Tom Wilson's At It Again | NHL Fights Of The Week


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    Sportsnet takes a look back at the best fights from the last week in the NHL.

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    Julkaistu 2 kuukautta sitten


    1. Mr Frosty

      How are the players supposed to finish a scrap when the officials intervene in the first seconds of the fight that will just cause more arguments and dirty playing throughout the game.

    2. joshua schroeder

      I love hockey

    3. John Doe

      Hockey fighters need to take off their helmets and then scrap. Old time hockey

    4. Jake Larey

      Tom Wilson’s one of those guys that, if ever sent to prison, would take some guy’s lunch the first day. And i’m a Bolts fan.

    5. Jake Larey

      Loving hockey this year! Also love how all these dudes, maybe not Wilson, say “good job, buddy” after. Mutual respect.

    6. Jesper

      Love seeing the Tkachuks getting knocked

    7. THOR1111

      Jordie Ben better stick to hockey. Looked like a punching bag

    8. guavaburst

      Fights are pathetic now. Nothing ever worth talking about...

    9. Ismo Sarkala

      wilson on SIKA

    10. Liberty Construction

      This should be allowed in all sports!

    11. Ben Middleton

      Sportsnet, we're all pink on the inside

    12. Maurice Scott

      Wilson killed him

    13. Sonya Edwards

      We should give them wepons it would be a good show lol

    14. Donald Clément

      Wilson big clown

    15. ShowingYouOnline

      These fights are ok, but nothing like they used to be when they'd block punches with their face.

    16. kriss monte

      Wilson can be a big time bully 🐊but Fredrick is a punk🤕

    17. Dead Body Man

      I don't care what player from what team does it , all I want this season is to see Wilson leave on a stretcher.

      1. Shawn Morse

        Lmao keep waiting and hating #WilsonForever

    18. Daveyboy

      Should have been suspended late last week

    19. mike dimone

      Buffalo Sabres.....crickets. Softest team in the NHL. Ralph lets the league handle his players getting cheap shots or injured. Turn the other cheek hockey. If you're gonna suck at least go down swinging.

    20. Davey

      And with each repeated blow to the head, carried on over several years, a player's risk of developing CTE increases.

      1. Metal Head

        With helmets, face guards, no leverage in the punches, messy as hell without barely anything connecting....... Oh yea brain damage is on the cards 😂😂😂

    21. jwaynes71

      NHL is becoming a bs league. You can't hit someone small or a borderline star, then you have to answer the bell.

    22. Sly Dawwg

      Yo BENN, WTH was that ? ?

    23. Sly Dawwg

      Oh Perry, the Ref is not your Mother ;)

    24. Heyits Me

      0:47 what a respectfull move, could have killed him right there

    25. Dylan Graham

      Only two good scraps in that whole segment. Miss the old days when there wasn't a quick throw down or the linesmen letting them go until the players had enough.

    26. Concarne

      I love how dilegent the announcers are: "technique goes out the window, big right hand by mcdurman"


      katie perry had to ask for hand lol.

    28. Zarkon

      Damn love that fight between mcdermaid and delesuros (how ever you spell his name).

    29. carey blake

      Funny how Wilson would not fight Frédéric, he had to throw him down, he wanted no part of that, and see how fast Frédéric rushed him too, Wilson wanted no part of that

    30. dustin mcbride

      Crowd noise is weird

    31. Shane McInally

      for some reason these fights make me want to watch hockey

    32. H33z1

      Wilson won

      1. John Park Towers

        Not even close 3 punches to one, Frederic made him his biatch.

    33. Plaisirs Gastronomiques Inc

      i dont know why theres more fight this year but i love it, always been a fight lover, i hope it continue

    34. Brent Senior

      Is it just me or do those tkachuk boys just seem like a couple goofs even thier teammates seem tired of them and they have been I the league less than 4 years

    35. John Ratcliffe

      I'm guessing the fighting is just part and parcel of the game?

