Top 10 Pavel Bure Goals


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    Looking back at the top 10 goals scored by Pavel Bure with the Vancouver Canucks in his NHL career.

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    1. Jorrma Ollila

      This is another guy who could have played in any era

      1. RebelTV r

        @Aaron Goldstein Patrick Roy.

      2. therealoinjman

        Well the 90s were too rough for him it seems.

      3. Luke Bihari

        @Cruz Jayson i will try it out now. Seems to be working :)

      4. Cruz Jayson

        not sure if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hacker if you care

      5. ry

        This doesn’t even do him justice, FIblock pavel bure the lost shifts

    2. Gosha Kucik

      До сих пор помнится что он вытворял на олимпиаде в Нагано против финов

    3. thinicer

      I remember watching goal #9 live on ESPN. I was a huge fan of Bure.

    4. Simon

      If only canucks had this magic again

    5. Dindar Shafikov

      А он в жизни играл как на приставке сега. Даёшь ему шайбу он всех обводит и забивает.

    6. JM12

      #1 is from an exhibition game. I don't think it should be as high because he's just showing off.

    7. Falardoww

      Namek bure

    8. Tom Dowell

      Anyone else remember #6 as a holographic McDonalds card?. Lol


      Прошу заметить всех,что в этом обзоре нет ещё 5 голов финам в полуфинале олимпийских игр!!!В детстве была джерси Павла Буре ЦСКА 10!БОГАТЫРСКОГО ТЕБЕ ЗДОРОВЬЯ!!!ЛЕГЕНДА!!!ФЕНОМЕН!!!

    10. Forfuxakes

      Russian rickets

    11. Анонсы русских сериалов

      ребятки, это РУССКАЯ ракета Буре/Bure

    12. TOKER TALK

      Its a shame his career was cut short. He was a one man show.

    13. G H

      Probably the most exciting and greatest Canuck ever.

    14. СпН V

      The Best player hockey in the world

    15. Mark Zone

      Bure is like a pat kane of today but faster.

    16. Михаил Золотухин

      Третий гол по красоте самый чёткий а по значимости наверное второй? =)

    17. Nikola Cekic

      burns bourque and then has the audacity to put it off his skate wow

    18. kilokorob ms

      На олимпиаде, в Нагано, когда сборная России была в меньшинстве, он забил отличный гол. И тот гол достоин быть в десятке.

    19. Andrew T

      Видел его игру в 1983 или 1984 годах, когда он играл за юношеский ЦСКА. Он не был в то время так быстр, но уже обладал великолепной техникой.

    20. Peter The Large

      Wow .)

    21. ШЕРХАН -

      интересно, кто ни будь назовет сейчас, хоть одного игрока такого класса? В НХЛ конечно, как Буре.

    22. aceventuraify

      Has anyone since scored with the move Bure did for #1?

    23. Rueben James

      Brings back great memories.

    24. therealoinjman

      Take Afinogenov's legs, kovalev hands and datsuyk head and you have Pavel Bure. Too bad he had markov's knees.

    25. Олег Алимов


    26. Marvin Lynch

      Fastest (and maybe most exciting) hockey player I've ever seen...seemed like he was on a wide open breakaway 3 times a game

    27. 15% Battery

      Russian Rocket 🚀🏒🎯🚨💯

    28. Jamshooter79

      Пздц техника у него была. Сейчас даже МакДевид не дотягивает до его уровня.


      Post please some of Paul Kariya .

    30. Tl2aV W

      ze Russian Rocket!

    31. Per Capita

      Beautiful. He´s not from Sweden but we´ll have to cut him some slack after seeing these performances.

    32. Peter Zhou

      I don't think anyone will ever replicate that goal (timeless classic)

    33. Makkara

      I remember those CCM-skates didnt bring me that speed :D

    34. СТРИМчанский

      ахуеть !

