Top 10 Patrik Laine NHL Career Plays


105 t. näkymät19

    Sportsnet takes a look back at Patrik Laine's top-10 plays as a Winnipeg far!

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    Julkaistu 5 kuukautta sitten


    1. Lucas Savolainen

      Patrik laine best

    2. Philip Holmes Sr

      I'll never watch another Winnipeg jets game again, extra marital affairs, jealousy from a so called team captain, that Lanie would steal Wheeler top job nope never again. They are a garbage team not even a team. Nor they deserve a Stanley Cup shot ever again

    3. 0123456789abc decghijklmn

      Laine and Tortorella are both major hothead madcap screwballs!😀 There will be blood!!! And huge brutal fights!😀 Laine is out within a year🤔😀

    4. Evan Brad

      All those goals against Detroit don't count lol!

    5. B H

      he really does play like Ovie.

    6. TheTugenukem

      Too many replay's.. You new at this sportsnet?

    7. Trevor Ladouceur

      Im going to miss you patty 😢

      1. Miss Manawaka

        Me too 😭

    8. Doug Ross

      WTF was Winnipeg thinking when they traded this guy?

      1. Pate Jantunen

        Wheeler felt threathened n he felt he could have lost his place in the 1st line

      2. Miss Manawaka

        They weren't

    9. DaJackalFIN

      Blues goalie in goal #5 when Laine gets the puck while all alone in front of the goal: "Oh FFS guys, you left HIM there?!?!?!"

    10. Breaks Bullion Wax

      Everyone in Columbus will be watching this clip for the next few weeks. Getting hyped, lol.

      1. William Taylor

        That's why I'm here!

    11. Nate Eskenazi

      Did anyone get this recommended to them after the trade?

    12. Jai Sareen


    13. Awolfx

      Welcome to the Jackets Patrik.

      1. Awolfx

        @Rob Gowler I'm not a Jackets fans but with Tortorella being who he is it wouldn't surprise me.

      2. Rob Gowler

        You’ll say goodbye in one year

    14. sauce.1400 !

      welcome to columbus!

    15. razinator


    16. Wolf Larsen

      OMG I’m so pumped! Let’s go Jackets!!!

      1. Wolf Larsen

        @razinator sorry dude.. it still happened tho’

      2. razinator


    17. Phineas Kelly

      Welcome to Cbus

      1. razinator


    18. Troy

      Welcome to Columbus !

    19. The Thomahawk

      Looks like there's a new Cannon in Columbus welcome Laine

    20. This Is pointless 12

      Welcome to Columbus

    21. BruthWillith _

      Jets really traded this guy for an unmotivated PLD 🤮

      1. BruthWillith _

        @jetsrno1 don’t get me wrong PLD is a great player but I mean Roslovic 12 points in 13 games Laine 10 points in 10 games! IMO the jets gave up too much for him

      2. jetsrno1

        You spoke way too soon. Pierre-Luc Dubois looks pretty motivated if you ask me. Three goals in the last two games and he is not in 100% game shape as of yet.

      3. Trevor Ladouceur

        He's motivated now

    22. missdrea29

      Who is here after he got traded

      1. Miss Manawaka

        Me 😭

      2. Name Here

        Go Jackets!

    23. yee haw


    24. Logan Rose

      CBJ fans currently: “Come here my pretty.”

      1. Riley Plishka

        @Tutti Frutti well neither are at their prime so time will tell. who knows the true story

      2. Riley Plishka

        he is a powerplay special but hopefully he provides enough for you guys, get him a good ply centre and id like to see him start scoring 50+ goal seasons. Gonne miss that shot but dubuis doesn't sound too bad

      3. Ricardo Huard

        @Logan Rose the jackets won that trade by a landslide imo

      4. Jack Eiinfeld

        @Logan Rose y’all lucky

      5. Logan Rose

        @TNfelldin it’s been chattered about for months. I can’t believe it’s finally happening and we got Roslovic, a hometown boy.

    25. Charles Collins

      The editing in this is so bad

    26. Santeri Kiipula

      You mean Hatrik Laine

    27. Elmo

      that mullet should have been number 1

    28. Antoni

      Mis kaikki suomalaiset? :D



    30. Peter Sadul

      That techno music kinda SUCKS!