    36. MetalDetroit

      Every one of those fights kinda sucked

    37. Derek D

      Patrick maroon? Guy is a joke and needs to wear a different helmet that thing looks so cheesy on him

    38. tgoodt

      oldschool trash - no place for such things in modern hockey

      1. Troy D.

        tgoodt STFU !!!!!

    39. Aihaihe

      А симондс то в конце нормально снежка напетрушил))

    40. Tuukkeli 29

      Respect for Frederic he was is brave fight with Wilson. And Frederic is like 19 years old and he fights with Wilson. And he almost win the fight. And i am Boston fan. Respect! (I dont like Wilson).

    41. Ada Sad

      I don't know why I'm here but I enjoy it 100% 😂

    42. Strigoi

      I remember when there was various techniques and styles in hockey fights. Now everyone seems to just grab the collar and throw punches that almost land.

      1. MetalDetroit

        All those fights sucked

    43. Mike7911779

      Are the Lightning sewing he gloves on their players this season?

    44. Kevin Malone

      Fights are lame this year. Fans required to fire the lads up a bit.

    45. George Jones

      I love Frederick!

    46. woodchuck 1

      Perry: "Help!!!!!" Lol

    47. Yoni Schecter

      Frederick fought well but the fact that Wilson literally flipped him on his ass like this 3:33 is outrageous

      1. John Park Towers

        Wilson clearly lost this fight and seems to be scared of the kid now

      2. carey blake

        Because Wilson wanted nothing to do with that kid, he knew he was gonna lose, that kid wanted more.

    48. giannis penesis

      I love hockey fights!!! The difference from another sports...

    49. Parker Forrester

      Frederic putting in the work great start.

    50. Dean Malkewich

      Has Tkachuks gloves come off this season?

    51. Ryan Sutherland

      Crosby just clowning kappi with Fox lmao

    52. StevenAbootman

      Wayne simmonds is dope those blocks were legit, seemed like he held back towards the end

    53. J Wick

      Good old hockey

    54. Zachary Johnson

      That Perry clip is crap. "I'm a superstar, so please stop this fight before I get hurt..." Fights end when someone's on the ice. Too scared to fight, then lay down like the pansy you are...

    55. ItzSharkyPlays

      Hahaha 🤣 I saw this one go down live, they were messing with each other the whole game, and then, you know, Frederic the scrapper, come and fights someone almost double his size 😅

      1. Hockey123

        Who was double his size

    56. ccmTopher34

      I guess getting the helmet off is secondary. IMO if you're not swinging for the face and are coming around back to hit the head, might as well tear the helmet off on the first come around. Get so much more damage for the price of bloody knuckles. Though the visors can cut you too, honestly if they have the reach, getting the helmet of should be first priority after getting a good grab.

    57. M J

      Wow Simmonds is a good fighter

    58. donziperk

      Brady Tkachuk throws punches like Malkin does.

    59. Ерканат Абишев

      Эх, нашего Дамира Рыспаева бы сюда. ....

    60. Master Baiter

      Both tkachuk's getting beat downs

    61. Mana_Official

      What’s Tkachuks mission out there? To set a new record for the most fights lost???

    62. 22onWHEELS

      maroon with the slow dance

    63. AR K

      Ref saved Brady Tkachuk

    64. Frank Rizzo

      Make me laugh.. This is an NHL joke

    65. Nigel Bobinski

      Some of the worst fights I’ve ever seen. Mostly due to the linesmen. The other players need to band together and block them from stopping the fight.

    66. Colin Toews

      Today’s hockey fights suck 👎

    67. Bruce Aeschlimann

      Let em fight. Refs get in there too soon

    68. Chase Beck

      Why did they stop the Canucks fight over a helmet but no other fight stopped when the helmet came off

    69. jessewahwah

      Sportsnet was happy to jump on the concussion lawsuit and blame fighting for ex-player's issues. Now they're back to full blown FIGHTS OF THE WEEK videos. Hypocrites.