    35. Phil S

      A lot of that goalie equipment looks like it came from Canadian Tire

    36. September2004

      Bure was such a perfect prototype for a flashy forward: - Skating, stickhandling, shooting - Smaller than average but super speedy - Breakaways are his signature and the most exciting play in hockey His most famous goal (IMHO) was a Game 7 double overtime breakaway goal. How do you write a better ending to a first script than that? There are some no Vancouver people who consider him the greatest goal scorer of all or at least the only one that could challenge Ovechkin. Such a lost. We were lucky to have him but I think Bure was not lucky to have us. We never gave me another player who was an offensive machine and in his prime who clicked with him. Even Mogilny and Bure flamed out. I don't think it's hyperbolic to say that he was on a great team, he could've hit 80 goals. He almost hit 60 goals twice with the Panthers! And add to that his knee injuries. Jesus...

    37. EAchank

      He was incredible

    38. KAY ZHAN

      Приходом наших звезд хоккея в нхл Фетисова. Касатонова.Макарова. Зубова. Ларионова. Федорова. Могильного. Буре. Ковалева. Овечкина. Малкина. Дацюка. Ковальчука.Панарина. Радулова. Кучерова. Капризов и вратарей не перечисличь в НХЛ поднялись на уровен выше. Так держать дай бог Ови ты более 1000 шайб забьеш. А Малкин более 600.

    39. Alexander Bartels

      how was number 9 not a two line pass?

    40. Jordan Hanna

      Was at the Devils game (goal #3) as my birthday present...... what I didn't know was that if the Canucks won I would get to go into the dressing room after the game to get autographs..... They won and it was awesome, thanks Pavel!

    41. Гармонь Russian Harmonika Николай Здоровцев

      Так наверное только Макаров и Буре могли

    42. Олег Рыжков

      Жуткие ускорения, которые сказались потом на связках.

    43. Observant Duck

      Better than Gretzky

    44. Kevin Crabtree

      Almost all 10 goals he'd draw a penalty in today's NHL based on what the other team did. So many hooks and slashes.

    45. Occams OX

      That blue paint...

    46. Mark Gonzales

      Simply electrifying.

    47. Morbid Mattski

      Personally I think one of his best schools ever is at the 92-93 All-Star game he did the breakaway relay Against Patrick Roy And he digs him so bad he slid the park across to the right side of the net like he was going to go wide right and he paused for a split second to tap it back hand through his legs as they opened because of the crazy deke. This guy was utterly phenomenal and without two line passes and all the hooking and holding BS without a doubt he would’ve been a goal a game guy constantly. He arguably could have been the greatest goal scorer ever. I mean think about it this is a guy that in 99 2000 scored almost 60 goals back to back again in the era of hooking and holding were most teams weren’t scoring goals in the average game was like 2 to 1 or 3 to 2 at the most. Lol The guy still scored 58 and 59 again that’s so crazy 😳👍

    48. Morbid Mattski

      Goal number seven is just another prime example why he got rookie of the year over Niklas Lidstrom and why he was the better player imho

    49. alexey yakovleo


    50. anniel morera

      Man i started watching hockey cause of this guy, the Russian rocket 🚀 good times

    51. Bombkar T

      Damn,he made Lidstrom look like a pylon there. Ppl trying to compare McDavid to Bure,I'm not having it,Bure is in his own class.

    52. Vadim Rokhlenko

      Paul Buhre - the best German hockey player of all time (for those who know history!) You WATCH!



    54. Den ТV

      На второе место поставили какой то не такой гол + я бы поднял гол в падении, можно как раз на второе место :)

    55. CCAFS617

      Wow that took me back to some great hockey memories

    56. Andrey Shapirov

      Кстати. Я сейчас даже не могу кого-то сравнить с ним. Нет таких, с таким катанием и умением клюшкой вертеть.

    57. Andrey Shapirov

      Паша красавчик! Жаль что кс не взял! И всё же 10 ка висит в кувере.

    58. Александр Фетисов

      Я в ахуе!

    59. Shawn Gallacher

      The greatest Canuck ever !

