Patrik Laine Drops The Gloves After Noah Hanifin Crosschecks Kyle Connor Into Boards


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    Patrik Laine drops the gloves to defend Kyle Connor after his teammate was crosschecked by Noah Hanifin.

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    Julkaistu 3 kuukautta sitten


    1. TheOMGsee

      And all this time I've been pronouncing his last name as ‘Lane’

    2. Draven Long

      Lainemania runnin' wild brother!

    3. poodtang2

      0:35 Glad Mathew Tkachuk # 19 got his hair cut.

    4. Ash Bash

      Taney coming in like a girl. Same goes for Tkachuk. What a surprise..

      1. Ash Bash

        Tkachuk talking like a tough guy, acting like a turtle. Hmm, how can anyone take this guy seriously.

    5. GAO XIN

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    6. S

      To think this kinda game would be his last in Winnipeg Jets. Winnipeg will probably regret this decision but whatever.

    7. Charming nowhere to hide

      That was brilliant.. thank you!!!?

    8. vesa ekroos

      Hyvä Patrik Jumala rakastaa kaikkia,ole oikeudenmukainen ja rehti vain sen..Siunausta..🙌🏒

    9. palikarva kakaa

      Patrik Laine torilla tavataan Kurri ja pesone

    10. SpyVigilant

      Oh, Tkachuk found a player he dares to fight. Father will be proud.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Hey!! Great vid!!

    11. minij hooi

      Gordie Howe hat trick in the first game of the season

    12. N4TE

      Last game in a jets uniform!

    13. Jussi Hämäläinen

      i dont know why, but laine looks like belongs to middle ages

    14. TK _vids_

      Who’s here after the trade

    15. dick dickson

      1. minij hooi

        His Father, Dolph Lundgren, is a proud man

    16. Cassie

      thank you for this nice video ??. I like it.

    17. Buddy Holly

      We need Laine back

      1. Buddy Holly

        @Backwayonly that didn't age well :(

      2. Backwayonly

        Yes, more than ever now

    18. Duc Ngoc


    19. bssni touir

      I like heel Laine.

    20. gtoss chddy

      He's starting to embrace his viking heritage. Go Laine.

    21. timomastosalo

      Tkachuk yapping with Laine tho I'm sure he knew what Hanifin did. Didn't know much about him before, but this tilts his rep to the wrong side.

      1. bssni touir

        Great start to his season

    22. foopyu nooui

      Tesoman tykki, The guns of Tesoma

      1. bssni touir

        Kunnon äijjä

    23. Corey Redding

      terrible hit on connor

      1. gtoss chddy

        Some body please give Laine a hair cut before the rest of it falls out.

    24. Tom smith

      the ref jabbed that guy pretty good lol

      1. chding zuure

        Remember when hockey players fought

    25. Evan Kelly

      Laine reminds me of anders Cain from goon 😂

      1. chding zuure

        Some body please give Laine a hair cut before the rest of it falls out.

    26. Lari

      Ompa vaikee pheli

      1. foopyu nooui

        It's definitely boarding, but how dumb do you have to be to angle towards the boards the last second before being hit while leaning forward...

    27. Eero Vahtola

      That's an ugly tackle. That could cause issues in neck and spine, very dangerous. No doubt Laine is angry.

      1. Bolia Fops

        Great start to his season

    28. S S

      His Father, Dolph Lundgren, is a proud man

      1. S S

        @Bolia Fops You liked it

      2. Bolia Fops

        Oh wow !! This is so lame ! Sad really.

    29. Ogie Ogilthorpe

      Wish I was in town...

      1. Cassie

        thank you for this nice video ??. I like it.

    30. Amped Racing & Repair

      Little turtle is coming in when a guys engaged already? Surprise surprise

    31. Eastern Saxon

      Laine looking to lose some chicklets.

    32. Ndfjfjfjfbfbfbfb dkdkei2kejrj

      Laine look him this is how you must fight!

    33. Mad Jimbo

      Laine is embarrassing. A poor mans scorer.

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Damn that's a bad hit. Ouch.

    34. ricter29

      Haha just listen to the fans going wild 😝

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Lol, that was nothing. Typical euro tuffness.

    35. tikitiki39

      Oh wow !! This is so lame ! Sad really.

    36. Soinas Doyi

      Great start to his season

    37. mika123123

      Kunnon äijjä

    38. Electric Caveman

      Some body please give Laine a hair cut before the rest of it falls out.

    39. jhlaxbro27

      Remember when hockey players fought

    40. Connor Twomey

      It's definitely boarding, but how dumb do you have to be to angle towards the boards the last second before being hit while leaning forward...

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Shout out to the linesman in that scrum. You see his face? lol

    41. Fraser McArthur

      Thought he wanted out of the Peg

    42. Terry Johnson

      Dirty hit

    43. Bolia Fops

      If Big Buff was there we can all agree he’ll deliver a massive hit on anyone lol

    44. Tony Jackson

      I was watching hockey and a Jerry Springer cat fight broke out.

    45. iam stevenson

      Laine does it all!

    46. Ryan Figueroa

      Good for pat

    47. Jason Thompson

      Lol, that was nothing. Typical euro tuffness.

      1. Jason Thompson

        @Bolia Fops English only. If not, stfu.

      2. Bolia Fops

        no ompa vaikee pjeli

    48. David Harrow

      Damn that's a bad hit. Ouch.