    70. Scorpius

      It is not surprising that the linesmen stepped and saved Brady Tkachuk's ass! Tkachuk fights like a 12 year old girl! And just because a player loses his helmet during the fight should not mean the linesmen automatically step in! In fact it's probably better if the helmets DID come off! Most punches wind up hitting the helmet instead of the players head, many times resulting in broken hands! Besides, if Tkachuk did get punched in the head all it would do is rattle the "pea" inside his head that he calls a brain! mea sententia 🦂

    71. Russ Artist

      Had to watch again, thought I saw a penguin fight!

    72. Brandon P

      Lolol...Yanni Gourde doesn't back down......👀...Mean while he'll only fight a Bruin if he can jump from behind. Same with Cierlli

    73. keven C.

      Crosby to fox " remember when we where kids?"

    74. Donovan Cassidy

      Most of these fights look slowed down they’re not as fast as usual with all the fans

    75. Richard Cranium

      “Boy, that escalates in a hurry” Haha god I love sam Rosen.

    76. Jordan lavalley

      When is chariot or what ever his name is going to get suspended for those cross checks in front of the net? Absolutely disgraceful to cross check someone where there is no protection

    77. Clouds 123

      These are NOT hockey fights. These are two guys swinging wildly then falling down.

    78. steven

      Those pre-staged fights are a joke.

    79. CDNMetelHead

      Me last year: I hate Simmons Me this year: Simmons is awesome

    80. Pasta MVP

      loved seeing the kid Frederic step up and hang in there with tough wilson!!! totally sparked the Bruins that night too a comeback win!!!

    81. LordStanleyJr

      2 Tkachuks.......2 Fights......2 Losses.....

    82. R BAS3L

      Simmonds and Benn for the win! I wish they’d let them take their buckets off. My little baby hands could never handle that many shots off the logo

    83. R BAS3L

      4:58 not a fan of Perry, but still good to see the respect. Only in hockey can fighting and sportsmanship be congruent

    84. CS:GO Matchmaking highlights

      А негр хорош в конце

    85. Gerry Pellissier

      It's amazing that you could find enough fighting to fill out this segment. Hopefully business picks up!!

    86. Holden Well

      hey sportsnet...i think maybe you should watch your videos before you put the headline on it...this video had nothing to do with Tom Wilson fighting

    87. Coulton Rusland

      wayne simmonds played jr hockey in my hometown, he's a class act, very friendly, funny dude. Nothing but love and respect for him

      1. Coulton Rusland

        @Coach B A certified beauty

      2. Coach B

        Been a beauty his entire career

    88. Stephen Taylor

      Lmao the Tkachuks just freak out flail their arms around

    89. Robert Lindsay

      #9 Gordie Howe Hat Trick "Goal, Assist, Fight"

    90. November16Rain

      Hey sportsnet, you forgot the DeAngelo-Kreider fight!

    91. Ian Schroth

      The average tough guy from the late 80's -early 2000's would take these guys lunch money. Man, I miss good olde time hockey.

      1. Nick Brenner

        I don’t know about the “average tough guy” in the 80s vs simmonds or Wilson or reaves...maybe an overstatement

    92. Mike F

      Wilson got beat.

    93. Nate Larson

      Wow, it was fun watching Wilson challenge a smaller guy, skate backwards, get hit once, and then look for a way to fall down so the linesmen can protect him. Again.

      1. Richard Giver

        And he tried to jump him quick but Frederic was ready

    94. Done

      Hockey players have no clue how to fight on skates anymore. It's just sad.

    95. ActionJackson REACTION

      Linesman gonna get ko stepping in like that

      1. ZackNasty

        I agree, stepping in a little early on a couple of those

    96. Fredde J

      This is just silly.

      1. Troy D.

        Fredde J STFU !!!!

    97. E D

      Fighting with visors is corny. It's embarrassing to watch.

    98. CDP56

      Love seeing that lil girl chucky get tossed right off the bat

    99. Rick Mcmann

      I like the tkachuks but those boys need to learn how to fight

    100. Max Albrecht

      I love hockey!!