    60. Maks IzMyLove

      Смешная конечно была раньше техника у вратарей,до батерфляя)))

    61. Алексей Пряничников

      Клюшка конёк клюшка

    62. Енот Енотик

      Красава!!! Вроде лет, уже прошло, а смотришь его игру, бальзам на душу... Он-кудесник просто, вратарей расшатывал на ура.

    63. Курмангали Туржанов

      Самый самый лычший игрок НХЛ руки и скорость!

    64. Рим Италия

      А где голы за флориду?

    65. Вячеслав К

      Фантастика игрок! Всë изящно, быстро , и крайне впечатляюще! Буре - легенда.

    66. James

      '94 Stanley Cup penalty shot is missing here

    67. Олекса Соловей

      3й на первом месте, 9й на втором, а с остальными согласен.

    68. zvalzmozntz

      top Bure better than top Ovechkin

    69. Jebediah Morningside

      Овца Великий,конечно,но Паша колбасу резал...Катание у него в нормі и интеллект игровой...Браво!!!Ураган!!!

    70. РУС Русович

      Как же красив хоккей!!!! Очень динамичная игра !

    71. MrAquirier

      дааааа, топ плеер, рашн рокет это вам не хухры-мухры

    72. alex zingman

      Клюшка, как кисть у художника.

    73. Дмитрий Подрыгин

      Мастер Айкидо в хоккее!красавец Пашка!

    74. Юрий Быков

      Да, Павел забивал красивые голы, в основном создавал их сам с нуля, дриблинг на высоте, а Овечкин только щёлкает из офиса, ну иногда на пяточке поборется, Павел Буре - Русская Ракета

    75. Алексей Бранд

      Вертуоз , талант и еще куча всего !!!

    76. Алексей Ганьжа

      the only Russian rocket that Americans love

    77. Rus Rus

      А что в америке хоккей играют? Он там популярный? Там же хоккеисты слабые...Или это в Канаде?

    78. Забытый Всеми


    79. Сергей Порошенко

      Ракета, жаль травма меня остановила

    80. 77Fortran

      Me on the left there at 4:56

    81. Алмас Уалиев

      Номер три лучший гол по моему! Красава Паша!!!!

    82. Joshua James

      The best.

    83. Erik Mardiste

      Why did they get rid of him. Was living in Australia at the time

    84. Dili Didli

      shootout in tie games would have been won by Vancouvert everytimes back in those days.

    85. Squeeky Clean

      Last goal is satisfactory

    86. кир сок

      Первая версия Конора Макгрегора🙂🔥

    87. Anar Abbasov

      He is not from Earth

    88. You Liked Your Own Comment

      0:35 Cant believe those kind of hooks were legal back then

    89. M V

      I used to stay up late at night just so that I can watch him play. As a kid he was my ultimate fav player .I wish he would of stay with the Canucks or came to Montreal. His speed was insane. I became the fastest skater in my league all because of him. Great memories

    90. Дмитрий Зайцев

      Буре-хоккейный Пеле!

    91. Дмитрий Зайцев

      Буре-хоккейный ПЕЛЕ!

    92. 100% Пруфы!!!

      Я бы гол под номером 3 поставил бы на первое место. Очень уж классно всё было проделано!

    93. Ponda Baba

      This guy was PHENOMENAL. What a time in Vancouver, insane buzz, every kid playing street hockey was Bure, you HAD to have his Pro Set and Upper Deck Rookie cards. He was amazing. The single greatest talent this team might ever see.

    94. Роман ЛУЗИК

      В 7-ом голе Лидстрема как стоячего сделал 👍

    95. Николай Филимонов

      Это просто какое то привидение с моторчиком браво Паша слава советскому хоккею

    96. rogan B

      The playstyle he had. He would be a better player today. Miss seeing you out there, Pavel.

    97. K4rN1v00L

      9/10 would not have went in on modern goalie

    98. Мухамед Рахимов


    99. Ten Soul

      Последний гол - так вот, что повторил Аршавин, забивая 4 гол Ливерпулю)

    100. durak durakov

      блять прямо заводил шайбу в ворота вот это гений вот это скорость действительно игрок был от бога