    31. Nigel Igger

      What’s incredible is that it took just little over 2 periods for him to score the five. Most exciting third period I`ve watched in ages waiting and hoping for the double hat trick.

    32. Ryzmuh

      The fortnite specialist

    33. Brdfd Dn

      He's a scorer

    34. Geoffrey Bremer

      labels are a little too small to read, can you make them bigger next time?

    35. oskari weckman

      5:35 See how Komarov congratulates Laine for the hat trick. Respect

      1. Brett Johnson

        He's not congratulating him you morons

      2. oskari weckman

        @Gotthelm Gotrfidd oh, true XD so Komarov just gave congrats for that goal 😊

      3. Gotthelm Gotrfidd

        That was Laine's first goal in that game not hat trick.

    36. Ilkka K

      Hey, you forget this one....

    37. Kasperi Lehtoranta

      Onse kone

    38. MG

      great, now make Top 10 Patrik Laine Fortnite Plays

    39. Eetu


    40. Andy Hall

      freaking other Canadian sites keep wanting to trade away stuff from Winnipeg... WE WANT TO KEEP OUR GOOD PLAYERS!! Rest of Canada sports channels wanna rip apart our team.

      1. Blu H

        Maybe my perception's wrong... But it seams the Jets aren't into Spending like That! Other than Wheeler @ 8... almost everybody's underpaid! Had the Jets as a can't miss team to Win the Cup... But their windows closing fast!

    41. Mika Manninen


    42. carey blake

      Still not nearly as good as matthews. This kid had two good years and has been on the decline since. Matthews just had a 47 goal 80 point year in 70 games and was projected for 55 goals. Not laine.

    43. Jani Matikainen

      #3 should be hat trick here in Finland against Panthers after the dry season. "Kai mä pari pörsää heitän..."

      1. Jani Matikainen

        Ja sehä heitti

      2. Michael Hall

        Whos yer daddy

    44. Eric Love

      Yeah. Number 1. The fire that lit the Blues asses for the rest of the season. Did they thank Laine when they were raising the Cup? 😂

    45. Harold Pelletier

      Number 29 is not going nowhere, he will be a jet player till they win the cup go jets go

      1. The Thomahawk

        Hate to tell ya this but.....

      2. Juho Mäntynen

        @carey blake Leafs won't win anything with this roster and core. They simply lack the consistency, compete level and depth to do any real damage. They have so much raw talent but you need so much more to win a cup. Look at the Bolts this season for christ's sake, they won with many key players injured. What are the Laffs gonna do if Glasshews or Marner gets injured in the playoffs?

      3. carey blake

        @En Ymmärrä 😂🤡🤡

      4. En Ymmärrä

        @carey blake shut up no one asked

      5. carey blake

        Cup? Rotfl leafs have a better chance with their insane stacked roster now then jets do, their players are old, injured.

    46. francis bibeau

      He love number 2 goalie

    47. YEGGERtalk

      This kid definitely has one of the most lethal wrist shots in the NHL. Wowza.

      1. Speedy Fish

        @Logan Rose last year he still got 48 Goals and only 19 Assists, his wrister is just as deadly as his slipper.

      2. Logan Rose

        @Speedy Fish the only time you see Ovi and sniper in the same sentence, is when the word eezn’t is between them, and you say it with a Russian accent. He’s a volume shooter with a deadly slap shot, not much of a sniper anymore

      3. tyler Hughes

        Wait till alexander holtz breaks into the league

      4. Speedy Fish

        @carey blake nah, Ovi is still the best Sniper in the league

      5. -Lindell-

        @carey blake who asked?

    48. knightsgarage

      Damn this is boring. Get rid of him. (Jet fans).

    49. TeeDee87

      Thanks for this! Awesome for a fanboy like me!

    50. Shane Watson

      I stopped watching as the text blocked so much of the screen.

    51. hhazze

      Great video!

    52. itzjustchris

      i thought this was his best fortnite plays oh well..

    53. Woopty Blue

      Leafs got the right pick no doubt.