    49. Jay Dee

      He's starting to embrace his viking heritage. Go Laine.

      1. Executive Sonda

        Finns weren't vikings.

    50. Paul Freeman

      Oh man chucky boy is always 3rd man in . Punching a guy from behind . And like who needs a 3rd man in on a laine?

    51. Iam Canadian

      Lol.. that’s embarrassing.

    52. Kore

      Nice career change from Hulk Hogan👍🏽

    53. mijuo roui

      Laine looks scary lol

    54. Greydon Square

      Shout out to the linesman in that scrum. You see his face? lol

    55. Mirka Mäkinen


    56. RTC1655

      that Tkachuk sucker punch though..

    57. ンKyyryGoblinン

      Laine ihan Solmus:D

      1. mijuo roui

        Yessir 😤

    58. Masa 23


    59. D Heat

      That's not a fight

      1. Winnipegjets 280

        Maybe not but hes standing up for his linesmate after a dirty hit.😝

    60. alec welker

      It ain't dropping the gloves when the refs are already involved. If Laine was about it his gloves would've been off IMMEDIATELY. Fake tough guy move.

    61. --

      no ompa vaikee pjeli

    62. glassman204

      Laine would of got knocked out if the refs let the fight continue. That’s why the refs stopped the fight

    63. Aiden 69

      He didn’t get 5 minutes. Therefor he did not drop the gloves

    64. Remo Lalougarou

      No penalty. Clean crosscheck to the back and head first in the boards. Yeap its legal but bann the fighting thoo, way to dangerous someone might get hurt in a fight. Never mind the clean crosscheck with dove soap . National Joke League. Tks Bettman.

    65. vinasu maaj

      Laine got statsny back and now hes gonna decide to play hockey ...look out nhl hes gonna dominate

    66. Warped Pulley

      Laine looks good as a goon.

    67. derek Maud

      Laine wearing a turtle neck?

    68. Goon Hayes

      Still not a line brawl but you guys are getting a little tougher 👏.

      1. vinasu maaj

        Nothing in that video.

    69. themodsify

      Canned cheering?

    70. Tou Lee

      Where's big buff when you need him?

    71. Ryan Dunlop

      Yessir 😤

    72. M W

      What's shmeegle doing out there?

    73. Kalen Peters

      Didnt even fight lmaoooo

    74. DdDten

      Cant fight! corona virus bro!

    75. Joseph Dillon

      Guess we can kiss all the covid rules goodbye 🤣🤣🤣

    76. Ryan L

      Look at Tkachuk, going after another goon after fighting that pugilist Ethan Bear last season. Brave lad.

    77. Patrick D

      I dont think players are intimidated by Tkachuk, I think they’re just afraid of being slewfooted by him.

    78. Maurice Del Taco

      Took Tkachuk one game to get the whole city of Winnipeg talking about him again. Best agitator in the league by far.

      1. Maurice Del Taco

        @TRU Winnipegjets oh ok I didn’t know that. Tkachuk has drawn more penalties than anybody else over the last four seasons. He pisses people off and makes them take stupid penalties. Arguably the smartest player in the league.

      2. TRU Winnipegjets

        What you mean one game this is from the playoff games last year boiling over. And pretty sure other teams dont like him aswell.🤣 such as LA, Edmonton etc.

    79. john garfunkl

      Flames continue to be cheap and dirty in 2021. Pathetic.

    80. A-Typical Hockey Fan

      Did Tkachuk full on punch the guy out of nowhere....?

    81. Josiah Gurney

      Go back to Fortnite Laine, and take that ugly facial hair with you.

      1. Josiah Gurney

        @Winnipegjets 280 I'm not mad, losing is a part of winning in this game, and it was a good game. But man is Laine ugly, hockey players are usually the most handsome on the lot, so he kinda disgraces that.

      2. Winnipegjets 280

        Still mad I see😂 Dont forget Flames first loss of the season courtesy of the JETS. haha

    82. Maddie Bruce

      K I love fights.

    83. Joshua Brunetta

      What’ a fkn snooze fest

    84. R Helenius

      0:51 👙👠👛

    85. WPGinterceptor

      the FINNISH-ER

    86. ocn blizzard

      Tkachuk is the new worm ha ha!!!

    87. Katie Hanifin

      yo that’s my cousin😳

    88. Bryce Swift

      Injure tkachuck

    89. smmalafa1

      Lol, still no fans. This is ridiculous.

    90. Pentti Saarikoski

      Ruma poikkari

    91. sannio komi

      Something we'll never seen Matthews doing.

    92. Victor Vincent

      Love when the guy trying to stand up for his guy starts the fight right on top of his hurt guy like thats a good idea. Let's just step all on him with our knife feet.

    93. KapoNYC

      Finally some old time hockey

    94. Maurice Del Taco

      It’s gonna be awesome three years from now when Laine actually has the Hulk Hogan skullet going on.

      1. sannio komi

        I mean he is pretty big and strong he could f*ck somebody up thoo

    95. HavokR505

      Laine looking mighty chippy this year. yes I know its early

    96. Seppo Rauma

      Tappara perkele!

    97. ded starlight

      Drops gloves doesn’t fight should be the title.

    98. dylan turko

      He only got 2 goals this game one being the ot winner. Not that it matters Calgary is all part timers.

    99. Muebe Te Pinche Werro

      Laine doesn't F around, eh

    100. TeenageOnYT

      All the Stars are fighting this year Matthews Mcdavid and Now Laine!