost crying ... omg that was too awesome !

    52. Nuclear TV

      i have left a comment in the comment box down below

    53. Mastercraft37

      8:05 lol

    54. SnarkySqueege

      As I rewatch this, Hyman's hit was not needed and caused an injury... That's hockey I guess but it's ok and only a 2 minute penalty pfft ok... Clifford, why was he going to poke the puck and not play it like normal??? Clifford knew the goalie was coming otherwise he would have played it like normal and taken it behind the net! Sure the hit, I'll say it was unfortunate and if the goalie is gonna say the puck, he's "fair game" but not for a monster hit, that's the fine line. I just don't get how it can be said that Hymans hit was just a shove... And how everyone here says Clifford didn't see the goalie. Fast sport or not, reflexes and tendencies take over in situations. Here's my questions, is it ok to use an opponent to injure another player? Is it ok to hit a goalie when they are out of their crease? That's the debate.

    55. Bubbles800 Gaming

      the brodcast with the ekman larson a hevy hit is benn and ekman larson is slow to get yeah he's gonna be slow to get he almost died

    56. H3AdSh0tZ EL1TE

      i could watch this man scream at the top of his lungs forever

    57. William Leaves

      I know it was a slash but c’mon... he kinda deserved it 😅

    58. Victor Persson

      17:22 *You're lying! Lemme see!*

    59. krystel hurlburt

      crowbcat vicetrailer seashanties acg megacapitalg snow

    60. Annalisa Hartmann

      "This season...what you expect, is the exact opposite of what you'd expect." *Coronavirus has joined the chat*

    61. elon musk

      Leafs are trash

    62. Pat French

      My ultimate reaction to this game was "IT'S LIKE WHEN JOHN LENNON THOUGHT JESUS WAS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE OR SOMETHIN'!!!!"

    63. mgunter

      His goalie glove had the Leafs logo on it.

    64. Logan Coffman

      “This season it seems like what to expect is the exact opposite of what you’d expect” oh past Steve you had no idea how true that statement was Handing out the cup in September. Just finished the draft in October that took 11 hours or something like that. Free agency starting in October. Been a year of not knowing what to expect

    65. 24knixjajr

      Refs are just stupid

    66. Fizzi

      6:36 stop. just. stop. why...

    67. Killerbeast 2508

      Happy 7 months!

    68. awkc 63

      There are so many Leaf fans all over Ontario. Hate most of the fan base. I make sure they hear this weekly, as well as losing to Boston that time in the playoffs. 😂

    69. Fear The Bear

      Junior B not just a Zamboni driver.

    70. Michael Newey

      If you ever are having a bad day just listening to Steve yell about the Leafs Losing ti David Ayers makes it better.

    71. Ree_michele

      100% agree about Jamie Benn. Definitely should have been a suspension because if that was any of the guys you listed it would have been.

    72. j4d3 goat

      What a story about the Leafs and David Ayres! I'm an NHL follower in **New Zealand** and I've just heard about this! I only hope that the Leafs can see the funny side of the thing!

    73. Adam Watson

      you are focused on the pants and not the mask!

    74. Scott Aznavourian

      Wtf was murazek doing...dumbass

    75. Scott Aznavourian

      The part that gets to me is he works for them 😆

    76. shoknifeman2 mikado

      The refs have been kissing the Leafs butts for years, just watch any Leafs-Habs game!

    77. shoknifeman2 mikado

      No penalty on either side if I'm ref it was a collision at home plate

    78. GoldenKnight29

      What if Ryan Reaves laid that hit

    79. moonglow630

      Nice to hear former Sharks announcer Drew Remenda calling a goal on former Sharks goalie Alex Stalock. And then next play, former Shark Gus Nyquist. And let’s not forget James Reimer, involved in “the incident” Love my boys!!! #SharksForLife 🦈🦈🦈🦈🏒🥅

    80. Evan Atwood

      He’s wearing a Leafs helmet

    81. Andrew Stump

      actually, curtis macelhinney wore blue pants for a while in carolina. but not the whole year.

    82. Jack Aubrey


    83. Dubn8r

      Jamie Benn is GUTLESS. These videos make me sick because I see punks like him getting away with murder

    84. Daniel Smallman

      this video montage would be a lot better without Steve

    85. Jeremy.Ford Avon

      If Clifford didn't know that the goalie was coming, why would he reach for the puck?

    86. Evan Berger

      Whatever happens in the Columbus Toronto series, they LOST TO THEIR OWN ZAMBONI DRIVER

    87. Ken Body

      I am a zamboni driver, and you are a f....n idiot. You don’t know a thing about hockey

    88. oopopp x

      Draisaitl meant to do that...

    89. Logan Brunet

      Just noticed that foegle takes dermott and just skated away at 9:37

    90. Vince Conti

      Dang it

    91. XXXAidenPlayzXXX

      Go Dave Ayers and go canes lol

    92. Pascal Lanouette

      6:25 its george parros, not jordan

    93. TheY2AProblem

      How is it charging? How is it anything? The goalie is so far out he may as well have been another skater, and the collision was just both of them going for the puck at the same time.

    94. Preds72

      "Stop giving other teams your goalies" I love that line

    95. Tiger58

      I think if the league was rigged in the Leafs' favor, they would've won a cup in the last 50 years.

    96. Ultra Instinct Vegeta

      I got that number for the truck, it was 73

    97. Jouni Vuorinen

      I have to appreciate Your Fandom of the Leafs, but it just makes me laugh when You say: They lost to a 42 year old Zamboni driver! Such passion! May Your wishes of the Leafs Stanley Cup win come true...someday

    98. Paul French

      This is why it's now a game misconduct plus 3 games

    99. Jack Logansmith

      I've heard the Carolina perspective several times. It's good to hear the feed of the Hockey Night in Canada broadcasters.

    100. toptenguy1

      Writing this in July, 2020 : I remember that game. Awesome memory from 3 years ago... WHAT? THAT WAS EARLIER THIS YEAR?!?!?