    54. Liima

      Fire the editor

    55. templetonbob

      Where’s the own goal?

    56. Thee Obeast One

      I'll never forget his top play when he scored for Oilers

      1. Jop3lius

        @carey blake Oh he does score when the game is already over, i give him that, just needs to work on his game under pressure.

      2. carey blake

        @Jop3lius and one hell of a player if? Matthews since entering the nhl at 19 years old he has been the leagues best even strength goal scorer. He also is currently on pace for the best scoring USA BORN player in nhl history FACT! no usa born player has had 3 or more seasons of 30+ goals since rookie year and continuing. But matthews now has 4 straight seasons of 30+ goals and 2 of those being 40+ goals. He was #2 in the league last year for take aways. You know nothing, your leaf bias blinds your hocmey IQ.

      3. carey blake

        @Jop3lius learns to play? He has more points than games in the playoffs and he has been the only player that works in the playoffs. The problem is andersen and andersen alone. Last year leafs piled in the goals, minimized shots to under 30 in some games. Just andersen and his 3.44 goals against in EVERY SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME ESPECIALLY ELIMINATION GAMES, HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HIS WORST THAN MAYBE WE WOULD WIN! Leafs lose playoffs for one reason and one reason only "" FREDDY (multiple goals under 20 shots) andersen."" If u check the core 4 of leafs (matthews, marner, tavares and nylander) all 4 were a point a game or more last year in playoffs and all 4 have produced a point a game stats in every playoffs. Andersen snd andersen alone has cost us the playoffa with his 3-4 goals against average and his constant letting in multiple goals under 20 shots or first 2 minutes of the game. If u dont believe me? CHECK THE STATS YOUR SELF YOU PLEBE! LEAFS TOOK A BACK UP GOALIE AND MADE HIM THEIR STARTER AND THAT WAS THEIR MISTAKE. AND PUTTING 60-65 GAMES A YEAR ON THAT BACN UP AS STARTING GOALIE. IS ALSO THEIR 2ND MISTAKE. AND NOT PLAYONG CAMPBELL MORE IS THEIR 3RD. last yesr before playoffs the coach said "Campbell was a 100% perfect in training camp and andersen was 50/50" Yet! He played andersen all the games, even when andersen was getting worse with each game and did NOT put in Campbell for us to win the series. THIS IS THE MISTAKE THAT HANGS THEM. And passing on multpliple amazing goal tenders this year to keep freddy including Murray and MAF

      4. Jop3lius

        @carey blake Now if Matthews learns to play in playoffs hes gonna be one hell of a player.

      5. SrAlex

        @carey blake 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. Michal Jakubec


    58. Kristofers Knesis

      what's with the spartan background music lol

    59. Hazen VR

      These are good but what about laines playoff goal agasint Minnesota and his playoff goal agasint St. Louis game 1.

    60. A YouTube Guy

      i remember he got rocked at center ice as a rookie lol 😂 thats his welcome to the nhl moment

    61. Colby Stockdale

      basically all of them are from his rookie year lol

      1. carey blake

        @Meno meisseli players are in hall of fame because of points when it comes to forwards, not for what the can do on the ice, their cards values sky rocket because of points not what they can do on the ice.

      2. carey blake

        @Meno meisseli it is very much about the points, mcdavid is not a good 2 way player and he has no cups or record setting, yet he's worth how much because of his points gretzky is the great one because of his points, ovechkins hocmey cards skyrocketed because he scored his 700th goal, infact saying "its not all about the points" literally shows you, know nothing of hockey.

      3. Meno meisseli

        @carey blake Lol I wasn’t telling Laine is better chill out who would read that all lmao. I just said it’s not all about the points

