Steven Stamkos Curls & Drags Around Patrick Kane Before Ripping Puck Into Net


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    Watch Steven Stamkos pull off a pretty curl and drag around Patrick Kane before ripping the puck past Kevin Lankinen.

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    1. javier book shadows contributor du

      9th comment

    2. Parth Patel

      Sportsnet reaaaaaaaalllly gets confused between toe drags and curl and drags lmao

    3. QWWUPP

      good defense kane 😂

    4. Charles Verlie


    5. isthatyoubetha

      The unbelievable central division.

    6. Kohler Yu


    7. Jackson Graney

      Stamkos is the only player on the Lightning I find likable

    8. Nights of Chaos

      Kaner Karma it was inevitable buddy keep ya head up kid

    9. Christian M

      Kane is used to being the dangler not the one getting dangled 😳