      4. carey blake

        @Meno meisseli matthews is an amazing 2 way player, the best on that team and one of the best on the league, he has started fishing out hits and realizing his is 6'3" 225 pounds, standing up his mates, 2nd in the league for take aways, setting records like crazy, best even strength goal scorer since entering the nhl at 19. What I like about laine and why I have a rookie auto graph card of him is that laine started a year earlier than matthews. Of course matthews has been getting better in both goals and points each year and laine is on the decline, but matthews young guns rookie card is 230 bucks ungraded and laine is 60-70 for a reason. I personally think if laine went to Montreal, Colorado, or Buffalo he would explode more being on the wing of another superstar would explode his talent, being on the jets is killing him, they put him on the 2nd line and hes their best player, too many old and injured players on jets and their coach is dumb, if he was smart he would have laine on the top line firing away like that to ovechkin as a wonger and laine would be hammering 40+ goals a year, but the coach has forced him into playing more of a winger and making plays and it has killed his past 2 season. 3rd season 50 points 0_0. Matthews is over a point a game player. Laine not even close. But I am excited to watch both grow in their careers and make my hocmey cards sky rocket.

      5. Meno meisseli

        @carey blake It doesn’t really tell the work he does there but yeah

    62. BlackMasakari

      Crazy skills. If u do not keep him, too bad (for you).

    63. Private R

      Is he still considered to be top talent in NHL?

    64. ukkelis kukkelis

      Lmao what the hell is this editing

    65. Alinhox

      I was expecting some Fortnite highlights here lmao

    66. LaneWelchLIVE

      Last season was bad for him, but people are still so quick to forget how many times this dude has been a difference maker. Edit: last season wasn't bad, it was the previous season.

      1. LaneWelchLIVE

        @Batflip 09 shoot, yes. I gotta change that, 63 points in 68 games, good numbers. Especially coming off 50 points in 82 games.

      2. Jollvardscoots

        @Hank Da Silva Yeah but mostly second assists...

      3. Hank Da Silva

        It wasn't bad at all. Almost a point per game and he was a completely different player defensively.

    67. Kissa Kissa

      He just had an excellent season proving he can be a team guy and they added Stasny don`t trade him!!

    68. Speakertweaker 1346

      The editor needs to get rid of the labels faster.

    69. A

      Kinda feel bad for where he's at right now. Laine's obviously a phenomenal shooter, but judging by by the lack of trade, Winnipeg is either overestimating his worth, or are convinced other teams are just going to ignore his defensive weakness. Teams like the Isles, Flyers, Sens, and more are obviously interested in him, and his agent all but said he wants to leave the Jets/Jets want him gone, but some of the rumored asks for him are ridiculous, especially with the flat cap. For Philly, Winnipeg supposedly offered Laine for either Travis Konecny or Travis Sanheim. With the Flyers, who's defense already took a massive hit with the sudden departure of Matt Niskanen, they wanted to trade the notoriously defensively weak Laine for either the up-and-coming *two way* winger who led in goals and points coming off of a breakout season, or the only solid defensive piece other than Ivan Provorov while Myers is still unsigned. I get trying to sell high and getting the pieces you need, but the benefit has to be mutual or it won't go anywhere. Its like they're trying to sell wagyu steak to a vegan - objectively speaking its the best in its class, but it doesn't matter because they're selling it to a VEGAN.

      1. Mason

        @Woopty Blue almost a point a game last year, he never took a game off, it was impressive.

      2. Woopty Blue

        Lol lights it up and then takes a break for twenty games... Then comes back to play for a few games again.

      3. Mason

        @john doe I agree, I think they have to at least try him there for an entire year before they trade him if that is meant to be. I think doing that would go a long way to mend things with him, he deserves that spot now, and might give him a chance to explode again.

      4. Mason

        @A I went back and read the “reasons”, don’t agree, and I think anyone sane would agree with me. Jets don’t need to move Laine because you are giving up a generational talent who hasn’t requested a trade on a team that’s 1 move away from contending again. Jets don’t need to make that move, and it would be in their best interest not to. Money shouldn’t be an issue with a guy like him, you pay the guy, and build around it. That might mean a move to make cap, but you do it because if you trade Laine you spend a decade looking for his replacement

      5. john doe

        First of all the jets have his rights for 3 more years, he won't be traded, he never asked for a trade and even said he wants to play top line minutes but never asked for a trade, yeah his agent said it would be beneficial for both but thats not saying he wants to go, what it's saying is as of right now maybe that's the best thing, but with wheeler declining like he is i have a feeling laine will get that spot this up coming season and that they possibly got Stastny to play with wheeler, laine deserves wheelers spot now

    70. Blake MacAlpine02

      Never mind

      1. James Reyes

        @carey blake u actually just predicted what just happened

      2. James Reyes

        @Harri Porter never mind what I said, the jets just traded laine

      3. Harri Porter


      4. James Reyes

        @carey blake I’d say just give him until the deadline to see if he plays good, if he is then we’re keeping him but if he’s not then I’d say we trade him away but he’s my favorite player and I really wish he stays in Winnipeg

      5. carey blake

        Have to hes on the decline, trade him for some good stuff while they can.


      His nickname should be Hatrik Laine

      1. Uki Kukkamaa

        @carey blake fortythews 😂😂

      2. carey blake

        So what should matthews be? Fortythews


      Too bad that he got drafted in 2016 behind Matthews because if he was drafted in a different draft where he could've been picked number one overall no one would say he is overrated. I do think however that he does complain too much, and he needs take what he is given, because if he worked as hard as he could every single game he would the best goal scorer maybe only behind Ovechkin in the NHL. Matthews is an all around elite player that is great and getting even better on defence and he of course he has an elite shot, however as a Leaf fan Laine is the better pure goal scorer, I mean he scored 5 goals in game, like imagine if he cared every game in and game out.


        @Duppe Exactly my point

      2. Duppe

        I think Laine's biggest problem is his mental, he has the skills to score 60+.


        @Woopty Blue That is my point tho that if he was as consistent as I am sure he can then no goal scorer will be anywhere close to him, because he has the most amount of pure goal scoring cability aside from Ovechkin of course

      4. Woopty Blue

        He's a one way shooter so far. Inconsistent as hell on a solid team.

    73. ryan phillips

      have to re-title this: how many bad goalies did patrik laine play.

      1. Case

        He makes them look like bad

    74. Ylinatsiperkele

      Hope Jets trade this bum

      1. SLICK DOG

        Do you wake up this stupid or do work at it all day?

      2. Woopty Blue

        @wolf gaming 27 you don't know who this guy is lol...

      3. Juha-Matti Rantanen

        your city doesn’t deserve him either

      4. wolf gaming 27

        Guy makes more money then me and u what u talking about

    75. Elliot

      Ever since Hutchinson made that save on Matthews the Leafs have been like “We GoTtA sIgN tHaT gUy”

      1. carey blake

        Lol, yet he ain't on roster, leafs signed him now, to save the kraken from taking andersen or Campbell.

    76. Brandon Patel

      Who edited this fr

    77. ZK Wack

      I thought this was gonna be a fortnite highlight video

      1. Woopty Blue

        That's marners man

      2. Nicolas Vecera


    78. Spencer

      Patrik Laine is a Winnipeg Jet!

      1. *

        @Spencer we lost him😢

      2. Spencer

        @IsPriestess Don't be such a pessimist. If we lose Laine we have failed as an organization.

      3. IsPriestess

        Jets fan and I don’t think he’ll be here much longer. Maybe trade him in 2-3 years

      4. Woopty Blue

        Bread has crust!

    79. Eric Crooks

      Jets Management: "Yeah, I think we can win a trade by dealing Laine"

      1. jetsrno1

        @Aryan Parikh We'll see about that.

      2. Aryan Parikh

        @The Thomahawk nah we fleeced the jets

      3. The Thomahawk

        Well did they?

    80. Jonas Ohlsson

      I thought this would be Fortnite highlights.

    81. oilersROCK93

      Damn the one time own goal against Edmonton was a beauty tho

    82. Andy Warrior

      I was thinking they trade him and that’s why this top 10 of him..

    83. Martavis Miles

      The man with a powerful shot so fast

    84. Are

      Red Wings D in action 3:45

    85. Reagan Harder

      Now if he can just figure out how to bring this level of play to every game...

    86. Jay Cole

      The fact that this video is 7 mins makes me angry. coulda been 2mins

    87. Club Shay Shay

      Just how dumb is Winnipeg for even considering to trade him?


        @lnopia It was reported by someone that Laine's agent said it would be good for both the player and team if Laine was traded.

      2. Woopty Blue

        Pretty smart actually.... It's a business.

      3. Blake MacAlpine02

        @Ian Thomas And Leafsnet

      4. lnopia

        Putting faith in off season sports media clickbait seems to be dumber then anything the Jets are doin

      5. Ian Thomas

        I don’t think they really are I really believe that tsn likes to just start trade rumours sometimes

    88. cpt awesome

      Number one should have been when he scored on our own net.

      1. Towser

        It was a beauty of a goal still haha

    89. The Duke Jr

      I thought this was gonna be a fortnite video

    90. Si S

      The edit texts look straight from a 90s home video

      1. dsadas sddasads

        love it

      2. IsPriestess

        Lmfao yeah eh

    91. Spliffy

      Laine is overrated, coming from a former jets fan

      1. SI11

        Former Jets fan lol. What a fan u must have been

      2. Reagan Harder

        I'm curious why you think so. As far as i'm concerned, he was overrated in 2018 because he scored a lot, but lacked in other areas. But it soon became popular opinion that he sucked, and was more interested in fortnite than hockey (even though i've seen no proof that he's played fortnite in the last year and a half). This season he improved a lot of the other aspects of his game. So i'd say he may be a little underrated now, just because everyone and their dog overreacted to how overrated he was 2 years ago.

    92. Erik S

      I didn't even know he retired

      1. Väinämöinen

        @SLICK DOG lol

      2. sauce.1400 !

        @SLICK DOG welp

      3. Harz

        @SLICK DOG Oh really because, Patrik Laine is moving from Winnipeg Jets to Columbus Blue Jackets😂

      4. James Reyes

        @Harz stop ur not funny

      5. Harz

        @Savan Keo Correct

    93. Declan Simard

      He sucks

    94. Colton Ell

      I remember his first nhl goal I was at the building

      1. Woopty Blue

        @Bucky Snipez sucks Laine won't be on the Jets in 21... Lol

      2. Bucky Snipez

        @Woopty Blue i was controlling him in NHL21 when he scored 5 goals in game 7 winning the cup and conn smythe, i win.

      3. Woopty Blue

        I was controling him in NHL 19 when he scored a hatty in game 7 winning the cup. I win.

      4. wolf gaming 27

        I was at the game when he scored his 100th

      5. Matt Broncos12

        do you want a gold star ⭐️

    95. Oqlthorp

      Good thing you made those "TOP 10" in texts 1/4 the size of the entire screen so we don't miss what number the highlight is

      1. Cameron R

        @Brandon Woodward he’s a leafs fan of course he doesn’t have any hockey knowledge

      2. Brandon Woodward

        @Nicholas Sergie are u mad that Laine scored a hatrick on the leafs or do u really have this low of hockey knowledge

      3. Meno meisseli

        @Nicholas Sergie Doesn’t pass?😂😂 Look at his last season, more assist than goals. You clearly haven’t seen the new ”playmaker” Laine

      4. Emil Panelius

        @Nicholas Sergie doesnt even have a good shot? what are u saying lol

      5. Jonathan Wylygan

        @Nicholas Sergie the leafs do suck

    96. Habs 16

      #1 30 bomb in fortnite

      1. Winnipeg Jets Fan

        Damn bro a fortnite joke? Damn you got the whole squad rollin bro

    97. Robert

      Where was his own goal?

      1. the goalie#1

        So when remembering some1s best moments its good put some bad moments aswell? Okay,robert, keep it up boi

    98. Eric Groscup

      The editing in this is actually making me nauseous

    99. AngryTypingGuy

      Waiting for 50

    100. Danforth Pakaste

      The most disgusting Laine moments are his shootouts... he legit just shoots from far away and always goes in, put on search bar "patrik laine shootout winner toronto"

      1. JD Stibbs

        I watched that shootout live and I was absolutely blown away, no fakes, no dekes, not even a speed change just waltzes only about halfway to the net and rips it.

      2. Tyson Gratton

        He’s gross in the shootout I remember his first five he did like the same move and scored almost all of them

      3. Reagan Harder

        He has done at least one shootout where he dangles pretty filthy. But yeah, he can score from anywhere and everyone knows it, which gives him a lot of options.

      4. AngryTypingGuy

        you weren't kidding